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Undertake Project Work- BSBPMG522 Assessment Answers

With the unit of BSBPMG522, you can enhance skills essential to undertake an extensive project. By the end, of course, you will learn to develop a project plan, administer and monitor the project, finalize and review the project to identify lessons applicable to a future project. In addition, with this unit, individuals will play an influential role in ensuring project timelines, quality standards, budgetary limits and other essential sets of project requirements. 

To write BSBPMG522 assessment and task answers, you must follow three different assessment schedules throughout the course.

  • Task 1: Review of portfolio. Oral questioning

  • Task 2: Observation of meetings /presentations/coaching

  • Task 3: Analysis of project reports. Review of portfolio

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  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Work breakdown structure

  • Gantt chart

  • Activities schedule

  • Budget/cash flow

  • Human resource planning schedule

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Procurement schedule

  • Combined resources and cost schedule

  • Risk management plan

  • Quality management plan

  • Communication management plan

To enhance your skills with the BSBPMG522 assessment, answer this set of practice sample questions.

  • What outcomes are expected of this project?

  • How do the expected outcomes relate/link in with our organization’s broader goals?

  • How does my team relate to the project? What skills, experiences and knowledge does my team have that will help the project be a success?

  • Who is the project sponsor?

  • Who has approved this project and allocated funds to it?

  • Do I have a copy of the business case or other proposal that was presented to this individual or these people that shows the basis for their decision to approve and fund the project?

  • Have I been provided with a contract for the position of project manager? If not, what are the terms of my responsibilities?

  • Will I have certain time allocated to spending on the project; am I completing the project as part of my usual duties; is the project something I will work exclusively on instead of my usual duties?

  • Does the project have to meet any specified quality standards? If so, what are they?

  • What are the project sponsor’s and/or my own manager’s expectations in relation to reporting on project outcomes and deliverables?

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