Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay

Cause and Effect of Bullying  Essay


“A young boy who does not match the sexual stereotypes is regularly called a "fag" by some classmates in the cafeteria and the gym. The other students start to ignore him and he suffers from this isolation. He looks for every possible way to avoid these places.”

This is a frequent bullying scenario, many poor souls are experiencing, round the world.

If you have never found yourself cowering in fear of being attacked or harassed, then you might not have faced the worst bullying activities. With fear rising up the belly, drying up your throat and panic making heart pound faster than ever, it is not unlikely that students may want to end their lives. Such is the drastic impact of bullying on psychology. Arising from hate, prejudice and a sense of dominance, bullying behavior is commonplace in schools, colleges, homes and even at the workplace.

If you want to know how deep this negative behaviour has affected society, you need to have a look at the below facts

  • 85% of bullying takes place in front of other people ( Craig and Pepler, 1997)
  • Cyberbullying victims are 2X more likely to attempt suicide ( Hinduja and Ptachin, 2010)
  • 40 % of youth have been cyberbullied (Schneider et al., 2012) 

Leading psychological studies show that bullying not only hampers your mental peace, but it also has physical manifestations. Do not take it lightly, for those who bully are rarely strangers. Since the attacks come from close quarters and can take on any number of forms, predicting them can be a difficult task. Unless you hold a Ph.D. in the behavioral sciences, that is.

If you have been at the receiving end of this kind of treatment, then writing an essay on it might spark unpleasant memories. So, you have to steer cautiously. If you are lucky enough to belong to the group of people who were never bullied, then perceiving the topic objectively might reveal many fascinating facts, about this social evil.

Read on, and you will find the most helpful tips to write an essay on the causes and effects of bullying.

Writing your essay – tips to keep in mind

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines bullying as an act of hurting or frightening someone over a period, often forcing that person to do things against their will.

You can take up your essay help, right on this note. Introduce the topic by defining bullying and its effects using stats and figures to support your claims. You can take up the body paragraphs to describe the causes and effects of the same in detail. Lastly, wrap up your essay by summarising the important points and including a compelling call to action for your readers.

Here is how you can ideally structure your college essay on the causes and effects of bullying. Watch out for the examples, for they show you how to use relevant information to spruce up your essay. 

  •  Introduction – start off on the right note

Acquaint the readers with the topic. Make it as engaging as you can. Quotes and anecdotes work pretty well for essay introductions. But if you really want to grab your readers’ attention on a topic such as the causes and effects of bullying, stats are more likely to do the job.


We live in a fast-paced digital age with smartphone apps at our beck and call. But the dark evil of bullying continues to haunt people all over the globe, with children and teens being the most vulnerable of victims. 90% of teens who have faced cyberbullying were bullied offline as well, and that is alarming indeed. The Centre for Disease Control has already declared bullying as a major public health issue, and it is time we looked up from our Smartphone screens. The first step to combating a problem is understanding it, and that is exactly what we have set about to do. In this essay, I will discuss the primary causes and effects of bullying to shed light on the rapidly increasing (and evolving) social evil.

  • Body paragraphs – substantiate your arguments

The mainframe of your essay, the body paragraphs contain relevant information related to your topic. Body paragraphs usually explain one argument per paragraph and follow a logical structure. Ensure that you start each one with the topic sentence and end the paragraph with a connecting sentence. Since you are to write an essay on the causes AND effects of bullying, tackling them in separate paragraphs would be a wise move.

Example (Body paragraphs 01 and 02 – causes of bullying):

First, let us get to the bottom of the causes of bullying. Why do bullies behave the way they do? What makes them turn against their fellow beings, abusing or shaming them emotionally, psychologically and physically? Studies show that bullying has strong connections to earlier stress and trauma. Some psychological studies also connect it to aggressive behavior or a sense of dominance. Since women are more likely to be bullied than men, one can notice a pattern forming right there. Childhood or past trauma results in resentment that perpetrates as dominant behavior by “quashing the weak.” There are other reasons that people bully as well.

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