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BUS508 Assessment Answers

BUS508 assessment answers belong to the Strayer University and it deals with the notion of contemporary business. BUS508 assessment answers demand a term paper from the students on contemporary business management. According to studies, term is a type of research paper especially written by students. It takes a greater part in scoring for their academic performance under the university. There is an overlap between the understanding of term paper and research paper. Term paper is generally known as the assignment paper solely written by the student. Research papers are the academic piece of writing written by scholars or researchers to satisfy their quest for knowledge.


Within the present scenario, students are well versed with the notion of plagiarised or customizing papers already submitted to different universities. There are many websites from where which students can get the primary notion about term paper. However, it leads to the tendencies of plagiarism within the academic solutions. Researchers have acknowledged that students can also accidentally commit plagiarised solutions as there are certain terms used in definitions that cannot be altered. Along with this, the citations of any solution also observed with plagiarism and there is no alternative options for the students to avoid the plagiarism.

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Unit Details of BUS508 Assignment Answers

BUS508 assignment answers require a solution or term paper on the topic of contemporary business management. Hence, students need to define the notion of contemporary business. Prior to this, student need to understand the meaning of management. Management comprises of different elements including direction, leadership, and decision within a social institution. Business enterprises are the generic function observes certain fundamental tasks within every country and in every society. Management also deals with the responsibility of the managers. It takes into account the mission and vision of the organisation to set the organisational objectives. To organise the resources of the organisation one need to manage the directing vision of the organisation.


Secondly, the reason behind considering it as the contemporary business, currently a business organisation emerge from many direction. It is essentially a form familiar to the managers, employees and the owners of a business enterprise. Next comes in the understanding of contemporary business management is planning. Every simple or complex term require proper planning for proper execution. Hence, BUS508 solutions include understanding the nature of planning, importance of planning, functions of planning, and different forms of planning, operational and strategic meaning of planning. It also explains the importance of short term as well as long term planning.


BUS508 assessment answers also enrich the students with the understanding of standing plans, role of policies in planning and budget for a proper planning. Then the course explains the role of managers as an efficient decision maker within the field of contemporary business management. It includes – the definition of decision-making, procedure, decision making, role of the organisation, role and importance of evidence-based management, different forms of decisions, structured decisions. BUS508 solutions explain the thin difference between structured as well as unstructured decisions. Finally, the unit includes a brief understanding of error management in decision-making.


Next, the unit BUS508 task answers cover the notion of organising. This section is very important for students and it includes – understanding the steps of organising, structure as well as nature of an organisation, the rationale for creating an organisation, departments of an organisation, functionality of an organisation and different forms of organisation. Interestingly, this section helps the students to understand the role of an organisation towards the society or community where it survives. In this regard, students become aware with the term contemporary social responsibilities of the business organisations and how an organisation performs these responsibilities with proper planning.


Then comes the section where the unit deals with the concept of leadership. Students will understand the notion of leadership and the qualities of leadership. In the field of management studies there are different theories and model of leadership. Students will also understand the traits, the role of managers as leaders, personality of an effective leader and finally the responsibilities of the leaders for an organisation. According to study, leaders are the most important asset of an organisations. They are the responsible personalities to train and develop the employees within the organisation. They also motivate the employees to give their hundred percent to the organisation.

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Brief of BUS508 Assessment

Finally, BUS508 assessment answers deal with the notion of business communication. In the contemporary business management communication plays a vital role. Communication is the procedure that develops a proper relationship among the students. In this section students will be able to learn – definition of communication, scope and role of communication, process model of communication, context of a communication, meaning and implementation of interpersonal communication, group communication, mass communication, public communication and understand the theories of communication. Along with this, the unit also contains the understanding of obstacles of effective communication and how an organisation forms different modes of communication.


BUS508 assessment answers will be assessed through the procedure of formative assessment. As stated in the aforementioned section, the course contains different smaller units. Students need to identify their area of interest and present a term paper on that topic. The topic needs to be deal with contemporary issue of business management. The students can use both the course material and information from their own research. Apart from this, the formative assessment will give the student a proper opportunity to utilise their skill of academic writing utilising proper format of term paper.

What is The Weightage of BUS508 Course Code In Their Semester?

The entire BUS508 task answers are very vital for the students. It contains a total hundred credit points and students need to score at least seventy percent of the total score. The marks are divided in different categories that include – presenting proper format of term paper, utilising academic language, utilising the issue of contemporary business management, utilising proper theories and models relevant to the issue, understanding of academic integrity. Students also need to utilise the skills of citing the sources use in the solution. Both the internal and the external sources need to be listed in proper format at the end of their BUS508 solutions.

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