CAM101A History & Philosophy Assessment Answers

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CAM101A Assessment Answers

The course code CAM101A History and Philosophy discusses about Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) which refers to medical products and the practices which does not form part of the standard medical care. It elaborates on integrative medicine which is approach of medical care for combining conventional medicine with the CAM practices which have been manifested by science of being safe and effective. This approach lays stress on preferences of patient and it wants to address mental, spiritual and physical aspects of the health. The basic philosophy in regard to CAM is inclusive of holistic care and it wants to treat the human being as the whole person.


There exist examples of CAM and it includes Ayurveda which was found to originate within India more than that of 5000 years ago. It lays stress on unique care on the basis of individual circumstances which can alleviate the pain of an individual. It helps to incorporate various treatments like yoga, meditation and massage that can help to ensure effective healing of the body. The homeopathy makes use of the minute doses of the substance which brings about the symptoms for the stimulation of self-healing response of the body. This course elucidates on the fact that conventional medicine is dependent on the methods which are safe and they can be effective with the aid of carefully designed trials and the research. The whole medical system is found to differ in philosophical approaches towards prevention of the diseases and it is found to share number of the common elements. The systems are formed on the basis of belief that body of an individual possess power for healing itself. The healing is found to marshal the various techniques which includes mind, body and the spirit. The treatment can be stated to be individualised and it is dependent on presenting symptoms.

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Brief of CAM101A Assessment Assignments

This CAM101A task answers elaborates on principles of the integrative medicine which includes partnership in between patient and practitioner within healing process. It talks about conventional methods for the facilitation of innate healing response of the body and it considers various factors which can influence health and wellness of an individual. This course code talks about Naturopathy which is indicative of whole medical system having its roots within Germany. Naturopathy is indicative of whole medical system and it perceives diseases to be manifestations of the alterations within process that can help the body to heal itself in the natural manner. It has been found that Naturopathic physicians make use of various healing practices which includes diet nutrition, homeopathy and acupuncture. The acupuncture is found to be practiced for the purpose of relief or for preventing pain in regard to different health conditions.


This CAM101A solutions code elaborates on Ayurveda which is indicative of natural healing system which have been developed within India. It refers to comprehensive system of the medicine which lays equal stress on mind, body and the spirit. It aims at the restoration of innate harmony of an individual and primary Ayurvedic treatments are diet, exercise and meditation. This course code throw light on Western Herbal Medicine (WHM) which refers to practice of the healing by making use of naturally occurring plant material or the plants having no industrial processing. The medicines or the extracts of crude plant material like root, bark and the flower would be used within multiple plant formulations for treating individuals having disease and the dysfunction. This course code talks about Complex systems science (CSS) which is indicative of trans-disciplinary approach towards science for offering descriptions about how the collective behaviours of the whole systems are found to arise from parts. The CSS is found to be applied to the living interacting systems alongside with natural world. It can help in appreciating non-linearity of the reality and it is used for explaining unpredictability of the weather and the repeated patterns of the shorelines. This course code elucidates on nutritional therapy which helps to promote health with the help of personalised nutrition and the lifestyle support. It is indicative of whole body approach towards nutrition which can help to address underlying causes of the ill-health. The nutritional therapy can help to offer support to individuals having range of the concerns like hormone imbalances, weight loss and poor sleep. This course discusses about naturopathy which is dedicated towards study and the celebration of healing powers of nature. The profession helps in the incorporation of dynamic philosophy and it recognises interconnection of the living things. It is the least invasive treatment that can help to boost the overall well-being of an individual. This course discusses about the fact that holism is fundamental principle of the CAM modalities and illness is manifestation of the imbalance within body, mind and the emotion.

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Brief of CAM101A Assessment Assignments

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Unit Details of CAM101A Assessment

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Study Level: Post-graduation level

Unit Code: CAM101A

What is the Weightage of this CAM101A  Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage of this CAM101A solutions within the semester is found to be 65 % and students have to attain this minimum percentage that can help them to perform well in their examinations.

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