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What is Costco Essay And How To Write It?

Are you planning to write a Costco essay for your college application assignment experts? When the time comes to join a new college, many students feel lost and worried. They start taking immense stress and get afraid of the unknown. The students start thinking that their whole career and future is depending on one condition, whether they get entry to a good college or not. Especially if they have their personal preferences in colleges, like they want to get accepted by famous universities like Yale, Dartmouth or Harvard, then it can be a bit problematic. Because the universities require application essays, which become a matter of worry for the students. Thousands of students have got excellent scores.

So if you want to get admitted to your favourite university, along with your ACT or SAT scores, stellar GPA, or extracurricular activities, this essay provides you with the opportunity to showcase your potential and worth before the reputed universities. So they choose you among thousand other students.  

A well-written Costco essay distinguishes you from the other candidates and is worth half of your success. That is why the well-acclaimed Costco essay written by Brittany Stinson has created so much buzz among the students and the whole academic world. Using the excellence of her writing, she won the green signals for admission from all Ivy League institutions along with Stanford! Seems like a dream, right? Well, you can readily achieve this dream into reality with an essay. Want to how? Then keep on reading to crack the code! 

The History of Costco College Essay

Costco essay is a college essay about the Costco stores that a school student, Brittany Stinson, submitted as a part of her application form in 2016. Unlike other students who blindly copy others work or whatever they find on the internet, Stinson tried to approach it differently and avoid clichés like anything. She knew that there are so many qualified applicants and have similar GPAs, SAT scores like her. Hence, the essay was a significant opportunity to differentiate her from others. She focused more on the personal creative quotient and natural approach to make the essay memorable before the board members. 

Stinson had to describe some meaningful experience that defined her in some way. To do so, she described her experience wandering along Costco aisles, thinking about goods and their background. It depicted her through the prism of her long-lasting relationship with the Costco chain. Not only had she described her childhood and teenage explorations, but she smartly explained how spending time at Costco shaped her hobbies, interests, personal qualities and strengths, showing how they affected her interest in studies. So what’s the secret behind this viral essay and its success? Let’s discuss. 

Characteristics of Costco Essay Writing

The following features are the reason behind the essay’s success. Such as, 


The most important aspect of this essay is the relatable yet out of the box topic. Describing personal experiences and personality is a common practice among the students. Still, Stinson chose Costco stores, which is rather specific, so Brittany made sure that her topic was unique. When you select a subject that is different from thousands of other papers, you automatically get a few steps ahead of your competitors. She has used her intellectual curiosity with personal experience to achieve a significant stand in higher academics. 

Underlying Theme

If you attempt to do a Costco essay analysis, you’ll find that the essay is not about shopping. Instead, she discusses both her experience in the store and her growth as a personality. She presents her exploring nature, who wanted to learn everything about goods, sales, and samples. She uses both her adventure and academic attributes to achieve success as the underlying theme of the essay. The piece also shows her thoughtful, curious nature; by asking philosophical yet playful questions on simple objects like Nutella or chocolate truffles or aerial yoga and astronomical software, she makes the essay more engaging. And it also helps her writing to get wholesomeness and memorable for the admission prosecutors. You can take homework help to build such an underlying theme.


The tonality of the essay was severe and humorous at the same time. By switching from serious topics to humorous stories, Stinson holds the attention of the readers. She uses words like “finitude”, “juxtaposed”, “surveyed”, but then writes in a fun, approachable tone to make it feel like a conversation or a scene as if they were present there. Her essay is filled with complex, well-crafted sentences and careful word choice. You can take assignment help to maintain a perfect balance between too stiff or too informal tonality of your essay.

Quality of Writing

Stinson has presented a highly academic and sharp word choice in her college essay Costco. Hence, it is advised to students that no matter what they are writing, pay attention to the use of vocabulary. She has also showcased her writing ability. She opens with a compelling anecdotal hook. Then she moves on to the rest of the essay. She used the picturesque technique to engage the readers. She has transformed a broad, universal topic into a narrative that is specific to her own life. But how?

How to write Costco College Essay?

To compose a proper Costco essay, you have to maintain the following steps:

Be original & authentic

The essay you will be providing will work as your representative. Don’t just give away a random auto-generated article that no one cares about. So try to add your personality and originality to bring authenticity to the essay. It will help the admission prosecutors to evaluate your true self. So brainstorm your personal experiences and try to imagine them from different perspectives. Try to realize that no other candidate like you is applying with your passions, attributes, strengths, and challenges.

For example, if you are interested in Harry Potter or Marvel series, then use that interest as your strength to write your ‘own Costco essay’ with a different and original perspective to stand out.

Don’t overdo

In an attempt to go natural and personal, please don’t overdo it. Remember, you will submit this essay to a university, so maintain the dignity. You need to intertwine your personal experiences to the academic spheres cleverly. Link your paper to a more significant idea about your worldview or who you are as an individual. You can start with a reflection of your personal feelings or extracurricular interests then link it to a broader academic spectrum. 

Show confidence

Your essay must show your determination and potential to be a good candidate. It was very evident in Stinson’s essay. So, don’t shy away from claiming why you will be a great candidate. 

For example, in the Costco essay, Stinson shows that she always got what she wanted from early childhood. It is an excellent quality in academic success, and admission officers will surely value your confidence.

Be truthful

You need to make sure that your essay does not lose the fundamental ground of the truth. You can make up a few details or add vivid examples, but the core idea of your essay should be truthful. Otherwise, after you get selected, the lies may create awkward situations for you. 

Proofread & Edit

After you’re done with the writing part, check your text several times to make sure it sounds good and there are no visible mistakes in your Costco college essayYou can ask your tutors or expert essay writers to proofread your work. Make sure that it is clear and easy to read to submit an error-free polished essay. If you still cannot grasp the techniques or come up with any good ideas, please take help from our professional writers.

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