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PESTLE Analysis of Amazon Case Study




In developed countries such as USA and other European countries the political stability has helped the company increase its profitability. There are also Government support for the improvement of e-commerce in different countries and government are also increasing effort to provide cyber security to Amazon.




Economic stability in certain developed countries in which the company operates in like United States of America and other European countries is a very high which has helped the company increase its overall revenue over the years. There is also an increase in disposable income in various developed countries which has helped the company.




The increase in wealth disparity is a major threat for the company as it is going to decrease the overall profitability of the company and also decrease overall revenue associated with the company. Another total aspect that needs to be taken into account is the increase in consumerism in different developing countries. the current buying behaviour of the consumers is to purchase products from online which is a major opportunity for the company.

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There is a rapid increase in the utilisation of Technology which is is very important aspect as the company utilizes technological advancement and artificial intelligence to provide optimum quality service to its customers and also provide disruptive innovation in the industry. There is also an optimum increase in the efficiency of the utilisation of Information Technology resources around the world which has increased the overall profitability of the company. The cyber-crime in different countries around the world has also increased at an alarming rate which is a major concern for the company in the future.




There is an increase in the regulation of different products which is a major problem as well as opportunity for the company. Different regulations such as input as well as export is constantly changing. There is a rise in the protection of environment regulations in different business as well as E-Commerce business which is going to be a major challenge for the company in the coming future. Allessaywriter is a good website to provide case study help.




There is rising interest among the associated customers Around the World regarding different environmental programs that are capable of providing optimum safety and security to the surrounding environment. Due to this write in embassies of the sustainability of the business it is a major challenge for Amazon to cope up with the current situation and also implement Corporate Social Responsibility in a proper and effective way so that it can increase its popularity in the world. The company must also ensure the fact that it is capable of reducing the carbon footprint by quite a huge margin.


SWOT Analysis of Amazon Case Study




The major strength of the company includes its optimum brand name which is quite successful in improving the overall image of the company on global stage. The brand valuation of the company is quite optimum with a total brand value of around 200 billion dollars. Amazon is also considered to be very much customer-oriented which is also a major strength associated with the company. Differentiation as well as innovative aspects is utilised by the company to increase its market share.




The weakness of the company includes the business model that can easily be imitated by its competitors present in The E-Commerce industry. The company has faced loss in different countries including India in which it was providing free shipping to the associated customers. There are certain product flops as well as failures that are associated with the company which includes the Kindle Fire device which was not readily accepted by the customers. The company was associated with tax avoidance controversy in countries like Japan, United States and United Kingdom which decrease the brand image of it.

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The major opportunity that is currently associated with the company include the expansion of the market share of the company by the introduction of brick-and-mortar store in different parts of the world. Technological measures can easily be utilised by the company to improve the existing organisation policy which will also improve the overall sales of the company and increase the number of customers that are associated with it. The company can also utilise artificial intelligence to provide optimum quality product to the customers which can easily be helpful in increasing the brand image of it.




The Threat that is associated with the company is different changes in government regulation. Increase in cybercrime is also a major threat for the company.

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students


  1. How do I answer a case study question on Amazon?

The Amazon case study needs to be very detailed like every other case study. Start by researching the content to find exclusive data that enriches the paper. Make sure you follow the structure and university guidelines not to get your marks deducted. Also, proofreading and doing the citation at the and is a very vital part of case studies.

  1. What makes Amazon so efficient?

Amazon is one of the most trusted e-commerce brands in today’s world. It has been so popular for various reasons. Some of them are fast transportation, product delivery and management, tons of warehouses, and an effective work system. Their entire work process is very organized, so people trust their services a lot.

  1. How do you format an Amazon case study?

A typical case study consists of the following format, i.e., a summary, background information, analysis, evaluations, solutions, conclusions, and references. This is the same which is followed for the Amazon case study.

  1. What do you think is Amazon.Com's competitive strategy?

Amazon has been one of the best and leading companies globally because of various reasons. Their competitive strategies include low cost, availability of product availabilities, delivery options to many areas, and good quality. These are some of the strong points that have made them the best company.


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