BUSA460 Information Systems Security Assessment Answers

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BUSA460 Assessment Answers

The course code BUSA460 Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) discusses about Metro bus routes and the schedules which serves the Orange County. It throws light on the transit bus services within Los Angeles County that are operated by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority who have around 115 routes within the system. It has been found to have third largest fleet within North America and it has around 2,320 buses and 80 % of it have the standard length. It has been found that 17 % are the high-capacity 60-foot articulated buses and it started in the year 2003. They used to operate their bus network under the name of three different brands- orange Metro Local buses which served the traditional routes, the red Metro Rapid buses used to serve the limited stop routes and the blue Metro express buses catered to the needs of minimal stop services. The Metro buses are provided with the line numbers and it helps to indicate kind of service which is offered.

The BUSA460 elucidates on 460 bus schedule which operates on everyday basis and its regular schedule hours have been found to be 4.00 am -10. 20 pm. It operates in the Downtown LA and it operates with the aid of Harbour Transit-way. The 460 bus has been found to have 71 stops and it departs from the Maple Lot and it ends in the Disneyland Employee’s Entrance. It helps in providing riders for the people travelling across Orange County with the aid of public transit, cycling and ride-sharing. It is found that safety is the highest priority of OCTA and its bus and the Metro-link train services are found to be clean and safe. The individuals have to plan trip and get the real-time schedules that can help them to move across the journey. 

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BUSA460 Assessment Answers

Talks about the synchronising of street lights and improving of freeways that can help individuals to travel safely across the Orange County. It can empower individuals for finding about positive changes and receive the real updates that can help individuals to safety travel across the city. It can help to keep the individuals informed about the meetings which can help to ensure safety of Orange County. This course elaborates on how OCTA can ensure partnership with the popular industry leaders and emerging local businesses that can serve the needs of local community. It talks about the changes made in transit system which can ensure the connection of people, places and the broader community. It can help in taking care of project schedules and it starts with two years of the planning and the analysis and third year lays emphasis on implementation. There are various events that are held in OCTA and it provides the opportunities for the public participation in the different events. It talks about virtual community meetings and these virtual events furnish people with the opportunity of learning about Making Better Connections Project. It helps to cover the important information that directly affect outcomes of vital phase of project. The Pop-up events are also held that provide individuals with the chance of meeting with Making Better Connections Project team and for making the participation in various events. The special revenue fund has been established that can help to keep the sales tax revenues separate that can help in the maintenance of integrity of the plan.


This BUSA460 assignments states that there exists independent TOC and it is instrumental in providing accountability for expenditure of the revenues. This course talks about major changes which have been made in the plan and projects have been shifted among the significant spending categories. It brings out that quarterly status reports are brought out in regard to major projects within the Plan and it should be brought to Board over the course of public meetings. The annual report is released in regard to spending and the progress and it aids in implementation of Plan and it have to be publicly reported. The triennial performance assessment are carried out for evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of program which can culminate in satisfaction of provisions and requirements of plan. The comprehensive review of the projects are carried out within every 10 years and they are carried out for evaluating performance of overall program and public support.

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Brief of BUSA460 Assessment Answers

This BUSA460 task answers is associated with California State University (CSU) which refers to public university system situated within California. The university is popular for its 23 campuses and 8 off-campus centres and it is involved in enrolling around 485,550 students. CSU is indicative of largest four-year public university system and it is situated within the frontiers of United States. It signifies three public higher education systems within the state and other two are University of California and California Community Colleges. It is the largest economically diverse four-year university and it possess more than 485,000 students and the 56,000 faculty and the staff situated across Golden State. The CSU is found to be significant force which has been instrumental in shaping cultural and the social landscape of the California. It has been found that within each year, the university endows around 130,000 degrees and it reflects commitment towards success of the students. The alumni of CSU helps to make difference within lives of people of California and the greater world. The alumni are found to be leaders within every significant industry of state and it helps to indicate success and efficacy of the education system of CSU. The university offers rigorous and quality degree programs which prepares students for the lifetime of their achievement. It has helped to ensure success of the students and it has contributed to improving the graduation rates in the present times.

Unit Details of BUSA460 Assessments

Location: Long Beach, California

Study Level: Post-graduation level

Unit Code: BUSA460

What is the Weightage of this BUSA460 Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage of BUSA460 course code within the entire semester is found to be 75 % and students have to attain this percentage that can help them to move to the next level in the examinations.

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