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A Guide To Writing Remarkable ACT Essays

ACT (American College Testing) Incorporated is a non-profit organization that conducts standardized tests for undergraduate admissions in the United States of America. Tests are conducted in four skill areas - English, Mathematics, Science, Reading and Writing.

The writing test requires candidates to deliver a well-written essay within 40 minutes with the suitabel informative speech outline.  Evaluators measure every aspect of a student’s writing skills. A traditional paper-and-pencil written test, the ACT essay writing section involves a writing prompt that describes a complex issue. Three unique perspectives on the subject are presented alongside for candidates to go through.

The ACT essay template follows a general essay layout, consisting of an introduction, body and conclusion. ACT essay prompts and topics typically deal with complicated social issues. Evaluators look for well-crafted, coherent essays that highlight a student's knowledge about current affairs, their ability to generate relevant ideas and support them with valid arguments.

Given the short writing span, a consummate writing strategy is essential for scoring well. The following section details an excellent and exhaustive ACT essay writing process.

How to write a convincing ACT essay in 5 steps?

The million-dollar question of how to write an excellent ACT essay has quite a simple answer.

All ACT essays are meant to be argumentative pieces. Writers, therefore, must deliver well-construed arguments, back them up with logical and insightful statements and compare their views with the given perspectives.

ACT essay evaluators look for logical reasoning, multifaceted evaluations, proper flow of ideas and correct language usage. They look for coherent and well-structured pieces that analyze a given prompt tactfully.  

 ACT essay question prompts ask two critical questions to candidates: What their opinions and views on a specific issue are and what they have to say regarding the given perspectives.

Four aspects form the core of the scoring rubric of an ACT essay. These are:

  • Ideas and Analysis
  • Development and Support
  • Organization
  • Language Use

Each aspectgarners an individual score for candidates and contributes to their total scores.

In light of the above grading criteria, here are five critical stepsthat everyone should keep in mind while writing the test with the promising essay strcture style.

  1. Go through the prompt carefully

Read the prompt carefully and understand the issue under discussion. Gather relevant ideas and start noting them in rough. Keep in mind that you have just got forty minutes to deliver a perfect write-up.

Gauge the topic, the slant in the prompt and take your stance. If you find it challenging to come up with your perspective, you can adopt the slant given in the essay prompt.

  1. Understand the given perspectives

An integral part of the write-up is comparing and contrasting your standpoint with the given perspectives. Naturally, a careful study of all three slants is essential.

Topics given in ACT essays are quite broad and allow candidates to develop different angles of approach.While every angle should be unique, they must also be logical enough to support or refute one or more of the given perspectives with ample arguments.

  1. Generate engaging ideas and analyze them

The ideas you generate will create the context under which you will have to deliver your opinion on the subject matter. The broader the perspective, the more detailed the write-up and the better the score.

Evaluators analyze whether the ideas presented by the writer are relevant and address the topic at hand. They observe how the writer establishes a context and broadens his or her scope by linking it with other related perspectives.

  • The introduction is where you must deliver your thesis statement, i.e. your writing stance, along with a brief description of the topic.
  • In the first body paragraph, deliver your opinion with proper arguments. Develop rational ideas that let you take an insightful look into the whole topic and examine all complexities and implications. Be precise in your delivery and adopt a stance that can address the nuances of the issue.
  • Justify your arguments using specific and relevant information to score high.

Develop your context and deliver nuanced arguments with backing

You must generate ideas that giveyou the scope to address various aspects of the topic.Arguments and counter arguments backed with sufficient logic demonstrate effective writing skills.

  • Develop a second body paragraph to continue supporting your thesis statement, provided that you have enough time in hand.
  • The third body paragraph is where you compare and contrast your stance with at least one of the given perspectives. Deliver convincing arguments and back them up with reasoning.
  • State whether a particular view is persuasive or not and address its shortcomings with examples to support your statements.
  • The conclusion is where you have to recapitulate the thesis statement and how it compares with the other given perspectives.
  1. Be concise and well organized

Those of you who are wondering how long is the average ACT essay, the length depends upon your writing skills and how much you can deliver in 40 minutes with the perfect essay outline.

Coherence is key to a well-crafted ACT essay. A skillful organizational strategy is essential for scoring well. Your write-up must portray your purpose clearly to the assessors.

  • Be precise in your writing. Do not drag a particular idea.
  • Grades depend on how sophisticated and convincing your answer is. Maintain a proper flow of ideas and develop an appropriate structure to deliver a persuasive write-up.
  • Logical progression through relevant ideas and proper transitions between paragraphs will help in scoring high.
  • Be impeccable in your grammar, skillful in your diction and sentence construction. Your stylistic choices are a major scoring factor. So, keep things as flawless as possible.

The above five steps address all the requirements in the ACT essay scoring rubric. Follow them with diligence and keep them in mind during the moment of truth.

Some expert-approved ACT essay writing tips

The best way to prepare for your ACT essay test is to practice more and more. Keep the following ACT essay writing tips in mindwhile preparing for the test:

  • Read and write more often.
  • Research on current societal issues and develop your opinions on them.
  • Brush up on your language skills.
  • Practice writing within a specific amount of time.
  • Try writing in different formats and get acquainted with their nuances.
  • Share your write-ups with others and ask for their opinion.
  • Improve your writing skills through discussions and feedback.
  • Streamline your writing process.

Remember, your ACT writing test scores not only depend upon your knowledge about a topic but also on whether you can deliver your ideas coherently and logically. Essay proofreader plays an important role in giving you an effective essay paper.

Take a look at the following ACT essay prompt to get an idea about the kind of topics you might come across in the test.

Most promising ACT essay topics

The following is a sample ACT essay topics from their official website.

Bilingual Accreditation

While the most common language in the United States is English, it's certainly not the only language in which Americans communicate. In fact, bilingual fluency is highly desirable in many professions, including business, education, and medicine. To ready students for success in their future careers, some high schools may consider instituting programs that would offer bilingual accreditation to students who complete a significant portion of their schooling in a language other than English. Since bilingual certification is not a necessary component of traditional education, should schools be expected to explore this option for interested students? As American high schools aim to remain competitive due to increasingly rigorous international education standards, innovative programs such as bilingual certification may prove to be essential.

Read and carefully consider these perspectives. Each discusses relevant aspects of offering bilingual accreditation.

 Perspective One:

Schools should encourage bilingual fluency but should not be expected to offer special classes or programs. School administrators need to work on strengthening the existing curriculum rather than overcomplicating instructions by attempting to incorporate additional programs that do not reinforce traditional education.

Perspective Two: 

Offering bilingual accreditation weakens the core of high school curriculum. A majority of the student population already struggles to maintain passing grades when taught in English, and adding other languages is likely to add to that number.

Perspective Three: 

Bilingual accreditation should be offered, but it needs to be thoughtfully implemented. Courses taught in languages other than English need to be carefully selected to ensure that this program does not affect the integrity of the high school diploma.

Some other good ACT essay topics and questions are:

  • Intelligent Machines
  • Education and the Workplace
  • Accelerating Globalization
  • Corporate Responsibility

ACT essay topics typically deal with socially relevant issues. Do some research on them before your exams.

An excellent ACT essay example will comprise of an appropriate thesis statement that addresses all nuances of the subject matter. Carefullyanalyzed arguments will deliver in-depth and insightful information on several perspectives, bolstered by rich and relevant information. A proper structural flow of ideas when delivered impeccably will garner top scores.

Follow this guide minutely, practice frequently, conduct in-depth research and deliver perfect ACT essays well within 40 minutes.

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