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What Are Two Types Of Oligarchies




An oligarchy is a type of government where a small group of people controls a country or organization. The term "oligarchy" comes from the Greek words "oligos," which means "few," and "arkhein," which means "to rule." This form of government has existed for centuries and has taken on many different forms throughout history. In this article, we will explore two types of oligarchies: aristocracy and plutocracy.


Aristocracy is a type of oligarchy in which the ruling class is made up of aristocrats. Aristocrats are individuals who are born into wealthy and powerful families, and they hold significant political and social power in society. In an aristocracy, power is often passed down through family lines, and individuals are born into positions of power and privilege.
One of the most famous examples of an aristocracy was the feudal system in medieval Europe. In this system, the king would grant land to lords, who would in turn grant land to vassals. These vassals would pledge their loyalty to the lord and provide military service in exchange for protection and land. The feudal system was an example of an aristocracy because power and wealth were concentrated in the hands of a small group of nobles.
Another example of an aristocracy is the British House of Lords. The House of Lords is made up of aristocrats who have inherited their titles and positions of power. While the House of Lords has limited political power in modern Britain, it still represents a vestige of the country's aristocratic past.


Plutocracy is a type of oligarchy in which the ruling class is made up of the wealthiest members of society. In a plutocracy, wealth is the primary source of power, and those who control the most wealth hold the most political power.
One example of a plutocracy is the United States during the Gilded Age. During this time, a small group of wealthy industrialists controlled much of the country's wealth and political power. They used their wealth to influence politicians and shape government policy, effectively controlling the country from behind the scenes.
Another example of a plutocracy is modern-day Russia. After the fall of the Soviet Union, a small group of oligarchs took control of much of the country's wealth and political power. These oligarchs have been accused of using their wealth to influence politics and maintain their grip on power.


Aristocracy and plutocracy are two types of oligarchies in which power is concentrated in the hands of a small group of individuals. In an aristocracy, power is often passed down through family lines, while in a plutocracy, wealth is the primary source of power. While these forms of government have existed for centuries, they are often criticized for being undemocratic and unfair. Today, many countries strive to promote democracy and ensure that power is distributed more evenly among all citizens.

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