Research Titles Examples for High School Students

“Beginning’s always the hardest.” Don’t you agree? Take research paper writing for instance. It might be one of the most difficult exercises in the academic curriculum. But what’s truly challenging about the task is choosing a topic that grabs the readers’ attention almost instantly. Apparently, half the battle is won when you pick a compelling topic for your research project. Interestingly, professional writers take several measures to find the perfect top...

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6 Fool-Proof Tips & Examples to Write a Self-Analysis Essay

‘I need to write an essay on myself, but I have no idea where to start.’ Does this sound like you? You can take ideas from the essay samples in this blog. Before looking at the examples, you must understand the purpose of your ‘Who am I?’ essay.  Very often, students have to write a self-analysis essay for their college applications. Your professors might ask you to write the same for an English assignment. The topic might be the same in both cases. However, the pu...

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Smart tips and examples to write different types of research papers

Writing research papers is not a new thing for students. No matter which subject you pursue, you can never escape from the task of writing research papers. However, there are instances when students are unaware of the technicalities of writing a stellar research paper. According to experts, “A research paper is the outcome of your own thoughts based on your analysis of what you previously knew and what you managed to research about your topic.” If you are one of the students struggl...

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Tickle the funny bone of your audience with 100 persuasive speech topics

The art of persuasion is a skill that very few people have mastered. Imagine a situation in which you have walked into a store to buy something. The salesperson notices you are roaming around and tries to recommend products you should buy. That right there is the art of persuasion in all its glory. Now you may ask, “How do I persuade a room full of people while delivering a speech?” Well, add a little humour to the mix. There is nothing like a little humour when you are trying to ...

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