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BUSI330 Assessment Answers

BUSI330 assessment answers Principles of Marketing is an undergraduate course offered by the university of Liberty University. BUSI330 assessment answers will introduce with the marketing strategies adopted by business organizations and companies in the modern world. BUSI330 assignment answers will focus on the principles and policies that guide the development of marketing strategies. Students will learn how strategies for marketing are driven by the need to satisfy customers and its effect on customer retention. The course will lay emphasis on the application of marketing in all forms of organizational practises.  


BUSI330 assessment answers encourage team building and working together as a team to achieve targets and accomplish goals. Managers in any profit or non-profit organization have realized the need to satisfy customers in order to keep business running smoothly. BUSI330 assignment answers will help students develop a foundation knowledge of market processes and how the market competition can affect the business performance of an organization. They will learn about the values and ethical standards associated with marketing strategies.


In BUSI330 solutions, students will be able to improve their critical thinking skills and decision making ability associated with marketing strategies. At the end of this course students will be able to develop innovative and effective marketing strategies.

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Unit Details of BUSI330 Assignment

BUSI330 assessment answers will introduce students with the fundamental concepts of modern marketing strategies. Students will understand the importance of marketing in business environment. BUSI330 assignment answers will inform students about the various roles and responsibilities of a professional associated with the field of marketing. Students will learn about the marketing strategies aimed to satisfy customers. They will learn how strategies for marketing need to develop based on the needs and problems of the customers.


Students will explore the various external and marketing environmental factors that influence a company’s survival and functioning in the long term. The modules will inform the students about the four major aspects of marketing – price, product, place and promotion and the importance of these factors in developing marketing strategies.


By the end of BUSI330 solutions, students will learn to integrate Christian Worldview within the field of marketing. BUSI330 task answers will build a sound knowledge of market and the strategies that are implemented by companies to sell their products in the market. This course will help students develop their critical thinking ability and decision making skills.

Location: The location of the university is United States

Study Level: The level of study of this course is of undergraduate

Unit Code: The unit code for the course is BUSI330

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Brief of BUSI330 Assessment

As part of the assessment for the course BUSI330 Principles of Marketing students will have to mandatorily take part in four discussion board forums. Discussion board forums provide an opportunity for integrated learning in groups. In each forum students will have to post a report. The report will be based on the questions assigned by the instructor to every student. The report should be composed of at least 350 words. In addition to that, students will have to provide feedback on reports posted by two other students. The feedback reply should contain 250 words. The reply should be based on critical review of the posts and students must provide scopes for improvements. Students will be evaluated based on their performance in their own report and the replies they posted.


A group work will also be conducted as a part of assessment in the semester. Students will be divided into groups by the instructor and will have to work together to develop marketing strategies for a new product. The product concept should be authentic and not something on which research has already been performed before or any other group in the class. The students have to first provide a proposal for the new product concept to the instructor. Once they receive the instructor’s approval they can proceed with the concept and work in groups to develop strategies for marketing of the product. If the students wish to work on a product concept different from the concept already approved, then the instructor must be informed before proceeding with it. All students must contribute in the group work in order to earn credit points.


There will be quizzes based on the materials provided to the students for self study at the end of each module. The duration of all quizzes will be 45 minutes. The quizzes will comprise 30 multiple choice questions. Each question will have more than one answers to choose from and the students will have to select the only correct option to earn points against the questions. If a student marks more than one option then they will not be marked zero for that question. The quiz will be an open book and open notes test. Students can use their study materials to answer the questions in the quiz.

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What Is The Weightage Of This BUSI330 Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage that the course BUSI330 Principles of Marketing carries in this semester is based on the importance knowledge of marketing strategies in companies and business organizations. Effective marketing strategies can improve business performance and get maximum profit. The merit of the students will be assessed based on their performance in the assignments and quizzes. Grades will be provided to students based on the marking criteria of the university.


All students must manage to score an equivalent of the passing score or higher in order to pass in the subject in this semester. Students must have good theoretical knowledge acquired throughout the course and demonstrate how the knowledge can be used in real life practise and solving problems.


The weightage given to BUSI330 solutions are very significant and all students must pass in this subject. Poor performance in BUSI330 assessment answers will have a negative effect on the overall semester grades. It is compulsory that the students take up all the assessment items and the quizzes. By attending the lectures sincerely and putting in smart effort students will be able to perform well in the exam. Achieving good grades in this subject will help them improve their academic performance in the semester.

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