Issues in Contemporary Nursing: Top Five Challenges

Are you from the nursing profession? Do you have concerns about the issues facing the profession? If so, then read on to learn about issues and challenges that are facing the profession today. I found in a survey conducted by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing that nursing is amongst the biggest healthcare professions around the world with over 3 million nurses and 2.5 million licensed registered nurses working in the field. Nonetheless, the industry has to encounter several ethi...

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What Examiners Look For in Your Dissertation

Introduction The dissertation can be described as a project in the assessment form, which is different from any other regular assessment, submitted by students in the final year of their study. The dissertation can be seen to be differing from any other assessment in the way that in dissertation a student needs to be preparing literature review based on the things learned and by taking responsibility for the introduction of their finding and discussing the outcomes. By way of the dissertation...

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8 tips to write an impressive essay on Globalization

Writing an essay on Globalization could be difficult. You may not understand what you should include, and you should not. But the first problem that you may face is which type of essay a globalization essay will be. Since the piece is supposed to explain the issue rationally without taking any sides, we can write it as an expository essay. And as the first rule of Globalization goes, you need to present a balanced analysis and define how the problem affects the world without weighing in your opi...

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Balance of Nature and Everything about it

Definition of the balance of nature The stable condition of nature or ecological system (homeostasis or equilibrium) sometimes corrected with the help of negative feedback.  It will generally bring back the original point of balance. The rest of the system also hampered for this reason. Some reasons the population is dependent on each other. Suppose the predator and the prey system. Another example is herbivores and the food source of them. The world’s weather is also connected ...

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