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BSBMGT516 is a course that describes the knowledge and skills needed to manage and lead continuous improvement in systems and processes. Specific emphasis is given on the management and development of systems and analysis of data to adjust and monitor performance strategies, and to properly handle opportunities for further developments. It applies learners who can take up the role of managing a continuous improvement process actively to achieve the objectives of an organization. At this level, the strategies will normally be executed using complicated and diverse methods and processes which require the exercise of considerable judgment and discretion, using a series of decision-making and problem-solving strategies by learners.

Students opting for the bsbmgt516 course will be designated with BSBMGT516 assessment answers solving tasks. The course is designed to extend and reinforce the skill and knowledge competence within set and controlled parameters according to each unit’s performance and learning outcomes criteria requirements.

Students interested in studying this course are expected to show the following skills:

  • Facilitate effective contributions to and interactions about continuous improvement outcomes and processes through writing BSBMGT516 assessment answers

  • Address sustainability requirements by thoroughly understanding and composing BSBMGT516 task answers

  • Incorporate coaching and proper mentoring to enable people to take part in continuous improvement processes. Students will be doing this by writing BSBMGT516 task answers throughout the course to properly understand how the entire unit is performed.

  • Capture experiences, ideas, and insights for improvements and actively incorporate them into the knowledge management system of the organization

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