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BA63276 Information System Security

Information system security is more than just protecting data from unauthorised access. The practise of preventing unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording, or destruction of information is known as information security. Information can be either physical or electronic. Information can be anything, such as someone's personal information or their social media profile, their mobile phone information, their biometrics, and so on. Consequently, information security encompasses a wide range of research paper help areas such as cryptography, mobile computing, cyber forensics, online social media, and so on. During the First World War, a multi-tier classification system was created with the responsiveness of information in mind. The official connectivity of the Classification System was completed at the start of the Second World War. Alan Turing was the person who effectively decoded the Enigma Machine, which the Germans used to encrypt warfare information. Information security programs are built around three goals, commonly referred to as the CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

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  • Confidentiality: It means that information is not available to unauthorised people, organisations, or processes. For instance, suppose someone has a password for my Gmail account and he/she observes me while I am logging in to my Gmail account. In that case, my password has been impacted, and my privacy has been violated.
  • Integrity: It entails ensuring the accuracy and completeness of data. This means that data cannot be altered in an unauthorised manner. For instance, if a worker leaves an organisation, information for that worker in all departments, such as accounts, must be adjusted to reflect the status JOB LEFT so that information is complete and accurate, and only authorised individuals must be permitted to modify employee information.
  • Availability: It means that data should be readily accessible when required. For instance, if someone requires to access data about a given worker to determine whether the worker has exceeded the number of leaves allowed, cooperation from various organisational teams such as network operations, advancement operations, incident handling, and policy/change management is required. One of the factors that can impede data accessibility is a rejection of service attack.

Aside from this, one more concept controls data security programs. This is known as non-repudiation.

  • Non-repudiation: It means that neither party can deny receiving a message or transaction, and neither party can deny sending a message or transaction. In cryptography, for instance, it is necessary to show that the message matches the digital signature signed with the sender's private key and that only the sender could have sent the message and no one else could have changed it in transportation. Non-repudiation requires data integrity and authenticity.
  • Authencity: It entails ensuring that users are who they claim to be and that all input arriving at the location is from a reliable source. If accompanied, this principle ensures that a valid and authentic message is received from a reliable source via a lawful transmission. For instance, in the preceding instance, the sender sends the message along with a digital signature produced using the message's hash value and private key. At the receiver's end, the digital signature is decrypted using the public key, resulting in a hash value, and the message is hashed once more to generate the hash value. If the two values match, it is referred to as a valid transmission with the genuine or authentic message received at the receiver end.
  • Accountability: It means that an institution's activities must be traceable back to that organisation only. For instance, as previously mentioned in the Integrity section, not every worker must be permitted to make modifications to the information of other workers. There is a different division in an organisation that is accountable for making such adjustments, and when they receive a request for a transformation, that letter should be approved by higher authority, like the Director of College, and the individual who is assigned that transformation will be allowed to do transformation after checking his bio metrics, and thus timestamp with the user (doing adjustments) specifics are documented.

Concordia University, or simply Concordia, is regarded as a public comprehensive research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Concordia University, established in 1974 as an amalgamation of Loyola College and Sir George Williams University, is one of three universities in Quebec where English is the most common language of instruction (the others are McGill and Bishop's). Concordia had 51,253 students enrolled in credit courses for the 2020–21 academic year, making it one of the largest universities in Canada in terms of enrollment. The university has two campuses, about 7 kilometres (4 miles) apart: Sir George Williams Campus, located in the Quartier Concordia neighbourhood of Downtown Montreal in the borough of Ville Marie, and Loyola Campus, situated in the residential neighborhood of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Concordia University has four faculties, a graduate school, and multiple colleges, centres, and establishments. It offers over 400 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs and coursework.

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Unit details of BA63276 Course is Discussed Below:

  • Location: Concordia University, or simply Concordia, is regarded as a public comprehensive research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Concordia University, established in 1974 as an amalgamation of Loyola College and Sir George Williams University, is one of three universities in Quebec where English is the most common language of instruction (the others are McGill and Bishop's). The address of the head office of Concordia University is 1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O, Montréal, QC H3G 1M8, Canada.
  • Study level: Undergraduate and Graduate
  • Unit code:BA63276

The conduct of preserving CIA of data, guaranteeing that data is not completely compromised when crucial problems occur, is at the heart of data security. These problems are not restricted to natural catastrophes, computer/server failures, and so on. As a result, in latest days, the field of data security has evolved and grown markedly. It provides BA63276 assessment help answers & many specialisation options, such as securing the network and affiliated infrastructural facilities, safeguarding applications and data, security testing, information management auditing, business contingency planning, and so on.

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The Weightage of this BA63276 Course Code in the Semester of Concordia University, Canada are as follows:


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