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how to balance chemical equations

How to Balance Chemical Equations

A written symbolic depiction of a chemical reaction is referred to as a Chemical Equation. The symbols are represented by an alphabet or combination of letters signifying that element. On the left side, the reactant chemicals are specified along with the product chemicals which are mentioned on the right-hand side. These two are linked through an arrow prominent from left to right for symbolising the reaction. According to the law of conservation of mass, in a chemical reaction, no atoms can be made or demolished; therefore the number of atoms which are existent in the reactants should be balanced with the number of atoms which are existing in the products. For balancing the chemical equation, there are a set of rules which must be followed in order to balance a chemical equation. Thus the rules of balancing chemical Equationare discussed below–

  • The first step is to note down the given equation.
  • After writing down the equation, note the number of atoms per element. The number of atoms per element must be written for both the sides of the equation in order to proceed. For finding the number of atoms, observe the subscripts which are there next to each atom in the equation. While assessing the atoms by looking at subscripts, it is advisable to associate it back with the original equation by noticing how every element performs.
  • The essential thing to remember is to keep hydrogen and oxygen in a chemical equation for the last since they generally appear on both sides. In the molecules, oxygen and hydrogen both are common and it is probable that they may appear in both the sides of the equation. Thus it is best to save them for the last and balance at last. Before balancing the oxygen along with hydrogen, it is vital to check the atoms as there will be a requirement to utilise the coefficients for balancing the other atoms as well in the equation.
  • Always begin with single elements and when more than one element is left to balance, choose the element which is present in a single molecule of reactants only as well as in a single molecule of products. Thus it implies that the carbon atoms must be balanced at first.
  • Now for balancing the single carbon atom, a coefficient should be used.  On the right side of the equation adda factor to the single carbon atom for balancing it with the three carbon atoms which will be there on the left side of the chemical equation. Then balance the other atoms except for hydrogen and oxygen.
  • After balancing the carbons, now move towards the hydrogen atoms for balancing it next. Now since all the atoms are already balanced in the equation except hydrogen and oxygen, the hydrogen atoms can be addressed. For balancing the hydrogen atoms, a coefficient can be utilised to balance the equation on both the side.
  • At last, the oxygen atoms to be addressed for balancing. It is crucial to remember to keep a countfor the coefficients that have been used so far for balancing out the other atoms.

There are various methods for balancing the chemical equation; the steps discussed above is the traditional approach to balance a chemical equation. There is another way which is the algebraic method for balancing the chemical equation.

Balancing Chemical Equation calculator

There are calculators available online for balancing the Chemical Equations. It is a free online tool which exhibits the balanced chemical equation. These calculators make the work of balancing easy and convenient and is faster. The results are provided in a fraction of second; that is why these calculators are perceived as a tool for quicker and correct calculations to balance a chemical equation.

How to Use the Balancing Chemical Equations Calculator?

As discussed above, there are tools available online to make the work of balancing equation easy; the steps for using such calculator is easy to follow. The process to use the balancing chemical equations calculator is followed in the given manner which is discussed as below-

Step 1 – There is a blank field given, type the chemical equation in that given field.
Step 2 – After entering the equation in that blank cell, click on the button given below, which says "balance" in order to derive the desired result.
Step 3 – At last, after clicking the button, the balanced chemical equation will be displayed as a final result.

Online Chemical Equation Balancer

There are online websites which require the chemical equation to be entered, and then it balances the equation online as per the requirement. With the help of these chemical equation balancers, a chemical equation can be balanced correctly and in no time. The steps are similar to balance as discussed for balancing using the calculator as these all are online tools and kind of similar with different names.  

The steps are as follows -

  1. Enter the chemical reaction’s equation and then click on 'Balance' and the answer will be obtained.
  2. It is important to remember to use the upper case for the first character and the lower case for the second character always in the element name.
  3. Use sign “-‘ or e for entering an electron.
  4. While entering the ions always remember to specify the charge after the compound in brackets.
  5. In order to avoid any ambiguity, substitute the immutable groups present in the chemical compounds.
  6. There are certain types of compound states which will not be required, such as [ (s) (aq) or (g) ].
  7. When it is unknown what products are entering only reagents, then click 'Balance'. In many such cases, a complete equation will be recommended automatically.
  8. For a balanced equation, the reaction stoichiometry could be assessed. And then for computing the rest, enter any of the one things either the number or weight of moles for one of the compounds.
  9. A Limiting reagent is to be calculated for a balanced equation through entering the number of moles or weight for all reagents.

By following the steps and instructions mentioned above, a chemical equation can be balanced online with the help of Chemical Equation Balancer.

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