It is an art to come up with a flawless critical thinking essay. You need analytical skills to back every argument that you put forth. In addition, a critical thinking essay requires you to add your own ideas about a particular topic, which can range from a book, a film, scholarly texts, poems, etc. Unless you develop a concrete idea to draft a flawless paper, things won’t look easier anytime soon. Most importantly, you should think about the subject matter with an open mind. It will even...

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Cause and Effect of Bullying- Essay Sample

“A young boy who does not match the sexual stereotypes is regularly called a "fag" by some classmates in the cafeteria and the gym. The other students start to ignore him and he suffers from this isolation. He looks for every possible way to avoid these places.” This is a frequent bullying scenario, many poor souls are experiencing, round the world. If you have never found yourself cowering in fear of being attacked or harassed, then you might not have faced the worst bullying acti...

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10 Best Practices To Prepare An Informative Speech Outline

An informative speech is a common form of public speaking activity that students are asked to work upon. This form of speech is quite literal in its definition, as it seeks to inform the audience about a particular topic. Students are often encouraged to select a particular topic that fascinates them so that they can have fun while learning new information from the speech. Before you begin to write an informative speech, you need to come up with a flawless informative speech outline. If you are...

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Pollution Essay - How to write? Examples and Topics

Does your heart sink a little at the thought of having to compose a pollution essay for the midterms? There is no need to hit the panic button just yet. If you have too much on your plate and if you do not know how to compose an essay on pollution, then this post can be of great help. We have compiled the ultimate guide to help you compose an impressive pollution essay, and have handpicked some of the most compelling topic prompts to get you started right away. You will also find some useful ...

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