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BUSI600 Assessment Answers

BUSI600 assessment answers focus on business research as a systematic search for providing information to address managerial issues. Liberty University in the United States has planned this course to allow for such aspects for the future business manager in the real business environment.


BUSI600 assessment answers are an overview of how to conduct business research with a focus on applied problem-solving. There is a major emphasis on problem identification and analysis, communication skills, and problem-solving techniques. The course will contain a comprehensive paper that will define students' research and writing skills, with their understanding of the course objectives.


In BUSI600 assignment answers, the assessment tasks are designed to develop and expand skills and knowledge in the parameters and tailored to the requirements of learning outcomes and performance criteria of the course unit. BUSI600 solutions will provide students with a strong theoretical knowledge base, as well as various specialized technical and managerial skills to initiate, perform, plan and evaluate their work and the work of others to achieve business research objectives. At the end of BUSI600 assessment answers, students will be able to use contemporary business research techniques and techniques in their professional fields.


BUSI600 task answers are intended to provide students with advanced strategies and principles in business research that can be used in different industries. BUSI600 assessment answers are suitable for those who want to implement their business research knowledge and skills in a real business setting or take the leadership role of business research. In this course, students learn the practical skills of planning, conducting, monitoring, and closing successful business research. Each student must familiarize themselves with the provisions in this catalog and the responsibilities that apply to them.

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Unit Details of BUSI600 Assignment Answers

The unit is designed to help students enter the professional world because they will gain insights into the theories, principles, and ideas of business research methods. Business research gives the required information to make the right business decisions. This also helps businesses minimize the potential for costly mistakes in manufacturing, marketing, human resources, strategic planning, and global market entry. The emphasis of BUSI600 assignment is on educating students to be effective clients of business research. The purpose of this unit is to provide an overview of key features of modern business research in the company. Throughout this unit, students will identify the important aspects of a successful business research approach by exploring how successful business research is done through applying tools and techniques associated with business research planning, estimation, scheduling, and execution. This unit also gives an introduction and overview of the field of practice which is identified as a complex business research method.


Students will be able to combine the use of business information with a competitive edge in creating good research conducted ethically. This unit explains how business research questions can be addressed through secondary data and exploration. Students will distinguish business research design, including qualitative, observation, experiments, and surveys. Students are expected to review the source and collection of business information, with measurement scales, measurements, sampling, questionnaires, and instruments. In addition, BUSI600 assignment answers summarize strategies for analyzing and displaying business data, with data preparation and description, hypothesis testing, examining and showing data.

Location: Liberty University, United States

Study level: Undergraduate

Unit code: BUSI600

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Brief of BUSI600 Assessment

Students will be assessed through a variety of metrics and measures, ensuring the quality of the learning outcomes and meeting any requirements for graduates to be able to qualify satisfactorily. After reading BUSI600 assessment syllabus and student expectations, students will complete a relevant checklist found in the course summary.

Read and interact assignments

In this course, students will need to read and interact with textbooks on third-party platforms, like SmartBook. Before completing any homework assignment, students need to complete each reading and item in the textbook to earn points related to the assigned lesson.


In every module, students will complete a 60-minute time, an open book, 25 true/false questions, or a multiple-choice reading comprehension quiz to show their proficiency in the given lesson. Students will complete the quiz on a third-party platform, i.e., Connect Plus. Every quiz will be open-notes or open-book. The grade will be transferred to the canvas.


Discussion is based on questions in a scheduled case study. Students will submit an initial 800–1000-word thread, which will indicate at least five peer-reviewed articles (at least one in each question), one biblical integration/application, and show course-related knowledge. Students should follow the current APA style for citations and references. Students will respond to at least two classmates with 450-600 words with at least two scholarly articles (peer-reviewed), one biblical integration/application with basic insights and analysis.

Case Study Assignments

Students will write a case study assignment based on the given case study. Every case study assignment should be at least 900 words and follow the current APA style. The questions that have been identified in the case study work should be answered. Students must include four scholarly research articles (peer-reviewed) to submit each case study.

Research Proposal: Topic Assignment

The research proposal is the main course writing assignment. To prepare this assignment, students will understand the topic, create a problem statement, explore ten scholarly articles (peer-reviewed) to support the topic, and prepare an annotated bibliography. Also, students should follow the current APA style for this paper.

Research Proposal: Final Assignment

Students will write a research proposal on the topic of personal values/interests. This assignment is a comprehensive proposal to cover the research questions clarification, examination of scholarly literature, research design; Data collection, examination and preparation, data analysis, and research reports. Students must follow the present APA style for this paper, contain at least 3,000 words of content (excluding titles and reference page), and use a minimum of ten scholarly articles (peer-reviewed).

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What Is The Weightage Of This BUSI600 Course Code In Their Semester?

BUSI600 Business Research Method is a full-time degree course where students must participate in the discussion and maintain regular attendance. To pass BUSI600 task answers, students must obtain a certain grade or minimum mark in the assessment task. To graduate or excel in this course, students must achieve a minimum of 50% of the total grade.


Whether a student fails to provide the required skills, he/she will be failed in the course which will be shown as 'FF'. Additionally, students have to score at least 30% in the compulsory assessment task. After that, they will be allowed to participate in the minor assessment to score more than 50% of the credible grade.

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