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Help Me With BUSI301 Assignment Answers?


BUSI301 Assessment Answers

BUSI301 assessment answers business law introduces students to the legal framework that guides professional practise in accounting and related fields. BUSI301 assessment answers also cover business and contract law, as well as legal resources, torts law, and legal entity, which exposes students to the American legal system. BUSI301 assessment answers cover the key areas of contract law, such as the law of acceptance and offer, breach of contract, consideration, contract law remedies, and breach of contract in the sale of goods.


BUSI301 assignment answers is designed by the Liberty University to provide an innovative legal education that blends experiential learning with an international and interdisciplinary emphasis. The university offers the highest level of graduate law in the country, as well as a world-class legal research programme and an outstanding teaching faculty. Consumer law, principal and agent, competition and consumer law, trust, property, consumer credit, and bankruptcy law are all covered in this business law course.


BUSI301 solutions are meant to give students an overview of the American legal system as well as broad legal understanding in the areas of contract discharge, creation, and operation. In addition, the methods utilised by businesses to do business will be reviewed in this course. This course covers the Corporation Act 2001 (Cwlth) and its application, as well as the procedures for founding, operating, and ending a business and the American regulatory environment. Furthermore BUSI301 assignment answers are tailored to prepare students for a variety of positions in the business sector, government, and non-profit organisations. The course prepares students for a variety of job opportunities in a variety of contexts. In addition, each student enrolling in the programme will receive an adaptation to help them grasp the university's expectations, regulations, services, and facilities.

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Unit Details of BUSI301 Assessment Answers

For BUSI301 assignment answers, the student will learn how to spot and respond to business-related legal difficulties in order to hire an attorney who knows what they're doing. The unit was created with the intention of incorporating components of practical skills into the course. As a result, both students and employers may be certain that every graduate has been taught and tested on every skill that is important to today's legal practitioners. With relation to business law, the emphasis is on combining the theoretical and practical basis.


BUSI301 assessment answers will cover a variety of topics. International Business Law, European Business Law, and more specialisations are available to you while pursuing your degree. Law, e-commerce and commercial economics will all be covered. As a bonus, you'll learn how to counsel others who want to establish a business and assist them in comprehending the legal elements of employing and terminating workers. In addition, you'll learn more about the tax system, including how it operates and the best ways to minimise taxes. This section introduces students to American legal and political structure, focusing on the responsibilities and tasks of the legislature, judiciary, and executive, as well as the legislative powers of these organisations, the arrival of English laws in Australia, and the formation of the American Commonwealth. The section also covers the origins and nature of the law, statutory interpretation and statute law, precedent and the judicial hierarchy, delegated legislation, and administrative organisations.


BUSI301 task answers covers the components of a legal contract, identifying what is in the deal, controlling how to get out of the contract, ending the contract, breach of contract remedies, and discharging the contract. Furthermore, the course unit familiarises students with the Competition and Consumer Act's notion of corporate competition and consumer protection.


BUSI301 assessment answers also covers the concepts of torts and professional responsibility, as well as the components of torts and negligence that are important to the company. Students will be able to comprehend the theoretical and practical basis of Property law, Agency law, Consumer credit, Bankruptcy law, and laws governing commercial practises throughout the course.

Location: Liberty University, America

Study level: Postgraduate or Master's degree

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Briefs of BUSI301 Assessment

The unit's summative and formative tests will be used to evaluate the pupils. This evaluation guarantees that all students are properly evaluated depending on their course performance. Each assessment task for this unit will be designed to strengthen and expand knowledge and competencies in the set and specific parameters in accordance with established performance criteria and learning outcomes, including the development of work-based practical application tasks to demonstrate competence outcomes within the scheduled and periodic deadlines. Students must use critical thinking, complex problem solving, analytical, and assessment abilities to execute advanced technical and theoretical knowledge in the context of business law and associated practise for all assessment assignments.


To be able to deliver a critical assessment, students must apply the skills and information they have gained during the course. In-class exams, in-class quizzes, written assignments for mid-semester assignments, and formal examinations for the final exam make up the evaluation. Students will be able to identify between several research designs, such as mixed, experimental, and observation method designs, for such evaluations. Students must also analyse statistics, like as ratios and rates, from research and observational studies.

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What is the Weightage of this PACC6009 Assessment in Their Semester?

BUSI301 Business Law is a full-time degree programme in which students must attend all lectures and maintain regular attendance. On this assessment item, students must receive a certain grade or a minimum grade. Students must acquire a minimum of 50% of the total grades in the unit to graduate or excel in these courses. This unit's understanding and abilities will be assessed through a variety of assessment problems. A "pass" grade is given only when a student will meet all the assessment requirements in this unit. For prior study with credit, students must score up to 50% of the points in the programme. If a student fails to demonstrate the requisite abilities, they will receive a grade in the criterion, which will appear on their official transcript as 'FF'.

For assessment assignments, students have three chances to get a good grade (100 percent pass mark). Following the submission of each assessment activity, the assessor will provide students with thorough comments depending on their performance. Additionally, students who received at least a 25% on the required assessment item in this unit will be able to participate in the next semester in order to earn more than 50% of the potential grade in this BUSI301 task answers.

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