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Q.1. What is a Facebook case study? arrow

Facebook case study helps to know the company's overall facts and figures, including the marketing strategy and business impact. 

Q.3. How do successful companies use Facebook as a business platform? arrow

Facebook offers a lot of opportunities more than connecting people to socialize. Successful companies promote and advertise their brand and connect with people. Digital promotion works best for these companies as people get to know about this. 

Q.2. How does Facebook defines small business? arrow

Facebook is a large social platform that connects people worldwide. It is rather than an opportunity to start a new business through contact with different people from several backgrounds. 

Q.4. What is a good Facebook strategy? arrow

People connect on Facebook every day to discover the newest things. You can share your small business ideas on the platform of Facebook, and this is now one of the prime strategies of the company to offer business opportunities to people. 

Facebook Case Study SWOT Analysis


A Complete Analysis of Facebook Case Study

Facebook, the e-commerce website, has become the most demanding platform in social media. From a kid to an adult, Facebook is favorite to everyone. The greatest thing about Facebook is that you can use it as an application for smartphone such as android, IOS, Symbian, etc. This e-commerce has become popular among youngsters because both the website and mobile application allow users to connect them with their friend worldwide. Facebook might be easy to handle, but when it comes to preparing a case study on this e-commerce website, many students fail to meet the criteria.


Therefore, you need a proper Facebook case study help from a well-established platform, and nothing is better than We efficiently deliver case studies on different subjects, be it Facebook or an academic topic. You can get every little help from us. Therefore, when you need case study help, All Essay Writer will be your only solution. 

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Facebook Case Study Writing Help Online in USA

Writing a case study is not that easy; it seeks encouragement, passion, dedication, and knowledge. When preparing a Facebook case study, you must know that your first priority will be studying the company very carefully. You have to know the e-commerce website very well to proceed towards a case study. Many case study writing services exist in the market. But what you need is to clarify and analyze the complete case study. With, you can achieve almost everything related to the Facebook case study. When you seek Facebook case study services, your only trusted platform will be 


In less than two decades, Facebook has garnered the interest of the world population. Therefore, it is essential to know how possible such a feat by comprehending the marketing approach. Marck Zuckerberg first developed Facebook in the month of February 2004. The headquarter of Facebook Inc. In the Menlo Park in California. Within a few months of its introduction, it has become the largest social media platform worldwide. In 2014, a detailed market review was published, demonstrating that more than 2 million people currently use Facebook. Facebook Inc provides different software development tools and programming help applications to the developers in terms of a better interface for the end-user web applications and mobile applications. 

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Facebook SWOT Analysis

Facebook as an e-commerce website has been gained such recognition like nobody else. Here you can take a glance at the complete analysis aimed to evaluate the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Facebook. 

  • Strengths

Facebook boasts of an underrated customer base, which has been growing every year. The strength of Facebook is based on the support of its own market position. It has become one of the biggest pages in the social media market. This helps in internet advertising. These strengths are actually called the internal factors that help to build competitiveness in the market. 

The most prominent strength of Facebook is its strong brand image. The business can be developed as a reliable service provider of social media. 

  • Weakness

Many consumers have witnessed that Facebook has been repeatedly lashed out on due to it not providing enough protection towards user data. Many risks are included within Facebook. This also consists of social media as well as the online industry of advertisement. In 2018, Facebook had witnessed some legal suits and alleged that it was sharing the personal data of its users with a third party. 

Facebook is well-recognized for its extremely diverse portfolio. However, Facebook’s contact with diversifications is at zero, which is considered a huge drawback. 

  • Opportunities

In terms of opportunity, Facebook has the manes and measures to expand its area of work further than the social media industry. Facebook can employ an R&D team to source possible expansion areas other than the social media forum. Diversification is the best asset when discussing the opportunity of Facebook. It highlights the product innovation as well as the market penetration along with the development of business. 

Facebook includes many opportunities. This helps to diversify the core of the social media and the online advertising of the business.

  • Threats

There are many risks included with Facebook. The most prime threat is social media as well as the online industry of advertisement. Also, there are much competition with other social media platform as well. For example, a few years ago, Tik Tok has gained popularity and competes with Facebook.

Moreover, there are several laws that Facebook is supposed to follow due to its past scandals; therefore too much screening can prove to be a significant business loss for the company. 

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Facebook PESTLE Analysis

  • Political factors

When it comes to analyzing the political factors, the organization plays an essential role in determining all factors in the company. Facebook has a worldwide operation. Therefore, all the countries have different political risks. 

  • Economic factors

While doing pestle analysis, it's important to know the economic factors, the particular type of economic factors work in the system in the countries. There should be government intervention in the free market and related to technology. 

  • Social factors

Society has become addicted to digital platforms. Facebook is one of the most widely used digital platforms where everyone gets connected easily. However, there are plenty of reasons why many people leave the social site because it corrupts social and moral values. Thus, social factors are essential for any e-commerce site. 

  • Technological factors

Facebook is a digital entity; hence it is necessary to upgrade technology occasionally. Facebook should focus on employing novel concepts, ideas, and tools to persist in the current market. 

  • Environmental factors

The weather, climate change, recycling of resources, and laws regulating environmental pollution are the ecological factors to be included while doing pestle analysis. 

  • Legal factors

Facebook is a digital milestone. Thus, it has to maintain some legal factors. The most prominent legal factors that Facebook needs to implement are discrimination law, including the anti-trust law in internet information providers, consumer protection and e-commerce law, and data protection law. 

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