How to write a formal letter?

How to write a formal letter?   Imagine you want to apply for an internship, or want to become a member of a prestigious library. In both these cases, you will have to write a formal letter to the concerned authority. Now, most of you had probably learned how to write a formal letter back in school. And yet, you may feel confused when you get down to writing such a letter. The rules of custom writing formal letters are often trickier than that of informal letters. This is why students be...

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How to write ACT essay?

A guide to Writing Remarkable ACT Essays   ACT (American College Testing) Incorporated is a non-profit organization that conducts standardized tests for undergraduate admissions in the United States of America. Tests are conducted in four skill areas - English, Mathematics, Science, Reading and Writing. The writing test requires candidates to deliver a well-written essay within 40 minutes with the suitabel informative speech outline.  Evaluators measure every aspect of a student&rsq...

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How to write amazing supplemental essays?

Remarkable tips to write a great supplemental essay You have filled the form, updated your grades, uploaded the recommendation letters, and now the final task (that most students find intimidating) is left – writing the supplemental essays. Yes, it can get troublesome if you don't have a regular practice of writing college essays. But, brilliantly written supplemental essays give you the opportunity to showcase your creative side and tell your story in a unique way to the admission...

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How to prepare an essay on productivity in quarantine?

Strategies For Staying Productive During COVID-19 Crisis   essay writing is something that you must have done numerous times before. In fact, we won’t be surprised if you say that you have also prepared an essay on “productivity” in the past. However, an essay about "productivity in quarantine" is not something that you usually get to write. The opinion essay is about a unique situation, which certainly calls for a unique approach. When a majority of the world populatio...

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How to create an essay structure

Fundamental insights of creating an essay structure & planning You cannot build houses without walls, and an essay with a concrete structure. Writing an academic essay structure is one of the most complicated things to carry out if you are not aware of the primary points that need to be considered while framing the structure.So, here are a few suggestions that will come into play, the next time you will sit to create an essay structure. How to structure an essay? Structuring essay to...

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Psychology research essay topics with insights & examples

Top Psychology Research Essay Topics With Comprehensive Writing Guides   The academic sub-discipline of Psychology tries to understand how and why people think and act in certain manners under different circumstances. And when it comes to composing informative research essays on this particular subject matter, students need to walk an extra mile. There are so many aspects to cover and components to prioritise. From making the right choice of psychology research topics to knowing how to co...

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