Essay on Productivity in Quarantine

How to prepare an essay on productivity in quarantine?

Strategies For Staying Productive During COVID-19 Crisis


essay writing is something that you must have done numerous times before. In fact, we won’t be surprised if you say that you have also prepared an essay on “productivity” in the past. However, an essay about "productivity in quarantine" is not something that you usually get to write. The opinion essay is about a unique situation, which certainly calls for a unique approach.

When a majority of the world population is spending days in lockdown, it can be difficult to maintain productivity. Perhaps, you can draw inspiration from your experience in the lockdown and come up with some strategies for staying productive during COVID-19 crisis. If you can do that, writing an essay about it won’t be a problem. Just remember these following tips:

Narrow down the productive essay topic:-

The topic "productivity in quarantine" can be addressed in several ways. So, your first job will be to take a slant and narrow down the essay topic. Here are some suggestions that you can work on:

  • The importance of staying productive in quarantine
  • Tips for staying productive during COVID-19
  • Factors that affect productivity in quarantine
  • Effects of coronavirus pandemic on productivity
  • How to maintain business productivity in COVID-19 crisis?

You can find a slant of your own or get some inspiration from the ones mentioned above and get started.

Do some research:-

If you want your essay on productivity in quarantine to stand out, you need to make it insightful. Putting generic information on the essay won’t work in your favor. To make your paper insightful, add empirical data. Instead of using just your personal experience, use your researching skill to add more depth to your arguments using best research topic examples.

Social media is a great place to connect with people and learn about their activities. You can even find communities and groups where people share their experiences and discuss different matters with other members. You can observe relevant groups of active people or take part in the conversation to learn how quarantine-life is treating them and how it is affecting their productivity.

Create an outline:-

Depending on the slant you have chosen, you need to prepare an outline for the essay. This outline should clearly define what goes where in the essay. This helps you organize the essay before you start drafting its content.

Having the outline of the essay will make it easier for you to prepare well-structured content. Also, you do not need to waste time deciding what to write in the next paragraph. In a way, the essay outline helps you stay on track.

Draft the content:-

If you don’t consider yourself to be a good writer, you can still produce an impressive essay paper. There are a few tricks that can help you improve your writing style. You will require practice to master effective writing. But for the time being, try the following measures:

  • Use shorter sentences to avoid errors and enhance readability.
  • Don’t discuss different points in the same paragraph.
  • Write the introduction after finishing the body paragraph.
  • Use bullet points to improve the readability.
  • Do not introduce any new point in the conclusion

Also, maintain the same tone throughout the essay.

Proofread and edit:-

It is essential to revise the content once you are done drafting the essay. This will help you identify the errors in the paper. You can also find several areas in the essay that can be improved further. Make the necessary rectification in the content as soon as you detect an error.

You also need to ensure that the essay does not have any traces of plagiarism in it. Use online plagiarism tools to check your paper. If you find any plagiarized content in it, replace it with fresh content without changing the essence of the content.

These tips can help you prepare a good quality essay paper on “productivity in quarantine”. For further reference, you can study the following example:

The factors that affect productivity in quarantine

The spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made an unprecedented impact on people around the world. As a majority of the population is staying indoors and maintaining social distancing, students and working people are being asked to continue their work in quarantine. However, there are a number of factors that are affecting the productivity in quarantine.

Firstly, there is a huge difference between a school or an office and home. A home does not provide the ideal environment where a person can focus on his work and be productive. The students in seventh grade at XYZ High School shared on an online forum that they couldn’t finish their studies at home as their pets kept interrupting, they had to help their parents with something or their neighbors were loud.

Secondly, a lot of houses lack the infrastructure that schools or offices have, making it all the more difficult for individuals to be as productive as they used to be at school or the workplace. A lot of people on social media complain about the slow internet, which is restricting a lot of people from finishing their work on time. Reports suggest that due to the lockdown, there has been a surge in traffic on the internet, causing it to slow down.

Lastly, working from the comfort of home is causing lethargy among people as no one is physically present around them to monitor their activities. Even though a lot of people don’t admit to the fact, the productivity graph of ABC Pvt. Ltd. shows a significant fall since they have allowed work from home.

It is quite evident that productivity has taken a hit in the quarantine. Sadly, a majority of these problem-causing factors cannot be avoided. So, students and working people need to find some other way to make their quarantine life more productive, despite the obstacles.

Hopefully, this example has helped you understand how to use the essay writing tips on “being productive in quarantine” in your piece. However, if you still cannot get the essay done, seek professional paper writing service from experts.

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