Response Essay Topics

Response Essay Topics

Response Essay Topics & Writing Insights

Response or reaction papers require writers to offer a summary or critical evaluation on a specific subject. Response essay topics can range from a book to a movie, an event or incident, a newspaper article or any other issue, entity or phenomenon worth responding to.

This article comes to you from the essay writers of, with insights on how to write an excellent response essay and an array of superb response essay topics. So read on and enlighten yourself.

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Writing a Good Response Essay

Response essays are popular assignments for academic instructors and professors. These write-ups are a perfect platform to learn and analyze a person's ideas, opinions, and perspectives.

  1. Akin to reflection essays, response essays require writers to understand the subject carefully before offering a general summary or in-depth analysis. For students, response essay papers typically involve evaluating a specific text. In cases of multiple text evaluation, one needs to understand the underlying relationships between the various texts.


  1. Response essays generally touch upon the larger context of the discussions & readings involved. However, dwelling into the bigger picture should not occur abruptly but through logical extrapolations and critical connections.


  1. Writing an excellent critical response essay may feel a bit trickier than what might seem at first. It is not just about reading a text but thinking, understanding, dissecting, reflecting, and comparing the information & perspectives it presents. And, after thorough evaluation, writers have to deliver a personal response of their own.

Summary response essays are more straightforward and constitute a collection of the key ideas, opinions, and information within the text or texts.

All in all, most response and proposal essay topics require writers to synthesize and analyze information from multiple sources to deliver a relatively unbiased and accurate critical response.

The following section offers several popular and engaging Response essay topics for college students and anybody looking for one.

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Excellent Response Essay Topics For 2021

Following is a list of some of the best response essay topics to write about this year.

Good Essay Topics to Think About

  • Authorities should hold the public criminally responsible for polluting the environment. Comment.

  • Are men more competitive than women? State your response.

  • Social media is destroying online journalism. Agree or Disagree.

  • Taxes on tobacco products are a significant source of income for governments. But shouldn't tobacco products be banned outright? Opine with proper justifications.

  • Do you think personal happiness is connected to economic success? Respond to opposing opinions besides justifying yours.

  • Video games adversely affect fragile and impressionable minds. Respond.

  • Science is more important than Art. Argue for or against.

  • The Hypocrisy of Man. Respond to this statement with proper examples.

  • Globalization is damaging indigenous cultures and lifestyles. Discuss.

  • Many feel that governments, rather than private companies, should administer medical services. To what extent do you agree?

  • Do sports play an essential role in society, or are they just another leisure activity? Discuss both views and state your own opinions.

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having children at an older age.

  • The perks of living in a city vs. in the countryside: Discuss

Next up, here’s a list of some unique topics for response essays.

Uncommon Response Essay Topics

  • Discuss your code of ethics. Do you think it is any different from others you know?

  • Students and teachers should be together responsible for setting the curriculum. Do you support this statement? Show why.

  • Analyze the effects of global climate change from a social perspective.

  • Is social media helping to shine light upon the dark recesses of the human mind and society?

  • Love is purely subjective. Discuss

  • The Lifestyle of Future Generations Will Be Drastically Different.

  • Academic pressure can be helpful in some cases.

  • Environmental Pollution Should Be A Criminal Offence

  • Discipline Is Essential During One’s Formative Years

  • Religion Does More Harm Than Good. Do you agree?

  • How would you respond to discrimination?

  • Discrimination and Intolerance Can Never Be Eradicated.

  • Students Need The Liberty To Select Their Courses.

  • People Have Become Slaves To Technology.

  • Excessive Academic Pressure Gives Rise To Cheating.

  • True Democracy Can Never Be Achieved.

  • Sex Education Should Be Made Compulsory Across All Curricula.

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Trending Topics for Response Essays In 2021

  • Investing In Space Travel & Colonization Is Important. Why?

  • What Are Your Thoughts on Elon Musk’s Mars Colonization Project?

  • Do Actors Deserve All That Money?

  • Relay Your Thoughts On The Effect Of Human Development On Earth’ Ecosystem.

  • The Fashion Industry Is A Curse Upon The Environment.

  • Students Should Be Allowed To Grade Their Teachers. Agree or Disagree. Also, describe the advantages and potential pitfalls.

  • Higher Education vs Skill Acquisition- Are They Both Essential?

  • "If you want peace, prepare for war!" – Respond Upon The Practicality Of This Sentence.

  • The Quarantine Has Affected Everyone’s Mental Health. Analyze This Statement In Light Of Covid-19’s Impact On Different Social Strata.

  • Online Privacy Is An Oxymoron. State Your Opinion & Support It With Relevant Examples.

  • The Effect Of Online Media On Local Cultures Has Been Surprisingly Positive. Discuss Your Thoughts On This Point.

  • Is Book Reading Obsolete?

  • Education Is Not Enough To Bridge The Socio-Economic Divide.

  • Talk About The Socio-Economic Impact Of Mega-Corporations

  • Are Hobbies Dying Out?

  • Changing Dynamics of Families, Friendships and Relationships

  • The Importance Of A Major Global Sporting Event

  • The Pros and Cons Of The Internet Are Not Perfectly Balanced. State Your Views

  • Digital Marketing Will Replace All Other Formats. Agree or Disagree.

  • AI Is A Bane For Human Capital. Discuss.

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Are Disrupting Our Society Positively. Respond With Reason.

And, with that, we bring this article to its closure. Hope it was of some help to everyone who read it. Use this write-up to craft rad response essays like never before.

However, suppose you do not know anything about writing a response essay or struggling with developing a response essay outline & format. In that case, essay writers of stand ready to assist.

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