Compose an Impressive Essay

10 Ways to Compose an Impressive Essay


An essay can be described as a piece of writing that provides an author with an idea of their own argument. One of the most significant characteristics of writing an essay involves writing an essay in a concise manner. In this context, certain tips can be shared, which provide essay help in a concise manner.

  1. Clear and a Narrow Topic: It is necessary to choose a clear and a narrow topic to write an essay in a concise manner. It is necessary to choose a clear as well as a narrow topic to ascertain that the essay is delivered as per the topic. For example, it is easier to write a concise essay in topic “use of social media in promoting the business” rather than writing an essay on the topic “use of social media in business”. Choosing a narrow topic helps in writing a concise essay.
  2. Preparation of Outline: In order to write a concise essay, it is required to prepare an outline at first. Preparation of the outline of an essay helps in better understanding of the subdivision of the topics to be included in the essay, which in turn helps in writing a concise essay. Thus, an impressive essay can be developed by preparing an outline of the essay. For example, if the structure of an essay can be made at the start of the project, the author might have a better idea of the outline of the essay.
  3. Bifurcating the Body of an Essay: Another effective strategy of writing an effective and concise essay is bifurcating the body of an essay. If the writer has an idea of the topics that are needed to be covered in a particular essay, it is easier for the essay writer to write an essay on the given topic.
  4. Focus on the Main Body: Another effective tip of writing an impressive essay is to focus on the main body of an essay. It is necessary to manage and focus on the main body of the essay so that the reader gets an idea of the main concept of the essay. For example, an essay that discusses the main findings of the topic is quite easier to understand than an essay that beats around the bushes.
  5. Citation: Accurate citations are needed to be provided in the essay to ascertain that a meaningful and an accurate essay is being delivered. For example, an essay that cites valid sources is quite easier to understand in comparison to the essay that does not involve valid sources.
  6. Restriction of use of Certain Words: It is necessary to restrict the use of certain words in an essay in order to deliver an essay of appropriate quality. An impressive essay will never contain much of first or second person words, words such as clichés, some, that and things. Apart from that, an essay should restrict the use of to be verbs. For example, an essay without these words is more impressive to read and understand in comparison to an essay containing a lot of these words.
  7. Background Research: It is quite necessary to do proper background research in the development of an effective and impressive essay. Background research on the topic of the essay is quite capable of managing the effectiveness of writing an essay. For example, an essay contusing the details of the background of the topic is quite effective to read in comparison to the essay that lacks any effective background research.
  8. Clear and Concise Content: An effective essay should attract the reader with clear and concise content. An impressive essay may not be subjective and for that, the content of an essay is needed to be clear and concise content. For example, an essay having clear and concise content is more effective and impressive than the essay that contains vague explanations.
  9. Plagiarism: Since the majority of the essay is prepared for academic content, it becomes quite necessary to avoid plagiarism while preparing for an essay. It is quite essential to understand that an essay should be an original work of an author and not copying elements from other sources. Therefore, for writing an impressive essay, it is necessary to develop an essay without plagiarism.
  10. Illustration: An impressive essay should contain effective illustration of the real-life scenarios or valid example of the topic that is being undertaken. It is necessary to illustrate an essay with examples to ascertain a better understanding of the topic of the essay. For example, an essay containing various illustrations is more attractive than an essay that has no illustrations.
  11. What is an essay?

An essay can be well described as a short piece of writing on a particular subject. An essay is mainly denoted by a short and a formal piece of writing that details a particular subject. Essay, in general consist of three parts, which include the introduction, body or middle section and a conclusion.

An essay is capable of giving the author its own argument. An essay can mainly be subclassified into two parts, which include formal and informal essay. Formal essays are mainly characterized by the factors which include serious purpose, dignity along with the local organization of the arguments. The essay that is being prepared is mainly characterized by certain personal elements that mainly include the taste of an individual, their experiences along with their style and humor. It is observed that essays are mainly used as a form of literary criticism, political manifestos, arguments and observations of daily life. The college admission essay, on the other hand, might feature a discussion about a particular topic. It is observed that in some countries, such as in Canada and in the United States, essays form a major part of formal education. In those countries, the young students are being taught to format and structure essays in a certain way. The essays are formatted with the aim of improving the writing skills of the students. Therefore, writing an essay forms a major part of formal education and therefore is of significant importance.

The concept of an essay is not limited to writing. It has expanded its form to other media as well, such as film. A film essay can be described as a movie that generally incorporates documentary and different film making styles that generally focuses on effective evolution of a particular theme or an idea. A photographic essay, on the other hand, covers a topic that is generally linked with a number of photographs, which are in turn accompanied by text or captions.

There are certain distinctive characteristics of an essay that helps in better understanding of the process of writing an essay. The distinctive characteristics of writing an essay are indicated as follows-

  • The topic of the essay needs to be significantly narrow to focus on a single subject.  For an essay, the topic that is picked should not be out of a border subject. This is needed as the aim of an essay to fully explore a particular topic.
  • An essay is always related to the development of a thesis. A strong and a clear thesis are needed to be developed in order to get a strong insight to the topic that is being chosen.  Picking out an appropriate thesis statement can help in composing the essays in an effective manner. Therefore it is integral to fully form the thesis statement at the beginning of the essay.
  • An essay is always written by focusing on the topic. For example, a standard essay of say 1500 words, needs to accommodate at least 4 paragraphs, each paragraphs containing the topic of discussion. The essay should also consist of an introductory sentence and a concluding sentence.
  • Appropriate and accurate referencing is another criteria for developing and writing an essay. Proper citations are to be incorporated were required to ascertain that credible sources are used in developing the essay.

The above-discussed points indicate the most significant characteristics of developing an essay. The ten tips that are discussed for writing an essay, indicates the ways in which an impressive essay can be developed. An essay should include a clear and concise introduction and conclusion to provide the reader with an idea of the topic of the essay and the conclusions that are drawn while writing the essay. An impressive essay should be able to provide a reader with a detailed understanding of the topic of the research along with the thoughts of the writer on the topic of the essay. It is required to understand that writing an impressive essay is not a difficult task. It is required to understand that for writing and preparing an impressive essay it is necessary for the author to understand the topic and narrow down the topic so that an essay with the clear and concise format can be delivered to the reader.

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