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AC561 Assessment Answers

The University of Windsor offers the AC561 Air Canada Flight Tracking and History course for the students. The total weight age of this course is twelve credit points. Air Canada is a flag carrier and Canada's largest airline in terms of fleet size and the number of passengers. Air Canada is headquartered in the Saint-Laurent district of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Founded in 1937, the airline provides regular passenger and freight flights to 207 destinations around the world. Air Canada's major hub airports are located at Montreal Trudeau International Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport. Canada's state-owned airline was born in 1936 when the Federal Government of Canada founded Trans-Canada Air Line and began operating its first transcontinental routes in 1938. In 1965, with government approval, TCA was renamed Air Canada. The airline was privatized in 1988 after deregulation of the Canadian aviation market in the 1980s. On January 4, 2000, Air Canada acquired its major competitor, Canadian Airlines. This airline filed for bankruptcy protection In 2003, and the following year it appeared and was reorganized under the holding company ACE Aviation Holdings Inc. In 2017, Air Canada celebrated its 80th anniversary with 48 million passengers.

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Application of AC561 Assessment Assignments

The objective of the AC561 Air Canada Flight Tracking and History course is to train the students regarding flight tracking. At the end of this course, they will be able to track the flight and understand the theoretical perspective of the air traffic tracking system. Learning and knowledge that the students will acquire from the AC561 assignments Air Canada Flight Tracking and History course will allow them to understand effective tools for air traffic tracking. They will be able to use the most appropriate tools and techniques to track the air traffic. The AC561 Air Canada Flight Tracking and History course will educate specifically about the AC561 Air Canada Flight, which move passengers from San Francisco to Vancouver. Flight tracking allows traveler and those who meet a flight to know if the flight has landed or is on schedule. For example, you can determine if it's time to go to the airport. The aircraft is equipped with an ADSB transponder that transmits information such as aircraft ID, GPS position, and altitude as radio signals. These radio transmissions are collected by a civilian ADSB receiver near the aircraft. Since these ADSB receivers can only collect information about flights within the radio range of their location, the collected data is typically sent to a central server that aggregates feeds from many individual receivers around the world. Flight Tracking can be integrated with Trip Management and Trip Tracking Services for further automation of Trip Software.


AC561 solutions This flight tracking application is still in its infancy but will grow significantly as the system interconnects. Despite advances, many sudden events, such as sudden weather changes, are not from the aircraft itself but from existing dispatch centers, which often do not know the actual condition of the aircraft. As a result, it might be problematic to track the plan by the tracking system. Flight Tracking Software can be used by private operators to track aircraft and monitor for deviations from the agreed flight path. In this case, a warning alert is generated to draw attention to the potential problem. The types of software available import and check world weather and NOTAM information and monitor for new issues that may affect flight.

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Brief of AC561 Assessment Answers

This AC561 task answers educates the students about the history of Air Canada and its service over the years. In the early Nineteen Nineties, Air Canada encountered monetary problems because the airline enterprise slumped with inside the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War. In response, the airline restructured control with the aid of using hiring former Delta Air Lines government Hollis L. Harris as its CEO. Harris restructured the airline's operations, decreased control positions, moved the company headquarters to Dorsal Airport, and offered the commercial card enterprise to Diners Club in 1992. By 1994, Air Canada had again to profitability. The identical 12 months additionally noticed the service triumphing course get entry to fly from Canada to the brand-new Kansai Airport in Osaka, Japan.


In 1995, taking gain of a brand-new US-Canada open skies agreement, Air Canada introduced 30 new trans-border routes. In May 1997, Air Canada became a founding member of the Star Alliance, with the airline launching codeshares with numerous of the alliance's members. The 2nd 1/2 of the Nineteen Nineties noticed the airline earn regular profits, totalling $1 billion for the 1997 to 1999 period. On 2 September 1998, pilots for Air Canada released the enterprise's first pilots' strike, annoying better wages. At the give up of 1999, the Canadian authorities comfortable a number of the aviation regulations geared toward developing a consolidation of the Canadian airline enterprise. In that 12 months, American Airlines, at the side of Canadian monetary enterprise Onex Corp, released takeover bids for unwell rival Canadian Airlines and Air Canada, spurring Air Canada to post a competing provide for its biggest rival.

Points of AC561 Assignments

There are specific points or moments that are considered relevant throughout the development of the flight segment. These appropriate moments can be divided into specific types. They are either milestones reached or actions that depend on multiple attributes that need to be completed. In order to facilitate analysis, this course describes these milestones and actions, events, and processes. Therefore, an event can be defined as a business process-related update. Relevance can now be determined by business rules tailored to the specific needs of each airline. It is completely flexible and customization.

In this AC561assignments, students can use a specific approach to illustrate how to evaluate specific flight segments in real-time through specific defined events and processes. When tracking an aircraft, students need to take into account that some events are more relevant than others, such as delays, cancellations, or other irregularities. At the termination of this course, students will be able to track the flight, and while doing that, they will be able to use the knowledge that they acquired from the AC561 Air Canada Flight Tracking and History course.

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