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Establish and Adjust The Marketing Mix-BSBMKG502B Assessment Answers

The unit of BSBMKG502B determines the optimum marketing mix through analysis of interrelated marketing components for a business. Through this unit, individuals can learn about the management of roles to develop a marketing and management mix within an organization.

The nominal duration of this course is 60 hours. With successful completion of this course, individuals are skilled with:

  • Track on activities undertaken to establish a marketing mix within an organization, on each element of the mix, such as:

  • customer service level

  • product or service distribution

  • product or service pricing

  • additional products or services

  • product or service promotion

  • report on success of marketing mix activities developed, including coverage of any necessary adjustments made

  • organizational policies, procedures, products and services related to marketing

  • principles and concepts of marketing such as consumer or buyer behaviour and elements of marketing mix

  • statistical techniques used to gather and analyze marketing information

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  • ELearning Module: interactive e-learning that includes formative Quiz Questions for each Element to assist in knowledge retention. 

  • Learner Guide: regularly reviewed learning for students to study offline or in the classroom.

  • Simulated Business: to access simulated workplace for students to complete: qualification, policies, procedures, templates, forms, meeting, minutes, organizational and charts

  • Editable Assessment Tools: assessment documents that utilize a range of assessment methods for the summative evaluation. 

  • Mapping Matrix: comprehensive mapping, outlining where unit and assessment requirements in the assessment tools

  • PowerPoint Presentation: with slides of content to support classroom or webinar delivery of the course content

  • Record of Assessment: for trainers to confirm that all assessments meet required standard parameters.

Below listed are few sample questions that you can practice for BSBMKG502B solutions.

  1. Explain with example why the characteristics of a product or service are significant in determining the market.

  2. Identify three brand and explain how pricing would have an effect on each brand.

  3. Explain with example the significance of distribution channels to marketing outcomes.

  4. Explain two types of data that you would use for analyses in determining the effect of marketing mix.

  5. What influences consumer priorities, needs and preferences? How do they affect the marketing mix?

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