How to write a good hook for an essay?

How to write a good hook for an essay? For the majority of the students, essay writing is an incredibly tiresome task. But that's not how it should be. An essay allows you to explore your creative side and create a masterpiece. If you know how to write a good hook for an essay to grab the attention of your readers, you have won half the battle. Before we get to learn about the types of hooks and discuss various examples of hooks, let’s first understand the basics of an essay hook. ...

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How to write a letter of intent?

Letter of Intent: Types, Format, Valuable Tips and Examples A letter of intent is crafted to declare your intent to do something. This answers what is letter of intent. This involves your desire to purchase an item, apply for education programs or jobs, or to clear the air in a business transaction dispute. In this blog, you will get a detailed insight into the nitty-gritty of the letter of intent. And, if you are wondering how to write a letter of intent, you will also get to see letter o...

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How To Write A Literary Essay?

Those who are unfamiliar with a literary essay might wonder what is a literary analysis essay. Simply put, it is an assignment where you read a book or a novel and state your view. You describe the theme, justify the tile, carry out character analysis, and highlight important moments. To get a detailed insight into the art of literary custom essay writing, we will look at some tips to craft it from scratch. And, we will also check out some literary essay examples. The authentic outli...

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Character Reference Letter Writing Tips With Examples

Many employers ask their candidates for a character reference letter to get an idea of the person who they are.  In this guide, we will learn the purpose of writing a character reference letter and discuss all the crucial strategies. What is a character reference letter? A character reference letter, also known as the personal reference letter is a written document by someone who knows the candidate personally. The main idea behind the character reference letter writing&nbs...

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