How to Write Essay on Pollution

How to Write Essay on Pollution? Examples and Topics

Does your heart sink a little at the thought of having to compose a pollution essay for the midterms? There is no need to hit the panic button just yet. If you have too much on your plate and if you do not know how to compose an essay on pollution, then this post can be of great help.

We have compiled the ultimate guide to help you compose an impressive pollution essay, and have handpicked some of the most compelling topics prompts to get you started right away. You will also find some useful Assignment Writer tips for your pollution essay that will hone your writing skills and help you to turn in an impeccable essay that fetches excellent scores in the midterms.

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Great Topic Prompts for Pollution Essays

For selecting a topic to write your pollution essay, you need to narrow your perspectives. Think carefully and pick any one of the areas within the broad spectrum of pollution, and then conduct a bit of background study on the same. You will be able to uncover the nuances and details of the concepts that will help you to choose a topic with ease.

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In case you have trouble choosing a topic for your pollution essay, here are a few prompts to get you thinking in the right direction.

Topics for Air Pollution Essay

  • Air pollution levels across the world – a study of alarming global conditions

  • A study of air pollution-induced diseases in current times

  • How can one reduce air pollution?

  • A brief overview of acid rain in an area of your choice

  • Causes and effects of air pollution in a country of your choice

Topics for Water Pollution Essay

  • Analyzing the permissible limits of toxic metal and arsenic in water
  • How to prevent water pollution – an essay on the preventive measures
  • Exploring water treatments with special emphasis on chemical oxidation and absorption techniques
  • Developing a simple economics model for detecting groundwater pollution
  • How water pollution is related to the scarcity of drinking water – an in-depth essay

Topics for Environmental Pollution Essay

  • Environmental pollution and its effects on flora and fauna
  • The primary causes of environmental pollution
  • Describe the significant types of environmental pollution
  • What are the preventive measures to reduce environmental pollution?
  • Is environmental pollution directly related to global climate change?

Topics for Noise Pollution Essay

  • Primary causes of noise pollution and its effects
  • Effects of noise pollution on infants and animals
  • How noise pollution can cause stress and heart-related diseases among the elderly
  • Noise pollution levels – a comparative study of global permissible levels
  • Lifestyle changes that can prevent or reduce noise pollution

Topics for an Essay on Pollution Factors

  • How to prevent pollution – an essay on lifestyle and policy measures

  • Negative effects of pollution – an essay on the impact of pollution on soil, air, and environment

  • A legal study of pollution control all over the globe

  • Analyzing the pollution control and prevention policies of a country of your choice

  • How pollution is contributing to the decline in global health standards

Topics for an Essay on Pollution Factors

Writing an essay on pollution or related topics is pretty relevant in modern times. However, not many know how to compose one perfectly. From learning how to structure it well to top it off with a fantastic conclusion, writing an essay on pollution is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are a few of the most essential techniques to write an essay on pollution.

  • Know the structure

First things first. You will need a thorough knowledge of your essay structure when writing an essay on pollution. Structuring your essay is essential for it helps to convey your thoughts coherently to the readers. Paragraphs containing arguments and examples, tables, graphs, and bulleted lists always bring out the tone of the essay a whole lot better than drab, plain text formats. Suppose you are writing a “how to reduce air pollution” essay, then here is how you can structure it.

  • Introduction: an air pollution essay introduction must have a hook sentence, describe the topic briefly, and may start with a quote or anecdote to draw in the readers

  • Body paragraph 1: the first body paragraph must start with a topic sentence, and elaborate on that idea further. End with a linking sentence to the next paragraph

  • Body paragraph 2: the second body paragraph should also start with a topic sentence and end with a linking sentence

  • Body paragraph 3: the final body paragraph (you can use more than three if the topic is too complex or lengthy) must also contain a single topic sentence, supporting evidence of your argument, and end with a linking sentence

  • Conclusion: must have a brief summary of the topic in your air pollution essay conclusion along with a compelling call to action for the readers

  • Prepare an outline

After you have an idea about how your essay should look once you finish it, it is time to decide what goes where. You have collected all the information, gathered the relevant examples and formed an idea about how to start and end your essay. Now you have to prepare the outline for your essay. Preparing an outline is all about knowing which arguments to present. Take a blank piece of paper or Word doc and write down all the ideas and examples that you have collected. Next, sequence the arguments as per the level of relevance to the topic. Start with the least important argument and end with the most compelling one. The outline can serve as the draft on which you build your essay.

  • Chunk up the task

If writing the entire essay at one is too much for you (and it should, given the complexity and vastness of the topic), then chunk it up into manageable portions. Schedule your writing tasks in such a way that you get to write a bit every day. This ensures two very essential things. Firstly, you manage to stick to the schedule and end up finishing the essay much earlier than you had planned. Secondly, you will not feel overwhelmed by the pressure of having to finish the essay in one go. Helping you tackle all essays with ease, chunking up is a great technique that you can use for other tasks.

  • Check for the flow and tone

When you are done composing the essay, you have to be careful with the tone and flow of the arguments. At the pre-editing stage, you should read your essay thoroughly. You need to be on the lookout for disparities in arguments and logical flaws in your essay. Check if there are topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph and whether each of them ends with a continuation sentence that takes the flow of the essay to the next paragraph. You should also be checking whether the tone of the essay is suited to your academic pursuit. If you are writing for your professors, you need to assume a different tone than that of presenting your essay at a seminar.

  • Revise and edit with care

Never turn in essays without giving them a final round of revisions and editing. Most professors and eminent academicians are of the opinion that the editing and proofreading bit in your entire essay writing task is of utmost importance. It is through this stage that your essays get another chance at becoming way better than they initially were. Edit and proofread with patience and care, and you will know how to turn in a brilliant essay. If you have written a “causes of pollution” essay, check if you have included all the crucial elements in your essay and whether all the major causes of pollution like deforestation and industrialisation have been mentioned.

Summing It Up

Whether you need help with writing a stellar pollution essay introduction or have no clue about how to write an impressive pollution essay conclusion, then you can benefit loads from this post. Use the tips discussed in this post when you need help with a pollution essay, and you will surely come up with a brilliant one all by yourself. Keep practising your writing skills and read up all you can on the topics so that you can use them in your pollution essay. Take a cue from the topics mentioned above to create an essay on pollution that leaves your professors and peers in awe of your analytical and writing skills. Good luck with your essay writing tasks!

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