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Your One-Stop Guide For Writing Essays On Globalization

The following article is the detailed discussion about the procedures to write an efficient essay on the topic Globalization. This article includes the meaning and definition of the Globalization along with the characteristics of some advantages and disadvantages. The steps have been provided with details. Before writing an essay on any topic, we have to know the definition and the meaning of the topic. A lot of planning is involved while writing an essay. Many people struggle while writing an essay as the concept and the method of writing is not clear to them.

The first step while writing an essay  should be to determine what kind of essay is going to be written. Thus, the first step can be defined as to choose the essay type. There are many types available to write and define the type of essay. An essay can be grouped with the help of four main structures. The structures are- narrative essay, expository essay, persuasive essay, and the descriptive essay. Here we are talking about the topic globalization; hence, we have to decide in which structure our essay is going to be written.

Narrative essay: In this type of essay, a detailed story or related information about the chosen topic is written in a very ordered and straightforward way.

Expository Essay: Here, the explanation of some given process is provided. The reader gets to know the steps of the process.

Persuasive Essay: Some point of view or idea is convinced by the reader when they read this type of essay.

Descriptive Essay: This kind of essay mainly focuses on the detailed description of something so that after reading the essay the readers can feel what the author felt while writing.

Thus, while writing about globalization we have to choose a certain type and the essay should be a narrative essay.

Before writing an essay, it is important to choose the right topic. The method of choosing the right topic is known as the brainstorming where a person has to think about the topic. Here, we already know about the topic of our essay, which is globalization. We have to brainstorm to develop the topic with more depth so that the author can relate connections with numerous side of the topic. As globalization is a very broad topic, many things can be written under this. We have to choose in which domain the essay should be written. We have to think about all the aspects of the Globalization.

No person can write an essay about something unless or until the person is aware of the topic or the subject. Once the step of the brainstorming is over along with choosing the topic, we have to do immense research about the topic. Without knowing the globalization in details, as already mentioned before, nobody can write anything on some specific topic. The research should be done with the help of the internet or reading journals, books and articles about the topic to develop a fair idea. Interviewing the professional essay writers on that particular topic will also help. The research about the topic should be done in an organized manner so that it will be easy later while referring back to the topic. This will help also while citing the essay after it is completed.

The third step is to develop a thesis about the topic. In this case, the thesis should be about globalization. In the essay, the main point of the essay is considered as the thesis statement. In simple words, the thesis statement is the declaration of the topic with the help of only one statement. This statement explains the motive of the essay. Here, the thesis statement can be “Globalization has a major effect on most of the countries with respect to the employment, culture, and economy.” This statement is the basic pillar for writing the whole essay. When will write the essay we may use many different topics however, we have to keep in mind that all the separated topics should be led back to the main point. The essay should start with an introductory paragraph and the developed thesis should be in this portion. One thing that needs to be kept in mind that the statement of thesis should be comprehensive so that many things can be included in the statement. However, the sentence should not be long enough for the reader to extract the actual meaning of the sentence.

The next step is one of the important steps, here, we have to think or make the whole outline of the essay that we are going to write. The skeleton or basic structure of the whole essay should be created. When the outline of the essay is created, it will help us to recognize whether the paper is logical or not. The essay can be organized in a better way. The first step is to write the statement of the thesis at the top of the essay along with the introductory paragraph. Then we have to write the main of the sentence of each paragraph at the start of each paragraph. This help the reader to recognize the exact meaning and the detail about the paragraphs that the reader is going to read. As this essay is about the globalization, thus the introductory paragraph should include the thesis statement and some brief summary about the topic. This may start with the definition of the globalization. The globalization defines the process by utilizing which the companies and the organization of some particular country develop influence over the other countries in the world. In simple words, with the help of the globalization, a company start to operate on an international scale. Then we have to talk about some aspects of the globalization and their effects on the same. While writing the essay, we have to make sure that the structure of the sentence is not too complicated. A paragraph should not have too many ideas mixed up. When there are too many ideas and they are in a disorganized manner, the reader while reading the essay may get confused. Another important thing that needs to implement is the transition between the paragraphs. This will help the reader to understand the flow of the essay as to how the idea is flowing from one to another. Every paragraph should contain the facts only about that particular paragraph that the author got after doing the research. Every written paragraph should lead back to the main topic or the thesis statement. In the end, the essay should be understandable to the general audience and cohesive in nature.

Let us talk about some example sub-topics about the globalization to give a brief idea about what the essay should contain. At first, there should be an introduction to the topic. Then we can include a paragraph related to the increase of globalization in the modern world. Some points that can be part of the paragraph is –

  • Huge developments over the past 40 years in transports, ICT, communications that accelerated the speed of the globalization.
  • The sudden emergence of the Social Medias among the common people along with the increased usage of the smartphones. How marketing and micro marketing is helping to target international audience through these platforms.
  • Rise of many new payment methods by using which user can pay for something form any corner of the world.
  • Development of financial products, which are complex that helps to grow the credit market rapidly.
  • Increased trade and emergence of the numerous TNCs and MNCs.

Then we can discuss the impact of these points in the globalization. The advantage and the disadvantage of the globalization should be discussed to provide a clear idea about the topic. Some of the key points to the advantages of the globalization is-

  • There is a benefit from the comparative advantage principles.
  • Companies can get benefit from the economies of scale, as larger markets will provide higher demand for the products.
  • With the help of the globalization, people from around the world can get access to the cheap raw material sources this will help the firms and organizations to become cost-competitive.
  • Less developed countries will be benefitted.

Some of the disadvantages of the same are-

  • Globalization creates a barrier for small and local producers to enter the market.
  • There are examples of suffering from scale diseconomies by the large MNCs.
  • The speed of the deindustrialization has also increased because of the globalization.
  • Globalization changes the structure and in result, many people lose their job too.
  • It creates inequality between the rich and the poor nations.
  • Pollution has increased along with the globalization.

The next paragraph can describe the effect of globalization on the economy of various country. We can select one or more than one country as a case study to denote the effect on the same. The sub-points can discuss the impact of globalization on growth, trade, prices, and employment of the country. The essay should end with a proper conclusion that is drawn from the essay.

In the end, we should check once more to be sure that there is no grammatical error along with revising the clarity, structure and the consistency of the essay. The introduction and the conclusion of the essay should be very strong and precise.

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