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Need BG007 Assignment Solutions?


BG007 Assessment Answers

BG007 assessment answers provide a focused review of and practice in some of the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to be a successful project manager. This course focuses on project management's harder skills, such as developing business cases or project plans, rather than the softer abilities of persuasion and negotiation. You'll also get the chance to figure out where you need to work on your own development.

The BG007 task solutions seek to remove some of the mystique around project management by providing participants with tools and approaches to utilize when managing their projects. However, in order for things to be useful, one must consider them in his or her personal context, as well as how they may need to be adjusted to fit the situation. As a result, the course includes activities to assist students connect theory to practice.

Scope of BG007 Assignment Answers

After finishing this course, one should be able to:

  • Define project management and explain the project manager's function.

  • Recognize the factors that influence project success and the reasons why a project could fail.

  • Be aware of various project management strategies and how they could be useful for your projects.

  • Identify areas for additional personal growth in order to improve one's project management skills.

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Section included in BG007 Assessments

The course is divided into seven sections:

  • Unit 1: Getting to Know the Arena

There was a time when project managers were mostly technical experts hired to complete complex, technical projects. More organizations across all industries now demand a wide range of employees to use a project management strategy. More managers are assigned to project teams, which are typically outside of traditional line management structures and are tasked with delivering changes and improvements to goods, services, and operations on time and on budget. The project manager's particular talents and tasks have been much more widely recognized.

  • Unit 2 – Project Definition

Starting a project is one of the most difficult and crucial tasks in the project management process. If done correctly, however, project management will be lot easier in the future. This unit will focus on the first phase of a project: its definition. One will analyze the source of the need, who is interested in it, and what the project wants to accomplish.

  • Unit 3: Developing a Business Case

A vital statement to make is articulating the influence a project will have on one's organization, which should be attainable if the aims and objectives have been accurately stated. These goals and objectives should then guide the actions that must be completed to ensure the project's success. In this section, we'll look at how to build a business case to get the correct amount of budget and resources to get the job done right.

  • Unit 4: Planning the project

The drafting of the project brief is one of the most crucial papers at this stage of the project. The project brief will define the project's details and serve as a guide for all subsequent work. This unit begins by establishing the project brief before delving into the majority of the critical information needed for this document. This section will look at how to bring a project to life by identifying essential roles, responsibilities, milestones, and tasks in the project plan.

  • Unit 5: Control and Implementation

Projects would be executed on time, under budget, and to the standards outlined in the plans in an ideal world. Projects, on the other hand, frequently take place in quickly changing environments, and the project's impact on the changing environment must be controlled. This unit explains how to maintain track of a project's progress and identify any new hazards or opportunities for improvement, as well as how to keep operations on track or change plans as needed.

  • Unit 6: Completion of Project

This unit focuses on completing a project. This indicates that the project's activities have been successfully completed and approved by the project sponsor. It is all too easy to go on to the next project without effectively finishing the previous one, so pay attention to the post-completion activities and the evaluation component of the project.

  • Unit 7: Broadening one's perspective

In this last subject, students will examine how project management is changing and why it is changing. This course is designed to get you thinking as a project manager about better methods to manage projects in the future, based on both classic and new approaches.

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BG007 Task Suggested Duration

We recommend that you study this course for 25 hours, but it has been carefully constructed so that you can learn at your own pace. One gets the freedom to study when it is convenient for them: they can complete the course in a short period of time or in short sessions over a few months.

Although completing all of the BG007 solutions tasks linking the concepts to one's personal situation would help you get more out of this course, we understand that time is a factor. Printing pages out – either to study offline or to annotate the materials as a study – is a crucial component of the online course resource. This can help you schedule your studies around your work and home life, allowing you to take advantage of possibilities like long commutes.

University affiliation: The Open University in the United Kingdom offers this course.

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