Master the Art of Essay Writing: Explore the Different Types of Essays

How many times have you written essays as a student? Essays are a vital part of any learner’s academic life; therefore it's inevitable that you have written hundreds or thousands of them over your academic career. But did you realize there are various types of essays? It is not a few, but more than ten types of essays exist. From descriptive and narrative to argumentative and expository, each type of essay serves a unique purpose and requires a specific approach. If you a

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Everything You Need to Know About Precis Writing Format: A Detailed Guideline

Do you remember those class lectures when your professor would give you a summary of the history lesson of the previous day so flawlessly? That's the art of 'précis' explanation. As a student, you have to cultivate the same skill in the form of précis writing; not every day will you be asked to write a 500-word essay!   Instead, your knowledge will be measured as how accurately you can provide the information in a gist. So, take a tour of the importance of précis wri...

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How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay ? - Step bv Step Guide

William Shakespeare, the man known for his wordplay, used several literary devices to convey his message to the readers. In the above quote, the English playwright used the word 'cobbler' to portray a profession as well as to mean a common man. Literary analysis considers a close look at the text, a proper interpretation of the inner meaning of the text, and an analysis of the reasons the author made certain choices. Novels, short stories, poems, or other forms of literature must be analyze...

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Narrative Essay Outline Structure, Topics with Pros and Cons

What is a Narrative Essay? A narrative essay is a piece of writing that essentially narrates a story. Narrative essays are like a window through which readers can peep into other's lives or a diary. Narrative essay outlines resemble descriptive essays as both of them follow a similar approach of telling a story rather than making claims and finding evidence. The end goal of a narrative essay is simple – to capture the imagination of the reader. Read more: How to Write an Academic Ess...

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How Long is an Essay? - Ultimate Guide by Top Experts

Academic essays can be of varying lengths, from 250 – 6000 words. Other crucial factors also play crucial roles.  Those Factors Are As Follows The Essay Topic Coverage – Some topics require students to explain and validate a specific point or message.   The Subject Discipline –The subject also determines the essay's word limit. If the essay pertains to Literature or History, students will require more words to describe the topic. Contra

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How to Write a Informative Essay? - Step by Step Guide

If you were to write an essay on World War II, would you straightaway explain when and how the war ended? Needless to say, that would be abrupt for the readers. Unless you discuss the background of the event and every factor that led to World War II, the readers will be left in the dark. That is the very essence and purpose of an informative essay - Representing the important information on World War II, in this case. However, if you take the side of one of the allies and justify your suppor...

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