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Explain C489 Organisational Systems And Quality Leadership

This unit intends to organisational systems and quality leadership relations that can be applied to a range of fields and professions to inform and critique them. The course's major goal is to develop leaders, problem solvers, critical thinkers, and analysts who can contribute to the evolving nature of organisational systems. Additionally, the course will cover the connections between theory, organisational practice, and professional practice. Furthermore, there is a debate on the unique characteristics of organisational systems that are loosely organised yet hold long-term campaigns that can be strengthened with quality leadership parameters. These parameters are typically the implementation of changes in organisational structure or values. The unit's main goals are to

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  • Define the significant notions of organisational change and impact of leadership in it, as well as the fundamentals of changing notion of operational paradigms.
  • Using organisational systems and leadership ideas as tools for growth
  • Improving learner's critical thinking ability by conveying theoretical application ideas in various contexts

Aside from knowledge fields, the following are broad areas of management that will be explored in this context:

  • Knowledge contextualisation
  • Theoretical application techniques
  • Critical thinking abilities
  • Communication and leadership abilities

The course will go through further solutions for effective identification and use of economic management instruments. Enrollees in this course will also learn about the following characteristics:

Individuals will be able to:

  • Establish a career in organisational system development and step to a leading position in the local and global domains
  • Strengthen their backgrounds of leadership to make the organisational change process
  • Define the underlying practices of organisational system development with a robust leadership approach

 All mandatory units in the course will assist students in developing organisational policy, which can lead to an influential organisational development career. Apart from that, individuals can gain the expertise to become one of the many experts who are constantly working to improve the current state of the organisational system with innovative ideas by using the abilities learned on this specific course. Individuals who take this course will also learn how to change and influence organisational policies at the local, national, and worldwide levels.

C489 assessment answers need to focus on both conceptualisation and example definition. Besides that, the C489 assignment answers need to be academically written. Hence, the use of the proper format of English, properly presenting the writing, and formatting the papers needs to be done to ensure better demarcation. Furthermore, C489 answers need to be unique to avoid disqualification of the unit or course based on the circumstances. Finally, the C489 task answers must cover a combination of an individual's insight and research along with the learning attributes taught in-class lectures to ensure better grades. Individuals who complete this specific unit will be able to gain placement assistance in different organisational spheres while also gaining professional accreditation. Students participating in this course can get answers to their queries regarding their future growth of organisational systems as the institution responds to requests on a one-to-one basis. Participants in this course will study how to apply and impact organisational systems on a local, national, and global scale.

Unit Details

  • Location: Western Governors University hosts this course
  • Study level: Undergraduate
  • Unit code: C489

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Brief of the C489 Assessment-

Learners must use a combination of the following approaches to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts presented in the Essential Competencies:

  • Presentation
  • Independent or group project
  • Complete an assessment or certification exam
  • Demonstrate comprehension of leadership skill
  • Demonstrates an awareness of the organisational leader's goals
  • Creating an effective administrative system and justifying its usage
  • Analytical evaluations of economic outcomes, proposals, and plans
  • Identification of funding sources, instruments, and markets
  • Demonstrates understanding of the value of continuous development of the organisational system and how it is used over time

Throughout the course, lectures, action learning sets, group discussions, case studies, and self-directed learning will all be employed. In order to ensure completion of the project, the following learning aspects need to be considered:

  • Conduction of research and manage projects by developing general management skills in order to improve positioning in the field of organisational change-related study and theories for presenting various conceptual ideas
  • Focus on using qualitative research to gather information from qualitative recordings in the area of organisational views
  • Quantitative research by creating an appropriate application approach in the framework of organisational change management and impact of leadership in it will be emphasised, as will quantitative methods of analysis.
  • Policies, economics, and politics are all intertwined. Thus, analysing policies, economics, and political qualities related to the administrative area of organisational process and a leader's role to improve it

Weightage of the C489 Course in the Semester 

Course weighting, which is one of the most compelling elements in defining the underlying ingredients, determines the relevance of each unit's evaluation and the overall success of a specific unit. This unit is worth ten credits in the semester. This unit's weight can be computed as per the university's mandates. This unit makes up half of the entire course weight. Each assignment presented in the course is graded on a scale of one to twenty-five points. A total of two exercises will be done. The primary purpose of this course is to emphasise the significance of theoretical components related to the organisational management domain in understanding different operational characteristics. In order to pass, pupils must get a score of 50%. However, to get distinction in the topic, a score of 90% or higher is required. A topic's worth can only be realised when course participants do the work themselves. As a result, the learners must perform the assignment independently, and incorrect tactics must be avoided at all costs. All students enrolled in this unit must use the blackboard for plagiarism checks. The plagiarism index for each assignment should not exceed 10%. The TURNITIN application should also be used for assessment validation, and the reports generated by this software should be supplied with the course solution. C489 solutions must be unique as any identified cases breaching the regulations of academic misconduct will be severely punished.

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