A Simple Guide To Writing The Perfect Essay Outline

A Simple Guide To Writing The Perfect Essay Outline


An informative essay outline is an essential factor for each student. These students have to write innumerable essays whether they are in high schools, colleges or universities. But, they often find comprehending essay outlines difficult. Therefore, they fail to submit a good and well-structured essay on time. Several students have miserably failed because they could not structure their essays appropriately. So, are you one of these students? Do you too struggle in structuring a great essay? Then, this is your space. Keep reading on and find out how to structure a great essay outline.


Seven Steps To Structure An Informative Essay Outline

All essays follow the same structure. However, not every essay has the same feature, and they are all unique in their way. So, please take a look at these steps that will help you to highlight the uniqueness of your essays:

  1. Prepare an impressive title that would draw your reader’s attention the moment they would lay an eye on your paper. It would be best to perform in-depth research and figure out the best name for your essay.

  2. The next step for writing an informative essay outlineis to start your essay excitingly. Several students begin to write their essays by defining the essay topic. While it’s not wrong to do so, it’s also not interesting enough to keep your readers attracted to your essay.

  3. Please do not forget to write your thesis statements in your essay’s introduction. If you are confused about writing your thesis statements, you can refer to some examples in the informative essay outline. In addition, kindly highlight the critical idea of your entire research. Your reader will feel intrigued by your essay.

  4. It would be best if you revealed the purpose of your essay in the first paragraph of your essay’s main body.

  5. At this juncture, you need to present your collected data and information. By doing so, you would compel your reader to acknowledge your essay thesis statement and your essay’s purpose.

  6. Leave the most valuable information for the last part of the main body. If you state your crucial revelation in the middle of your main body, your reader would lose interest and might ignore the last part of your essay’s main body.

  7. Give your essay a rational ending. Write a short and profound summary at the end of your essay. In addition, please highlight the critical points that you have discussed before and recommend future investigation on the essay topic.

Once you start following these steps for your essay outlines, they will become profound. And you would not have to worry about your informative essays anymore.

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A Vivid Concentration On The Structures Of The Essay Outlines

An informative essay outline contains five to six passages like every other essay type. So, when your module instructor asks you to write such essays, it would be best to stick to an informative essay outline structure. Now you might wonder what this structure is. To know more about it, please read on:

  • Introduction of your essay:Once you start to write your essay, you must introduce your essay topic. The best method you can introduce your essay topic is by defining it. Kindly ensure that the definition you are writing is not your version of the subject. Instead, cite your introduction. It would give your definition validity.

  • Arguments/Body:The body of your essay must contain the arguments that you want to present in your essay. The number of your arguments is equivalent to the number of paragraphs you write in your body. For each topic, there will be more than one point of view. Therefore, please do not forget to state your opponents’ arguments while writing your essays.

  • Conclusion:Conclusion is the last part of the Informative essay outline for your college. Hence, you have to present your idea that reflects your thesis statements. Unfortunately, several students tend to copy-paste their thesis statements in their conclusion. But, your conclusion must focus on the key arguments and results of your final research. So please keep these things in mind while preparing your essay outline.

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How To Write An Informative Essay Outline! Example

Here is a simple informative essay outline example for your guidance. The sample topic is “The importance of exercise”.

  1. Introduction

Hook your readers: Start your essay using paragraphs like, “Did you know you can combat your illness effectively, with exercise?”

Purpose of your essay: You should make your readers realise that your essay's goal is to highlight the bright side of exercise.

Importance of your essay: Your readers must grasp the importance of exercising and its positive impact on their health.

Thesis: “Exercising improves your immunity system and prevents your chances of strokes.” Thesis statements like this put justify your opening statement. And it also sheds light on the positive effect of exercising.

  1. Body

First point: Exercising helps an individual to fight their depression and anxiety. Furthermore, exercising improves their mood.

Sub-point: An individual, who exercises regularly, remains emotionally stable. Furthermore, it helps them to boost their mood.

Sub-point: Individuals who exercise daily for at least 20 minutes have lower chances of going through a depressive state.

Sub-points: Exercising helps an individual to lower their stress hormones. Exercising also allows you to increase your serotonin level.

Second point: Exercising helps individuals prevent strokes and decreases blood pressure levels. Furthermore, exercising also allows people to fight diabetes.

Sub-points: Exercising helps to boost lipoprotein and decrease triglycerides in an individual’s body. Lipoproteins help individuals to fight cardiovascular diseases.

Sub-points: Exercising uses the sugar in your bloodstream as energy. Hence, it keeps your diabetes in check.

  1. Conclusion

Summary declaration: It has been found out that exercising has not one but multiple benefits. Hence, it is essential to exercise every day. However, researchers are still finding new uses of exercising. Hopefully, Researchers will soon reveal discoveries about exercise's benefits.

Wrapping up

Writing the outline of an informative essay is not a tough job. However, there are a few steps that you need to adapt. Writing an informative essay will be effortless for you once you start to understand and adopt these steps. Consult your module instructors and peers, and attain a deep knowledge of informative essay structure. That would further assist you to increase your skills. So, please go through this guide to hone your informative essay outlining skills.

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