Narrative Essay Topic

8 Incredible Tips For Selecting A Narrative Essay Topic

8 Incredible Tips for Selecting a Narrative Essay Topic

A narrative essay by definition is prepared to keep in mind an experience or an incident that you will be required to narrate from your perspective. Now, the whole process may seem quite simple, but more often, students have problems in coming up with a great topic that would instantly help them to earn praise from their professors.

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What Are Good Topics for A Narrative Essay? 

Before you go on to pick a topic for your next narrative essay, you need to understand what the elements of a good topic are. The definition of a good topic varies from person to person. What seems like a good narrative essay topic for you may not necessarily look good to a classmate of yours. A good narrative essay topic should fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Personal experience: 

It is quite obvious that if you are writing a narrative essay, you need to narrate a story from your experience. Always look for a topic that you have experience with. If you have not experienced what you are about to describe in the essay, your narrative is most likely to fall flat. Choose a topic that is familiar to you. That way, your experience will reflect through your narrative.

  1. Relatable to the readers: 

Another factor that makes a topic ideal for a narrative essay is how relatable it is to the readers. If the topic only sounds interesting to you, but your professor cannot relate to it, then you should consider choosing something that is more relatable in today's time. Even though you get to pick your own topic, it is wiser to choose something that everyone finds interesting; not just you.

  1. Depth of the topic:

Finally, you need to make sure that the topic you choose for your narrative essay has enough depth worth discussing. Try to choose a topic that talks about a person, event or experience which has made an impact on you or life. You need to emote through your narrative essay, not just describe what happened. Choose a topic that you can talk about for hours.

You can identify a narrative essay topic as a good one if it fulfills all the aforementioned criteria.

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Tips for Selecting the Right Narrative Essay Topic 

Wondering, how do you decide on a great idea for your essay? Well, you can consider the following tips while deciding on a narrative essay topic.

  1. Understand that narrative essays are supposed to tell stories

When you want to put together an appropriate narrative essay format, you will have to consider proving a point by describing a compelling story to the readers. You may not have to elaborate on the proper setting or incorporate dialogue or a plot, but you will have to focus on narrating a particular event that you or someone else has encountered. When you narrate these experiences, your readers will find it easy to relate with you and may take a life lesson from the incident you have elaborated on.

  1. Pick a narrative essay topic that agrees with the length of your paper

It’s not uncommon for students to decide on a topic that is too wide, which becomes impossible to cover in the course of preparing a stellar narrative essay format. On the other hand, when you decide on narrow topics, it will require you to adopt a close observation.

Often, while dealing with such narrow topics, you may encounter problems with the research because you may not find too many credible resources to build the essay. For instance, while working on your essay on women’s rights, if you elucidate on one incident in the history of women's rights, rather than focusing on the entire history of women's rights, it would be a more feasible narrative essay example. In case you have to choose a narrow topic, it will be better if you select topics like your childhood in a small town, where you must focus on a specific phase of your childhood instead of your entire childhood. You can find many narrative essay examples when you search the internet, from where you can take inspiration for your essay.

  1. Perform proper brainstorming sessions

Before you dive into a brainstorming session to prepare a narrative essay format, there is one rule that should be maintained, i.e. no idea regarding your essay topic should be kept aside simply because it sounds silly, or maybe too complicated, or too shallow, or too far-fetched. You can always modify the list of ideas later. But it’s always better to keep stock of all the ideas for your narrative essay format, than neglect an idea that could transform into something remarkable.

In this case, if you are not much of a traditionalist, you can seek a little help from technology. For instance, you can find several note-taking applications that will assist you in arranging your thoughts on a specific narrative essay format. In fact, if you are keen on brainstorming in a group, you can adopt several apps that transcribe and record your conversations as you voice the essay ideas of one another. You will see that the more you delve into a brainstorming session, the more quickly your essay ideas will flow.

You can alternatively focus on questions like, what areas do you find interesting? If you come up with a narrative essay example that’s based on something that intrigues, you can get inspired by it.

Or you can check out different books or articles by academics whose work has inspired you as a credible narrative essay example.

  1. Try and think of the questions you want to answer

The ideal way to come up with an idea for a narrative essay is to ponder over the question that you would like to address. For the uninitiated, this system could come across as overwhelming because nobody has broached such questions before. If that’s how you plan on proceeding with this, experts advise against it. Your aim is not to compete with all of the other scholars in your specific area of study; you're just trying to look for the answers your predecessors didn’t focus on.

  1. Don’t forget to have a plan in place

Many students skip this important step while deciding on a narrative essay topic. When you don’t focus on creating a structure for your essay, no matter how credible a topic you select, it will never make a mark. This can pose a serious issue for students who are not adept as writers or not as imaginative as others. So, planning is an essential aspect of coming up with a great topic for your essay. When you are preparing a narrative essay for a college course, your essay should be more intricate than anything you ever wrote at the high school level.

  1. You need to focus on proving a point

Your narrative essay has to prove a point. It’s usual for students to completely bypass the fact that narrative essays still require convincing the readers that the unique experience that you have narrated could have an impact on the lives of others. As a result, the narrative essay often turns out like a story. Without the point, the readers cannot absorb the purpose of your storytelling. The point you highlight will be your claim, which will be incorporated in the introductory section of the essay.

  1. Consider experimenting

Even if you are not great at essay writing, you can still try something fresh with a narrative essay. In this case, you can consider playing around with various narrative essay topics by exploring the aspects of emotional experiences or everyday experiences. You might even consider writing your essay from the perspective of someone you have never met, like a historical figure or a celebrity or even an ancestor you have always looked up to. You can also try writing a narrative essay from the perspective of an antagonist or an evil character.

  1. Always remember the structure of your narrative essay

If you are experimenting while deciding on a topic for your narrative essay, you should always be careful about creating a structure for your essay. You should prepare an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. While the structure of a narrative essay is not as rigid as a typical expository, argumentative or persuasive essay, you should still make a conscious effort so that your narrative essay comes across more like an essay and less like a short story. You must take the time to go through narrative essays by distinguished writers so that you can take note of how the experts prepare them. Various journals and literary magazines extensively contain narrative essays, and many of them have been written in an experimental way that could inspire you, too. Above everything else, while writing the essay, remember to have fun!

At the end of it all, you would definitely find a topic that strikes a chord with your readers. If not, you can take inspiration from the following list of potential narrative essay topics.

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Top 50 Narrative Essay Topics for College Students 

  1. Your experience of visiting the countryside for the first time
  2. An experience that changed your behavior
  3. That one time your intelligence saved you from trouble
  4. How you overcame your greatest fear?
  5. Things you do to relieve stress
  6. Your experience of going abroad for the first time
  7. Your fondest memory with your grandparents
  8. How a book that has changed your perspective about life
  9. An encounter with a stranger that left a mark on your memory
  10. An unexpected incident that left you speechless
  11. A poem that you have recently read
  12. Watching your favourite pop star perform in front of you
  13. Meeting your role model in person
  14. An achievement that you are proud of
  15. The chance you experienced after moving to a new city
  16. You favourite childhood games and memories associated with it
  17. A friend whom you are no longer in touch with
  18. An unpleasant experience that you changed you
  19. Going on a road trip with friends
  20. Watching the sunrise from a mountain for the first time
  21. Your first experience of the professional world
  22. Something you did that you are not proud of
  23. Your first friend in school
  24. The best thing about your school that makes you emotional
  25. The experience of saving someone’s life
  26. A near-death experience that still gives you nightmares
  27. Small things that you miss about your childhood
  28. What would you have done if you were rewarded 10 million dollars?
  29. Your feeling about earning money for the first time
  30. A fictional character whom you idolise
  31. Losing a family member
  32. A bus ride that was different than usual
  33. The experience of getting your driving license
  34. The time when you encountered a supernatural phenomenon
  35. A TV show that makes you forget all worries
  36. A movie that had an impact on you
  37. The night before an exam
  38. Sleepover at a friend’s place
  39. The time when you stood up for what is right
  40. The day you first cooked something at home
  41. Surprising your best friend on his/her birthday party
  42. Going into a jungle safari for the first time
  43. The time when you contributed to a social cause
  44. Leading a team for the first time
  45. Your first heartbreak
  46. Watching a live football match from the stadium
  47. The best memories with your pet
  48. Leaving your dad’s house and living on your own
  49. The day you won a match for your team
  50. A teacher who has made a huge impact on your life

Hopefully, now you have everything you need to select a good narrative essay topic. And if you still have issues, you should get it from the professionals.

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