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SWOT Analysis



The case study related to marketing of Aussie Pooch Mobile indicates their main strength. This lies in mobile service catering necessities of customers within their home setting’s convenience. At that situation, it is seen that placing the service cost less than competitors is a vital strength of this company. Apart from that, this business is providing extra services such as blow-drying and aromatherapy. This is helpful to add to their strength. In this situation, it can also be considered that the business has been adding strength to their business operation’s strength. This is through delivering customers with added data on grooming, skincare and dietary. Apart from that, a friendly working surrounding is to be considered. This is extra internal strength to the business of Aussie Pooch Mobile. Further, it is seen that organizational structures that are flat have delivered scope to them. This is for indulging process of flexible decision making. The flexibility has been found to be adding to the strength of the company.


APM or Aussie Pooch Mobile has indicated that with their marketing case study, they have been suffering from a specific weakness that is quite inherent. Further, they have been struggling with their process and policies of recruitment. It has rendered Aussie Pooch Mobile with few of the particular HRM or human resource management related issues. Apart from that, the case study has also indicated that up to present time, Aussie Pooch Mobile has been facing problems with few particular franchise issues. Considering that it is seen that franchise issues have resulted in few controlling issues and including those issues. This has a limited ability of trailers of Aussie Pooch Mobile to make the event serious.






Though they have been suffering from specific issues, Aussie Pooch Mobile, still has got few particular scopes for expansion and development of their business. Their marketing case study has indicated that the entire development encountered from the end of service industry globally has permitted them to extend their overall business. This is both globally and nationally. Apart from that, it is also seen that rise in demand that is there for dog washing services, especially in the nation of Australia, is an expansion scope and business growth for them. Next, there is changing model for a household. Here, few people have been working with having less time for spending on grooming and dog-care. This also delivers ample scope to the development of Aussie Pooch Mobile’s Australian market.


There is a increase in opposition in the sector that is seen as a great problem to Aussie Pooch Mobile. Again, being a company that is oriented to market, they have lacked the understanding of an effective global market. Furthermore, there is a lack of knowledge that has been seen as a threat to prosperity and growth of Aussie Pooch Mobile’s business. Moreover, there is English trend of dog washing that is infrequent. It has an efficiency of intrusion of sphere of social and culture of Australia. It has to be considered as APM’s business threat. In that situation, regulatory steps that are considered from the end of government of Australia to generate the impacts of a bottleneck on franchising areas in Australia poses serious risks to Aussie Pooch Mobile in the long run.



PESTLE Analysis

  • Political environment:

    • The government of Australia has policies for protection of development of small business. This indicates to provide a fair environment of competition for new business of growth. These regulations would be guiding business as per business operations like safety, health and workplace, professional services and financial.
  • Environmental analysis:

    • Regarding the pet grooming industry of mobile, the potential issues have been polluting. As seen in the 1997’s Environment Protection Act and 2005’s Environment Protection Regulation, that sort of trade should be complying strictly with regulations for avoiding potential dependence or various fines as per Environment and Sustainable Development 2012. Moreover, operators must be considering how that should be affecting on environment like air, land or water. Apart from that, noise pollution is occurring as they are working and considered. Here, for water that is to use wash pets, a limited quantity of usage is there. This is for avoiding wastewater to get flowing into a system of stormwater. Here, maintaining of machines are to be checked regularly.
  • Social Environment:

    • The pets are treated to be more similar to substitutes of love in many ways. The children are considered within present industrial society. Especially, the pets are to be trained in kind manner that is simple to love and help owners  turning to be more sufficiently tailored new style of life and sociality. It is seen from perspective of physical activities the pets are turned to be a type of social support as they become owners of exercising. Apart from that, regular exercise at present performing a main part in prevention of sickness and health life. To target adults of middle age, Australia’s national campaign has aimed to gain daily exercise of small walking. It is for making people to get involved in social cognitive and social marketing. It is assured that walking with the animals like dogs can be bringing more focus. It is useful for encouraging communications. Since the advocates to make pets have comprises of various factors that are there for community and social capital. Moreover, pet owners have been engaging in green that is living through taking care of the pets.
  • Technological environment:

    • The environment of technology has been a vital part of supporting grooming service of mobile pets. Related to work, there are portable pets where areas are washed as opposed to specific locations to have sufficient area and that is well equipped for assisting their grooming services. Moreover, to stay more competitive in this sector, a development on recycling technology or water-saving is to be created. This can help Aussie Pooch Mobile’s survival. For example, this can consist of transforming washing times or showerheads designed specially. Moreover, developing Internet connections at head office should be suitable for reason of feedback receiving of customer and database design. There advantages that are simple for tracking staff’s work, reaction to various claims and creating a profile of customers. For the business of mobile pert grooming, there can be a calling system that has a direct level of interaction taking place between Aussie Pooch Mobile’s core technologies.
  • Legal environment:

    • The liability of services to groom the pets have been set up from the end of welfare code of practice of Australia. These standards aim to deliver protections while the mobile services go on. There are many regulations enforcing legislation from the area of Canberra. Here, all regulations are placed for monitoring the time to transfer the rights of custody of pets. This is till that is returned to the owner of their pets. Further, there is a necessity of vehicle registration. There are also trailers of the vehicle applying grooming of mobile pets.
  • Economic environment:

    • As per 2021’s “Australian Bureau of Statistics”, it is found that rate of unemployment has been 3.5%. This has been down from 5% in prior year. On the other hand, it has been lesser than 5.2% of rate of Australia during 2012. Apart from that, average earnings every week of Canberra has been increasing steadily till 1554. In the state, the average rate has been 1333. This is during previous year as per 2012’s “Australian Bureau of Statistics”. This information has been denoting that those within ACT on that budget for affording Aussie Pooch Mobile’s service. For else academic writing services you can take plagiarism-free solutions from us.

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