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BAC21 Quantitative Methods 

Name of the course: Quantitative methods

Course Code: BAC21

Credit: 10

University Affiliation:  University College London

Detailed Plan of Study

The goal of this course is to familiarise you with quantitative data analysis tools in the social sciences. There are two primary goals for the introduction course. When it comes to answering social, political, and economic questions, statistical models are used by researchers and policymakers alike. For the second time, students will learn how to use one or more of the techniques discussed in the course in their MSc dissertation. Students should be able to perform data analysis using the statistical software R and interpret the results by the end of the course, and they should be able to productively use introductory quantitative methods in their dissertation research and in subsequent careers.

To earn an MSc in Public Policy from the School of Public Policy, students must complete this course (or the Advanced Quantitative Methods module). This includes students pursuing degrees in Democracy and Democratization, European Public Policy, Global Governance and Ethics, International Public Policy, Public Policy, and Security Studies.

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Synchronous and asynchronous teaching methodologies

In light of the unique circumstances of this year, the mode of delivery of instruction will be divided into two distinct categories: traditional and online.

Recorded Lectures Accompanied By a Q&A Session

Pre-recorded "lectures" will be used to teach the majority of the course's material, which will be available online. Traditional in-person lectures will be replaced by videos, but the format will be different because there will be several videos per week, each lasting about 20 minutes. Before "attending" the seminars listed below, you are expected to have watched all of these lectures. Dr. Blumenau and Professor Lauderdale are the two lecturers for this course, each delivering five lectures. Afterwards, on the following Monday, there will be a 50-minute live Q&A session for attendees to ask questions. Previous years BAC 21 assessment answers will also be provided in the sessions.


An important goal of this class is that students can apply the statistical methods they learn in lectures directly on real data. A problem set involving writing code in the R programming language (see below for more details) and interpreting the results will be assigned to you every week.

There will be plenty of time for you to ask questions concerning relevant BAC 21 solutions as well as specific issues related to R coding during these seminars. Seminar time allows you to ask questions via message or video call, discuss the problem set with other students, and watch short live demonstrations from your seminar teacher. All attendees must sign in at the beginning of the seminar, so please arrive on time.

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The Final Exam of the Course

Midterm coursework (worth 25% of the course grade) and a final coursework are the course's only two marked components (worth 75 percent of the course mark).

The midterm coursework will include a review of fundamental theory, a test of whether students have completed all required reading and assignments, as well as a practical component requiring students to complete tasks in R.

Students will also be required to conduct research or policy analysis using real-world datasets as part of their final coursework. As you work with the data we provide, you'll be asked to perform various statistical analyses in R and to provide thoughtful responses to the questions posed.

Timelines for submission of academic papers

In accordance with departmental regulation, late essays are penalised by deducting points from the student's grade. If you are unable to meet your academic obligations because of a variety of reasons, you should contact your tutor for assistance in completing an Extenuating Circumstances Form. It is also essential that your BAC 21 task answers must fulfill the criteria set by the module leader otherwise the same will not be accepted.

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Word counts for essays

Penalty points in the BAC 21 task answers must be deducted according to departmental policy for essays that go over the word limit.


This serves as a timely reminder that plagiarising other people's work without crediting them is a serious academic sin. You should be aware that UCL employs a plagiarism detection system (TurnItIn) to check for plagiarism in your BAC 21 answers. With the help of this system, you'll have access to a wide range of resources from around the world, such as articles published in journals and websites around the world. Students can use TurnItIn to check their own work before turning it in to see if they've accidentally violated the guidelines for proper citation and use of sources. You can learn more about plagiarism and TurnItIn by visiting this link.

Assignments for Class

Prior to each class, students are expected to review and attempt to implement the code provided for in-class exercises on the course website. If you don't make an effort to become familiar with the relevant code, class will move more slowly, and you will have fewer opportunities to ask the teaching fellows substantive questions. Students are expected to complete the at-home exercises following each class. Because they don't contribute to the final grade, these assignments are a good indicator of what's to come. All students are highly encouraged to complete these BAC 21 assignments in advance of the weekly publication of the answers on Monday mornings.


Moodle, UCL's online learning management system, will be heavily utilised. When a student is allocated a course, Moodle will immediately enrol them in the course. Moodle will serve as the major venue for this course's communications, primarily through the Discussion Forum that appears on the Moodle website for this BAC21 assessment answers. Because you can answer each other's questions, which will be much faster than waiting for a response from us, and because the entire class can see our responses, we can avoid answering the same question multiple times over e-mail by using this mode of communication instead of e-mail. Note that we expect you to utilise Teams for both students and tutors, so you should be attempting to answer each other's questions. Please be aware that we will not respond to specific queries via email. Please submit your questions on Moodle instead of emailing them to us. Before or after class, or during our office hours, please contact us with any administrative or technical questions.

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