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ExxonMobil Case Study Analysis

Experts advise for ExxonMobil case study help available 24/7.


According to study, Exxon Mobil is acknowledged as a multinational organisation operates within the industry of Crude as well as Gas. The company is a United States based organisation formed during the year of 1999, on 30th November. The company was formed by merging two profound organisations known as Exxon and Mobil. According to the performance report of 2016, the company is now operating with almost 73500 people. The financial report of the organisation considers this organisation in the 51st position in regards to its brand value. The brand value of the organisation is almost $19.227 and it is ranked as 4th in the entire oil and gas industry covering the entire world.

The paper aims at discussing the SWOT and PESTLE case study analysis for the company. The former one stands for identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or the internal factor analysis of the organisation. The later one stands for identifying the macro or external factor affecting or influencing the organisational performance including – political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors

SWOT Analysis



· Strong market position

· Strong brand value

· Strong project portfolio

· Negative advertisements or publicity

· Weaker financial conditions

· Increasing debts



· Rising interest of the consumers

· Alternative sources of energy

· Increasing demands for the LNG

· Existing competition

· Environmental regulations

· Economy


As exhibited in the aforementioned matrix, the organisation contains a stronger market position covering the entire world. It belongs to one of the largest refineries covering the entire world. The organisation has already explored most of the developed countries with their ecstatic presence. Considering the financial year of 2015, the organisation is operating with 23 refineries within more than 14 countries. The company is capable to distil almost 136000 barrels in one day.

Researchers have also mentioned that, the company has exhausted the activity of sales with almost every product. It also includes the products from the crude refining. The company is observed with both the downstream and upstream operation throughout the entire year. The company also maintains a positive portfolio which is remaining as one of its greatest perks. Along with this, the strong financial background of the organisation maintains the business in a very conventional way. The company believes in research and development and secured a huge amount of investment for this particular activity.

Along with this, researchers have also found that the company is not solely depended on different countries for the procedure of revenue generation. The company is completely depended on the countries including UK, Canada, Belgium, Singapore, Italy and Germany.


As shown in the diagram, the company is observed with negative advertisement or negative publicity. The company has involved different litigations as well as lawsuits covering the entire world. These legal proceedings include different claims including fines, damages and various forms of penalties. Taking the name of one of any of these settlements, researchers have mentioned that ExxonMobil has agreed to pay almost $225 million for a settlement regarding their trial version in New Jersey that include different contamination within the refineries. These are the negative impacts the company is responsible to create over the entire environment.

Secondly, the company is observed with weaker finances. Researchers have mentioned that the company had undergone a remarkable decline considering its revenue during the financial year of 2015 by 34.2%. The profit of the organisation is also observed with huge decline by almost 50.3%.


There are different opportunities for the organisation within this marketplace. There is a huge market demand for all the products the company is selling. The company can also utilise different alternative resources to serve the consumers. In this regard, the researchers have mentioned that the market is observed with growing demand for LNG products. It is projected that by the end of 2040, almost half of the world will use the liquid natural gas. Hence, the company must take advantage of this alterations.


Along with these aforementioned opportunities, the company may face different threats or challenges to emerge with a new image. The company may face huge threat by the existing competitors. There are different other companies to observed massive profits despite all the difficulties. Along with this, the company may suffer from different environmental regulations. The government is becoming stricter as well as stringent in abiding by all the regulations to maintain environmental sustainability. Hence, the company may suffer from huge problems in future. Finally, as shown in the matrix, the company is observed with decline in revenue generation hence, financial hunch can be a threat for the company to improve their performance in near future. Else you can take help for paper writing service plagiarism-free at

PESTLE Analysis

The strategic tool of PESTLE analysis stands for the components including – political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors.




Researchers have mentioned there are huge number of political factors which are influencing the company for long term profitable organisation to perform as an oil and gas organisation. The company operates in different countries and contain different types of environment and different types of risks as well as opportunities. Some of the countries have also contain different trading restrictions that implement different limits to the sector of foreign investment. Some of the countries also contain different restrictions on the import and export policies and regulations. Considering the country of India, the company is observed with building a tie with the ONGC and offer them different technological expertise to explore different offshore blocks. Along with this, the company has also signed the MOU with the renowned organisation Indian Oil. The government of India is focusing on generating different policies as well as regulations to increase the outputs in the domestic sector and cutting the imports.


The economic factors include analysis of global supply-chain demands. The company is affected or impacted by different economic concepts including the recession, inflation, rising price, foreign exchange, trade tariffs, and different demands regarding the sector in different countries. Being a part of the essential commodity, the company has made a mark on the global business through its economic growth. The financial condition of the organisation is also observed with different alteration during the outbreak of Covid-19 considering the entire globe. Researchers have mentioned that the company observes a decrease in consumer demand as there is a complete restriction on the movement of people. All these activities and incidents disrupted the supply chain management of the organisation that has restricted their different interventions within the free-market. Researchers have mentioned that this organisation need to focus both on the macro and micro environment to enhance their performance in near future and maintain their position within the global business sector.


Researchers have mentioned about different alteration in the social factors including gender, age, employment and the education level are affecting the choices or preferability of the organisation. The company also is impacted by the income rate which is high disposable and travel across the entire world. The entire community contains a valuable role to influence the consumption of the products provided by the organisation. ExxonMobil contains the capability to attract the consumers considering the entire consumer market covering the entire world. This capability of the organisation can be a potential threat to the existing rivals covering the entire world.


It is the third component of the PESTLE analysis. As per the name suggest, the component analyses the technological influence on the organisation. It is a digital era and people are living solely on digital technologies. It is important for the organisation to keep on investing on the procedure of research and development and utilise the energy to reach out to the potential consumers. Similar to the other companies, the organisation is also utilising different technological invasions to attract the consumers and promote their products. In this regard, the company also acknowledged the importance of mobile transactions and e-transportation associated with the field of oil and gas industry.


Legal frameworks for the organisation include the legislation and different rules or regulation imposed by the local government. Researchers have mentioned that, there are certain countries containing strict rules regarding the industry of oil and gas. Australia is one of the countries to impose a strict environmental law to secure environmental sustainability and impose different actions including recycling and reusing energies or natural resources. These aspects can be different opportunities for the organisation to secure profit and increase the revenue generation. The legal factor also includes different rules and regulations related to the foreign exchange and their prices. You can also take law essay help.


It is the final component of the analysis. The environment factor includes considering different environmental alterations including the greenhouse gas emissions and utilising different reusable or non-reusable energy. The entire consumer world covering the entire globe is becoming conscious about the notion of environmental sustainability. Hence, ExxonMobil need to focus on their investment to secure environmental sustainability. In this regard, the company needs to research about the sustainability development goals developed by the member states of United Nation. Then the organisation needs to reframe their policies according to the SDGs and the countries environmental policies.


Other Company Case Study Analysis

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