Smart tips and examples to write different types of research papers

Tips and examples to write different types of research papers Writing research papers is not a new thing for students. No matter which subject you pursue, you can never escape from the task of writing research papers. However, there are instances when students are unaware of the technicalities of writing a stellar research paper. According to experts, “A research paper is the outcome of your own thoughts based on your analysis of what you previously knew and what you managed to research a...

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Tickle the funny bone of your audience with 100 persuasive speech topics

100+ Funny Topic Ideas for Your Next Persuasive Speech Developing a persuasive speech is one thing, and making people laugh while proving your point is another. When someone mentions persuasive speech topics, people generally think of serious issues being presented by speakers from their point of view. What if you are able to infuse humor with your persuasive speech? Won’t that help you win the audience more easily? As a student, you may need to prepare a persuasive speech as a part of y...

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Expert’s Guide to Writing a Critical Thinking Essay It is an art to come up with a flawless critical thinking essay. You need analytical skills to back every argument that you put forth. In addition, a critical thinking essay requires you to add your own ideas about a particular topic, which can range from a book, a film, scholarly texts, poems, etc. Unless you develop a concrete idea to draft a flawless paper, things won’t look easier anytime soon. Most importantly, you should thi...

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Cause and Effect of Bullying- Essay Sample

Cause and Effect of Bullying  Essay “A young boy who does not match the sexual stereotypes is regularly called a "fag" by some classmates in the cafeteria and the gym. The other students start to ignore him and he suffers from this isolation. He looks for every possible way to avoid these places.” This is a frequent bullying scenario, many poor souls are experiencing, round the world. If you have never found yourself cowering in fear of being attacked or harassed, then you mi...

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