BUSI601 Accounting for Decision Making Assessment Answers

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BUSI601 Assessment Answers

Financial accounting is important because it enables companies to keep a record of all of their monetary operations. It is the method through which businesses record and analyze the financial data that flows in and out of their operations, allowing both corporate executives and outside investors and analysts to assess the firm's sustainability and make intelligent choices. Financial accounting is the process of collecting, summarising, and reporting the flow of transactions and business output that occurs as a result of business activities across time. Financial accounting's final product is a series of official corporate financial statements, comprising the balance sheet and income statement, which are regulated by a set of standard practices. All of the aforementioned activities overall influence the aspects of organizational decision making, and accounting paradigms assist the commercial firm to develop their further operational strategies based upon the data and insights.


This is a graduate-level cost management curriculum with a strategic cost focus. The program gives an in-depth examination of current management approaches employed by executives in today's business world. This accounting course emphasizes and integrates the balanced scorecard, important success criteria, and strategic analysis with other decision-making tools. This particular BUSI601 assessment answers will assist the students in gaining an overview of what financial accounting is and why it is important for business decision-making. Accounting paradigms for commercial judgments are majorly enhanced by the skills and responsibilities that the members of the account departments within an organization take. The students who look to develop their professional career in the field of accounting and want to work with organizations and help them in gaining better insights for maintaining effective decision-making opportunities will find this course helpful.

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Subject Section of BUSI601 Assignments

The subsequent section of this BUSI601 assignments curriculum will consist of subjects that will help the students gain sufficient knowledge and skills on how to develop appropriate financial sheets to help the respective organization make decisions based upon those. This course aims to make successful decisions in the context of accounting and financial activities in a corporation. Cost management, budgeting, business operations, financial management, and financial analysis will all be covered in this course. Learners will get the analytical abilities needed to improve commercial operations. The following list highlights the subjects that will be covered in this unit and what the students will learn for these subjects:

  • Financial Management – This particular subject will help the students in gaining the ability of how to distinguish product costs and period costs. They will also learn how to prepare a schedule of costs regarding the manufactured or the finished goods.
  • Cost Management - This particular subject will help the students in gaining the ability how to develop accounts for the flow of expenditures while utilizing the job order costing. They will also learn the concept of physical flows and related costs while using a process costing.
  • Business Operations - This particular subject will help the students in prevailing the capability of demonstrating how activity-based administration or management is connected to activity-based costing (ABC). The learners will learn how to utilize the CVP relationships for evaluating a novel marketing strategy.
  • Financial Analysis - This particular subject will assist the learners in computing the ratios that are widely exploited in financial statement analysis and will be able to define the significance of each of its functionalities.
  • Budgeting – After going through this subject and completing the relevant assignment, the student will be able to prepare master and flexible budgets and demonstrate their uses. They will also learn how to evaluate capital investment proposals utilizing the concept of payback period, ROI (Return On Investment), and cash flows.

Unit Details of BUSI601 Assessments

Location: Lynchburg, Virginia (Liberty University)

Study Level: Undergraduate

Unit Code: BUSI601

Brief of BUSI601 Assessment Assignments

Discussion Board Forums

Discussion boards are places where people may work together to learn. As a result, the student will take part in two Discussion Board Forums, each of which will last two modules/weeks. The student will post a thread of 200–400 words in response to the topic question during the first module/week. BUSI601 solutions The learners also will upload her post through a submission link that will be provided to them accordingly, which will ensure that the thread is original. The students will respond to a classmate's thread in the following module/week with a relevant response of 200–350 words. All submissions must use the current APA format and include references to textbooks and scholarly journal publications.

Individual Learning Projects

Two individual learning projects need to be submitted by the student. The first project necessitates an organization's monitoring and assessment. The second task is a research paper that examines a modern management approach and implements it in the first project's organization. Both projects must be formatted in the current APA style.

The Final Exam

The students will perform three tests depending on the allocated modules/weeks' Reading & Study material. There will be 50 multiple-choice and true/false questions on the tests, which will be open-book/open-notes. Each exam will take the pupil 2 hours and 30 minutes to finish. Some of the questions will be algorithmic, but all of them will need the learner to analyze, synthesize, and integrate the Reading & Study material to arrive at the definitive answer. Even though the tests are open-book/open-notes, the learner may not be able to find the precise answers in the Reading & Study material.

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What is the Weightage of this BUSI601 Course Code in their Semester?

The entire BUSI601 task answers unit will consist of 40% marks out of the total marks that are allocated for this semester. There are three critical assignments that the students need to complete out of which one is a group discussion post, and the other two are individual assignments. The first assignment, Discussion Board Forum will consist of 5% marks out of the marks allocated for this course unit. The Second assignment will consist of 15% marks as it will be a research paper-based assignment and the assessor will evaluate every student accordingly. the final exam consists of the rest 20% marks and the students must attain an overall percentage of 25% marks to pass this course unit for the semester.

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