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Location: - United States

Unit code: - ACC650

Study Level- Undergraduate

Brief of ACC650 Assessment Assignments

The ACC650 enclosure enables the mounting of Inovonics EN5040-T and EN5040-20T high power repeaters in a UL certified outdoor enclosure. An optional backup battery is housed in the container. 1.1 Wireless Inovonics Getting in Touch

If you have any issues with this method, please contact Inovonics Wireless technical support:

  • Contact us at support@inovonics.com.

  • Phone numbers: (800) 782-2709 and (303) 939-9336

Installation No. 2

  • These items are intended to be maintained by expert security specialists • All products should be manually examined on a weekly basis

2.2 What's in the Box?

  • One UL-listed, non-metallic, liquid-tight Type-B connection • Battery backup wiring

Install a UL-listed non-metallic, liquid-tight, Type-B connector.

The ACC650 enclosure must be supplied with the accompanying UL Listed, non-metallic, liquid tight, Type-B connection to fulfil UL 2560 criteria and be waterproof.

  1. Loosen the four pasting housing cover release screws using a Phillips screwdriver.

  2. Remove the lid from the housing while keeping the absorbent packs in place.

  3. To accommodate the liquid tight connection, drill a 13/16" (.8125") diameter hole.

  • Use the drill target illustrated in Figure 2 for installing the liquid tight connection on the rear of the ACC650 enclosure.

Back drill target for the ACC650 enclosure.

  • Drill the housing approximately 1.25" inches from the left side of the enclosure, as illustrated in Figure 3, at a place midway between the front and rear corners if placing the liquid tight connection on the bottom of the ACC650 enclosure.

Figure 3 shows the placement of the ACC650 task answers enclosure's bottom drill.

  1. Scrape away any sharp edges from the drilled hole.

  2. Insert the liquid tight connection into the drilled hole, being sure to secure the liquid tight gasket.

  3. Screw the provided lock-nutinto the interior of the enclosure's liquid tight connection.

  4. Cut and fit UL Listed Type-B 1/2" liquid tight conduit as needed to satisfy your cabling needs.

  5. Screw the ACC650 enclosure into place using either the mounting holes or the mounting tabs.

  6. Connect the cabling to the repeater using the liquid tight connection and conduit, as directed by the repeater's installation instructions.

  7. Place the repeater inside the repeater clip.

Drill 1.25" from the left edge of the target. ACC650 enclosure with repeater put in the centre of the housing, about 1" from the front or rear edge.

3 Particulars

EN5040-T and EN5040-20T repeaters are compatible.

Size: 7" x 6.75" x 3.125"

1 pound, 3.7 ounces

UL 2560 certifications include EN5040-20T and ACC650.

4 Disclaimer and Warranty

Caution: Changes or changes that are not explicitly permitted by the party in charge of compliance may revoke the user's authorization to use the equipment.


Inovonics Wireless Corporation ("Inovonics") warranties its goods ("Product" or "Products") to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal usage for 36 months from the date of manufacture. Inovonics will repair or replace, at its discretion, all or any portion of the guaranteed Product throughout the warranty term. Inovonics shall not be liable for disassembly or reinstallation costs. To activate the warranty, the User ("User", "Installer", or "Consumer") must contact their authorized distributor, who will be provided with a Return Material Authorization ("RMA") Number by Inovonics. Shipment details will be worked out directly with the authorized distributor.


This warranty is invalid in the following circumstances: faulty installation, abuse, failure to follow installation and operating instructions, alteration, accident or tampering, and repair by anyone other than Inovonics.

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ACC650 Assessment Solutions

This guarantee supersedes any other warranties, duties, or liabilities, whether written, oral, explicit, or implied. Inovonics makes no assurance that its products will be merchantable or suitable for any specific use, nor does it make any other warranty, expressed or implied, except as clearly stated above. In no event shall Inovonics be liable for incidental, consequential, indirect, special, or exemplary damages, including but not limited to loss of profit, revenue, or contract, loss of use, cost of downtime, or business interruption, nor for any claim made by distributor's customers or any other person or entity.


This warranty will not be altered or extended in any way. ACC650 solutions Inovonics does not authorize anybody to amend or extend this warranty on its behalf. This warranty is only valid for Inovonics products. Inovonics shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential damage or loss caused by the malfunction of Product as a result of other manufacturer's goods, accessories, or attachments, including batteries, used in combination with Inovonics Products.

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