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Facebook Case Study SWOT Analysis

Experts advise for Facebook case study help available 24/7.

Facebook is a popular name which is known to each and every living person in this entire world. It is the ultimate product of digital world. The digital world has introduced the social media platforms to establish a connectivity within the distant people. Signing up with this application is free of cost and people build a strong connection with new people and the known people living at a distance. Mark Zuckerberg is the developer of this digital application. The application is consisting of different individuals who develop a profile to create personal Facebook page. The network used by the digital application is known as ‘Friends’. To identify a friend on Facebook, a person needs to search a particular name on the Facebook page and click on the search button. Facebook was also subjected to different criticism including sharing the information with other media platforms. Hence, this study aims to discuss the performance analysis of the online platform Facebook with two different strategic tools including – SWOT and PESTLE case study. It will help to understand the internal and external environment of the organisation that directly or indirectly impacts or affects on Facebook. Along with this, it will be helpful to understand the existing opportunities within the marketplace for the online organisation.

SWOT Analysis



· Strong brand recognition

· Easy accessibility

· Suitable for all people covering any age group

· Collaboration with different other messaging platforms including WhatsApp messenger and Instagram.

· Strong consumer portfolio

· Huge criticism

· Associated with the mismanagement of data

· Promoting negative contents to increase the social stereotypes.

· Comparatively tainted brand image as mentioned different business owners.

· Negative consumer perspective about the online application.



· The application contains a diversified user portfolio.

· The company contains huge opportunities to reach different audiences in different forms

· The company can utilise the talents of different entrepreneurs

· The company can also utilise the new or updated offerings and target different consumer segments covering the entire world

· For the official purpose Google is performing as a tough competitor of Facebook.

· Researchers have mentioned that, Apple is also planning for developing own messenger platform.

· With the increasing amount of users, the company is also observed with threats regarding mitigating the user experience or user demands.



As shown in the aforementioned matrix, the online application is a stronger platform with a well-established brand name with stronger consumer value. The company is observed with generating higher revenue with their faster growing innovation procedure. In the recent period Facebook is popular for its omnipresence. Being a social media platform, the company is capable to manage its growth and popularity by exclusive marketing. Innovation is a procedure that is helping the entire Facebook community to enhance their performance and build a strong relationship with the millions of users covering the entire world.


Apart from its success, the online organisation is also observed with different negative aspects. The negative aspects associated with Facebook include – lack of product differentiation. Product differentiation refers to providing relatable products to the consumers that is unique from the rivals. Along with this, there is a challenge considering the usage of data and Facebook is not maintaining proper security to maintain confidentiality for their users. Along with this, the there are certain adverse impact on the social media platforms. There are many users facing some reversed experience due to the terrible service by Facebook.


Considering the technological world, the company can generate different ways to facilitate new dimensions of operating. In this regard, researchers have suggested for implementing new registrations, new business acquisitions, diversification and different product innovation. The researchers have also mentioned to introduce new sections within the arena of messenger and application. Finally, the application needs to improve their security system to maintain a good relation with the consumers. People are getting many options including Hangouts and other messaging application which are more convenient and safer than the Facebook messaging application.


Final component of the SWOT analysis is the treats. The company can observe existing rivalries from the popular companies including Google and Apple. Along with this, there are many users feel that Facebook is no longer an authentic place to share the thought procedure. It also manipulates the thinking of people from different dimensions. From a personal opinion, it can be said that, the youngsters are also getting constant distraction by using Facebook. Along with this, Facebook has increased the activities of hacking and manipulating the information by the criminals. In simple words, it can be said that, Facebook has increased the notion of cyber crime at a greater extent. Else you can also take get affordable paper help services that too absolutely plagiarism-free.

PESTLE Analysis

Researchers have mentioned that PESTLE analysis is used to analyse the external environment and its impact on the entire organisation performance. The components of PESTLE analysis include political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors. The following section will mention the PESTLE factors in details.




Facebook contains a direct link with the political landscape. The aspects of political landscape that contains a direct impact on the business includes – political stability within different countries, government support or restrictions, political barriers within the marketplace, different political actions as well as the online information. Political stability within different countries provides huge opportunities to the organisation. It can gain the opportunity to expand the business within different regions in one particular geographical location. Through this facility, the organisation can also break all the obstacles to enter into the marketplace of China. Along with this, the privacy setting issues in entering into the places such as Cambridge and others will be helpful. Researchers have mentioned that the company contains a strict restriction in entering the marketplace of China. Government of China is much restricted to launch any application that contains issue in maintaining the privacy or confidentiality. Being a communist country, the government is not willing to share the country’s information with any other country covering the entire world. Along with this, the Chinese marketplace also contain a strict policy to negotiate with the marketing companies.


As per the name suggests, the economic factor include the notion of finance and economies. Economic factor includes the economic stability of the countries in which the company is operating. It also include the stability of economic growth or decline of the developing as well as developed countries. Along with this, the factor also includes the increasing disposable earnings of the developing as well as developed countries. Researchers have mentioned the economic factors are often providing opportunities to Facebook. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is creating a political as well as economic unrest to the company. Being a social networking platform, people are getting different kinds of new through these platforms. Along with this, the company also sharing different thoughts of common and special person at the same time to maintain a equity within the cyber community.


Facebook deals with a global reach and every individual being of the entire globe is well aware about the utility of the platform. Increasing preferability by the users for its easy and simple operational procedure is providing an eternal opportunity for the organisation. Along with this, it is a known factor that Facebook is providing an open space for entrepreneurs to promote their business and the self. Hence, the company is getting huge opportunities due to the increased online buying behaviour of the global consumers. Finally, the company is much aware about the notion of corporate sustainable responsibility that is paving the path for their success. Considering this context, the company is regularly improvising their performance to maintain a strong relationship with their consumers.


Facebook is completely a technology or network-based business. Facebook is a consumer friendly application that can be operated from every smart device from anywhere at anytime. Easiest accessibility is providing continuous opportunities to the organisation. From the young generation to the older generation, the people with beginning knowledge of handling the technology can surely use Facebook. Secondly, the social media is gradually utilising the notion of diversification in providing services to the potential consumers.


There is certain legal regulation that a company need to abide by while dealing in a global context and Facebook is no exception in this regard. Along with this, the company is also mandated to abide by the sustainability regulations which is also considered as a legal restriction by the governments. Considering these aspects, the researchers have mentioned that Facebook is operating and facing huge success considering the other parts of the entire world.


Final component of the PESTLE analysis includes environmental factor. As per the name suggests, the company needs to implement different initiatives to enhance their performance within the industry. Along with this, Facebook also observe different threats regarding the climate change especially during the pandemic situation. However, researchers have mentioned that the pandemic situation did not faced much difficulty during the pandemic situation as it is associated with the online or digital procedure. People do not have to move from one place to another to communicate with their known ones and maintain their relationship.


Other Company Case Study Analysis

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