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Brief of  BUS499 Assessment Answers

Business administration refers to the process of management of operations in a business organisation. The term spans across different areas of operations like office building administration, accounting, marketing and quality control. Efficient business administration results in high market performance. Efficient business administration calls for managers to have certain sets of knowledge, skills and experience. Big companies employ managers dedicated to particular departments. That is why business administration jobs are among the sought after jobs which graduates aim to get.


That is why business administration has emerged as one of the most sought after market based professional courses today. Courses on business administration are offered at the graduate level and post graduate level. The aim of the report would be exploring one such business course with code BUS 499 which is a business administration course provided by the Strayer University. The report would throw light on the course and the benefits it could attribute to the students who take the course.

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BUS499 Assessment Answers

BUS499 assignments is the code which is attributed the business administration course offered by the Stayer University. The Stayer University is a private educational institute nestled in Washington DC, the United States of America. It is a for profit university which has been founded in 1892 as Strayer’s Business College. The Stayer University has been granted the status of a university in 1998. It is owned and operated by a holding company called Strategic Education Inc. which is listed on NASDAQ. The university at present has more than 50000 students on its roll. The Strayer’s University operates 64 campuses scattered across 15 states in the United States of America.


The university provides courses which are designed to meet the needs of the employed people. It provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in several streams. The streams in which the Strayer’s University provides education include accounting, criminal justice, education, health services administration, public administration and information technology. The Strayer’s University collaborates with several professionals and firms to promote its services. For example, the college has collaborated with the Daily Mail to launch a new section in the daily editorials published by the media company called Strayer Business News. The Daily Mail as one of the clauses of the partnership would co-produce educational programmes and promotional content for the new business section of the university.

 Strategies of BUS499 Assessment Assignments

As far as the business administration course offered by the Strayer’s University with code BUS499 task answers is concerned, as an extremely useful and demanding course. The students which wish to take the course can take it in the last or second last in the order of the courses. The students who wish to apply for the business administration course with the university need to secure C grade or above in their previous examinations. The content of course would enable the students gain knowledge and skills in business administration. The lessons which the students would learn in the course would include formulation of business strategies, implement business strategies and evaluate the outcomes of the implementation of the strategies. The content of the course would also include ethical compliance and legal compliance. The skills which the course would aim to sharpen would include analytical skills, decision making skills and integrating skills.


As far as attendance is concerned, BUS499 solutions is a course which students can take round the clock. The academic routine of the college starts from Monday 12 am and lasts till Sunday 11.59 pm. Attendance of a day would be recorded once the action is achieved for the day. Lessons taught and submissions made within the aforementioned time are considered for productivity for the week. Any submission made prior to Monday 12 am is not considered for the week. The online students need to complete at least one or more of the several activities in order to be marked present for a particular week.


The activities include academic assignments, quiz or an examination and participating in an online academic discussion. The students need to log into the online classes during a week in order to be marked present for the week. As per the attendance of the Strayer’s University, professors are supposed to mark the attendance for each student each day. The students ought to attend classes which would be held in the campus. If the students fail to attend regular classes, they would be liable to make good the loss in terms of learning lessons they have suffered while being away. The students who miss classes and consequently gain the learnings delivered during these classes are not supposed to request professors to give them too many materials.

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Benefits of BUS499 Assignments

The business administration course with code BUS499 offered by the Strayer University would benefit the students in several ways. First, the students would be able to gain knowledge in several areas of knowledge like management and marketing. Gaining knowledge in these areas would enable the students understand the needs of the companies with which they would be employed. For example, they as managers would be able understand the needs and expectations of the customers.


They would consequently would be able to form accurate decisions and implement them properly to achieve the marketing objectives of the companies they would serve. The course would help skills benefiting managers. The skills include decision making skills, analytical skills, conflict management skills and communication skills. They would be able to function more effectively as managers. For example, they would be able be able to communicate better with the employees reporting to them. They would be able to understand the cultural backgrounds of the employees and behave with them appropriately so as to gain their participation in implementation of the business strategies.

What is the Weightage of This BUS499 Course Code in Their Semester?

Thus, in this respect it can be pointed out that the course should be provided with 100% weightage. It can be concluded from the analysis that the BUS499 business administration course is a good professional course. Students can take the course to develop managerial skills and management knowledge in them. Employed people can also take the course.

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