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Overview of BSBMGT617 Develop And Implement A Business Plan

The module "BSBMGT617-Develop and Implement a Business Plan" applies to individuals running an organization or people with senior roles who determine its effective functioning. 

Learning Outcomes of BSBMGT617 Develop And Implement A Business Plan

With this unit's assessment plan, you will acquire deep-insight and required skills to establish any business role successfully. Moreover, it will help you:

  • Review and evaluate pre-existing strategic, business and operational plan if available
  • Analyze and interpret business vision, mission, values and objectives
  • Consult with key stakeholders
  • Review market requirements for the product or service profile customer needs and research pricing options
  • Develop performance objectives and measures through consultation with key stakeholders
  • Identify financial, human and physical resource requirements
  • Consider any permits required for new activity
  • Ensure timely reports on all key aspects of the business are available, user-friendly and balanced in terms of financial and non-financial performance
  • Report system failures, product failures and variances to the business plan as they occur
  • Analyze performance reports against planned objectives
  • Review performance indicators and refine if necessary
  • Ensure under-performing groups and individuals are coached properly
  • Review system processes and work methods regularly as part of continuous improvement

Types of Questions in BSBMGT617 Develop and Implement a Business Plan

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With the below-listed set of practice questions, you can learn to write better BSBMGT617 task answers.

  1. Describe the process that you would go through to develop a business plan for your organization.
  2. What are the performance objectives and measures of your organization? You should consider any key performance indicators.
  3. What is the difference between performance objectives and goals which are outlined in a business plan?
  4. Identify the key stakeholders of your organization.
  5. Describe six different marketing strategies you could implement in your new business. Why is it essential to develop a business plan?
  6. List 4 OHS issues that must be included in the business plan or risk analysis.
  7. What specialist services could you use when developing a business plan?
  8. Plan and design a strategy that will monitor the performance of under-performing staff members and identify opportunities for improvement.

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