The Setting Of The Poem Thoughts Of Hanoi Mostly Contributes To An Overall Mood Of




"Thoughts of Hanoi" is a poem written by Nguyen Trai, a Vietnamese poet and politician, in the 15th century. The poem describes the author's nostalgia for his hometown of Hanoi, which he was forced to leave due to political persecution. The poem's setting is in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, and the author's memories of the city contribute to the overall mood of the poem. In this essay, we will explore how the setting of the poem contributes to the overall mood and tone.

Description Of The Setting:

The poem is set in Hanoi, which is a city with a rich history and cultural heritage. The city is known for its ancient temples, narrow streets, and bustling markets. The author describes the city in detail, using vivid imagery to transport the reader to Hanoi. He describes the "bamboo groves," "flower gardens," and "moonlit waters" that he remembers from his youth. The setting of the poem is essential to the overall mood because it sets the tone for the nostalgia that the author feels for his hometown.

The Mood Of The Poem:

The overall mood of the poem is one of longing and nostalgia. The author is filled with regret for leaving his hometown and missing the beauty and simplicity of his youth. He describes his "deep sorrow" and "aching heart" as he remembers his home. The setting of the poem contributes to this mood by providing a backdrop of beauty and simplicity. The author's memories of the city are filled with natural beauty, which contrasts with the more complex and often painful memories he has of his political exile.

Symbolism In The Setting:

The setting of the poem is not just a physical location but also a symbol of the author's lost youth and innocence. The author describes the "green willows" and "moonlit waters" of Hanoi, which represent his memories of a simpler time. The author also describes the "thatched huts" and "country lanes" of his youth, which represent the innocence and simplicity of his childhood. The setting, therefore, becomes a symbol of the author's longing for a simpler time in his life.

The Tone Of The Poem:

The tone of the poem is one of sadness and regret. The author longs for his youth and the beauty of his hometown but knows that he can never return to it. The tone is melancholy, which is reflected in the author's use of imagery and language. He describes the "tears" that he sheds when he thinks of his hometown and the "anguish" he feels in his heart. The setting of the poem contributes to the tone by providing a backdrop of beauty and nostalgia, which contrasts with the author's pain and regret.


In conclusion, the setting of the poem "Thoughts of Hanoi" contributes significantly to the overall mood and tone of the poem. The author's memories of his hometown provide a backdrop of natural beauty and simplicity that contrasts with the more complex and often painful memories he has of his political exile. The setting becomes a symbol of the author's longing for a simpler time in his life and adds to the melancholy tone of the poem. Through the use of vivid imagery and language, the author transports the reader to his hometown and allows them to experience his longing and regret.

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