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BUS208 Management And Organizations In a Global Environment

Management and organization are some of the most important things that need to be done in any company to run the business more smoothly. It is both applicable for National contacts and international context. Not only that but also the type of work that a business is doing needs to be managed and organized properly by the hierarchy in order for the company to run smoothly and earn better revenue from the market. If a company is acting actively in the national market there are certain things that need to be followed while the management is considered. Whereas on the other hand if the global context is considered the business should follow different strategic plans in order to run the business smoothly. There is a difference between the national platform and the international platform when it comes to business. The national market has certain criteria that are needed to be fulfilled in order to gain more customers from the national market however on the other hand the international market has certain other demands which need to be fulfilled by the company is in an advanced manner of strategic management. It can be seen that when a company is trying to move from the national market to the international market there different kinds of strategic plans that are planned out by the hierarchy in order to understand the international market and the requirements that are needed to be fulfilled.

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BUS208 Assessment Answers

Hence the management department is responsible for the analysis of the internal factors and external factors of the company in order to understand how to reconstruct and refurbish the products and services are the companies providing BUS208 Assignment answers in order to enter the international market and replace in the market. This is one of the most important things which is followed by the companies in order to understand how the international market works. One of the major reasons why the international market is so diversified is because of the fact that there are different countries involved in the international market of business. Hence different countries are different cultural backgrounds which also have a different mindset of people living in those countries. Therefore it can be said that different people coming from different parts of the world have different mindsets and tastes which needs to be suited by the companies which are trying to provide them with the products and services that the company is dealing with. Hence it is very important to understand how cultural diversity works all over the world so that the companies can go forward and refurbish their products and services according to the taste of the people from different parts of the world. Therefore the culture and diversification need to be analyzed thoroughly in order to enter the international market and understand their needs. Another most important thing is the cultural diversity occasion in the company according to the international context of business. In similar words, cross-cultural recruitment is important in any company to understand the international market better.

BUS208 Task Answers

For example, if a company is trying to set its food in any part of the world which has a diversified culture then the company needs to recruit people from that country so that they can get an overview of the minds of the people living in that particular country. For example, if McDonald's is taken into consideration then it can be seen that the strategic management has been really good according to the foreign market entry that they have made. McDonald's is a USA-based company and hence they have diversification in the menu. They have many items which include beef and pork on the menu however when they were entering the Asian countries with their business day reconstructed their menu and came up with new items in the menu to grab the attention of the people living in the Asian countries. For example, when they try to set up their business in India they excluded the dishes with beef and pour and included more vegetarian options in the menu. According to the cultural diversity occasion of India and the religious sentiments of the people living there the vegetarian menu actually BUS208 task answers help the company to grab the attention of the customers and hence they got a strong customer base from the Indian context. Not only that but also in other Asian countries they are constructed and refurbished that menu according to the taste and using the people of different countries. This helped them to understand how the cultural diversity nation words in different parts of the world and also to work in for of the customer needs in order to gain the attention. Therefore it can be said that whenever a company is trying to set its foot in the international market it needs to level up in the global aspect so that the diversification can be managed and organized properly for a company to understand the international market better.

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BUS208 Assignment Answers

There can be competition in the international market which is a very obvious thing however the hierarchy should have strong statistical plans in order to develop their strategies in such a way that can actually compete with the other companies’ statistical plans. Therefore it can be said that if a company is trying to set its foot in the international market is very important to retain the customers by acting according to their tastes. Not only that but also cross-cultural recruitment and employee retention are equally important in a company as an internal factor so that they can BUS208 assessment answers help the company in order to gain more perspective about the cultural diversification of the countries out there. Not only that but also they also get a chance to develop new skills as an individual according to their careers while working in a team of different people coming from different cultural backgrounds.

The management and organization that is done by the human resource management department and other hierarchies health employees in order to understand both the national and international market better and also give new perspectives about how the national market at international market works in order to brainstorm new and innovative ideas to come up with new strategies that can be applied into the company.

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