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BHO6505 Assessment Answers

BHO6505 assessment answers marketing management aims at critically reviewing the major decisions encountered by marketing decision makers in their efforts to harmonize the organizational objectives, capabilities and resources with market place opportunities, needs and requirements. In addition to this, this unit also allows students to evaluate the modern practices of business marketing, evaluates the creation of value for customers and organizations along with the strategies and methods marketers use to successfully operate in the current dynamic environment.


The unit on BHO6505 assessment also reflects the major and most critical trends in the managerial practice of marketing, and the teaching pedagogy is crafted around applied to learn content, collaborative decision marketing, case study analysis and reflective reasoning as a whole.

Unit Details of BHO6505 Assessment Answer

Location: City Flinders, Victoria University Online, VU Sydney

Study level: Postgraduate

Unit code: BHO6505

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Briefs of BHO6505 Assignment Answer

BHO6505 assignment answers incorporates different assignment type that is helpful in determining the internal or external situational analysis, development of a marketing management strategy and marketing plan evaluation, as well as suggestions for enhancement and improvement of the student’s overall perspective on marketing management. Victoria University makes sure that the accuracy of this unit data and information is authentic; however, the university reserves the right to change or to withdraw courses offered at any point in time. Pursuing this course would allow students in identifying the needs and requirements of the consumer and help the organizations in adapting their marketing strategies accordingly.


BHO6505 solution would also enable the student to understand that the overall needs are satisfied through the entire exchange process and help organizations in increasing the market share as a whole. After the completion of this unit course on BHO6505: marketing management, an individual would be able to understand the role and importance of marketing management and understand the scope of marketing management in a better way, thereby assisting the organizations in making a proper and better decision and identifying the issues associated successfully. Understanding of marketing management will also permit students in getting a better insight from the experiences, and the formal education could assist them in speeding up as students will be able to grow marketing skills at a bit faster rate.


In addition to this, pursuing BHO6505 assessment from Victoria University will allow and permit students in better grasp the role of marketing in economic development. This, in turn, would result in a better evaluation of marketing activities in terms of their performance in meeting the needs of the organization and the customers as a whole.Students will understand that marketing is the business function that controls the composition and levels of the demand in the market and deals with creating as well as maintaining demand for goods and services of the organization. Hence, pursuing BHO6505 Assessment Answer: marketing management could help students in creating and satisfying the demand for the organizations as a means of generating a better and acceptable profit. This course would also cover multiple systems that work in context to attain particular objectives and goals and allows students in playing a larger part to acknowledge the interconnected dynamics of internal as well as external systems of the organization. Students will also get an idea that the majority of the marketing activities are consumer oriented, and the prime objective of marketing is to acquire a new customer and retain an existing one. This unit course on BHO6505: marketing management would help in doing the same, and students could assist the organization in coveting the potential customer into actual customers.


Marketing management is a course revolving around different concepts of marketing practices, strategies and new techniques that vary with the demand and needs of the consumers. Marketing management is usually offered as a specialization within a management Programme that might be undergraduate, postgraduate or diploma. This course unit would also help students in learning about the marketing process that involves planning, pricing, and promoting the goods and services to the target market. Marketing management courses concentrates on actions and activities such as promotional techniques, cost cutting mechanisms as well as customer creation and retention by careful analysis as well as forecasting and anticipation of marketing situations and scenarios. Marketing management courses and specializations are available in different/ several types of formats. Those with similar specialization might have significant career opportunities after earning this degree from Victoria University. Students could also pursue specializations in finance, and accounting along with marketing.

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What is The Weightage of This BHO6505 Course Code in Their Semester?

BHO6505 assessment answers: marketing management has been specifically designed for students who want to pursue online courses, and the unit course would be available and occur at various times across the seven week study period. BHO6505 task answers are studied as part of the online Master of Administration and Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and include case study analysis, essays, quizzes, tests, reflective writing and business plans as well.


On successful completion of this unit on BHO6505: marketing management, students, would be able to exemplify and analyze how the key components of the marketing mix influence the management practices and policies within their business profession. Students will also be able to contextualize and evaluate marketing management principles across different industries and within profit, governmental as well as not for profit organizations. Critical analysis of marketing theory and literature to current disciplinary practice in order to reflect upon how the organization could better deliver value to the stakeholders and customers after the completion of this unit on BHO6505 assignment answers: marketing management from Victoria University.


Formulation of strategic marketing decisions and plans based on knowledge of marketing perspectives, decision making tools, strategic frameworks and practices are also considered after successful completion of this unit course on BHO6505: marketing management. Other than all these, students will also be able to extrapolate from theoretical concepts and principles to propose as well as justify courses of action which facilitates decision making in a variety of marketing management contexts both globally and locally.


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