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Which Of The Following Is a Declarative Sentence




Declarative sentences are one of the most common types of sentences used in the English language. They are used to convey information, express opinions, and make assertions. In this article, we will discuss the definition of declarative sentences, provide examples, and explain how to identify them.

Definition Of Declarative Sentences:

Declarative sentences are statements that convey information or make assertions. They are the most common type of sentence used in writing and speaking. Declarative sentences are always punctuated with a period.
Examples of Declarative Sentences:
The cat is sleeping on the sofa.
I am going to the grocery store.
The sky is blue.
She is an excellent dancer.
He doesn't like coffee.
How to Identify Declarative Sentences:
Declarative sentences always make a statement or convey information. They are not questions, commands, or exclamations. They end with a period and are usually structured subject-verb-object.


In conclusion, declarative sentences are an essential part of communication. They are used to convey information and make assertions. Declarative sentences are always punctuated with a period and are not questions, commands, or exclamations. By understanding the definition and examples of declarative sentences, you can improve your writing and communication skills.

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