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Gillette Case Study Analysis Help

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SWOT Analysis


These are identified as the aspects through which Gillette has been doing their best within their gamut of activities providing them the upper hand on their competitors. The strengths are discussed hereafter. Firstly, there is association with Procter and Gamble. This company has much experience on their consumer goods. This is a highly strong orientation of research. It is one of the leading name at households. Here, the trust that P&G’s name has been evoking in customer’s mind is one of its greater benefits for Gillette. After that, there is continuous innovation. The company has been credited to be one of the leading innovative organizations under the areas of business marketplace. Further, the core product here is shaving razor. This is with various innovation streams with the product with various augmentations. That appetite meant for innovation is central strength of their brand. Next, they have problem based approach. Here, the razor is required for eradicating extra or unwanted hair. However, the company has been capable of defining unseen and new needs as per developing their products and shaving. This meets necessities to create scope of various variants. Further, they have large operating margins. Here, the razors has been beneficial business for P&G. At present they are the flagship brands having operating margins. They are as large as 30%. Again, there is market sensitivity. It is argued that though products such as razor are global and its represents a “one size fits all”, the company is highly sensible towards cultural transformations. Also, they have custom designed products suiting necessities of customers for every market where they operate.


These are applied to indicate the sectors where the brand and business requires development. Firstly, there are high priced products. This business had followed pricing approach and strategy that is same as that of United States. It is understood that in various nations people have not intended to be paying greater cost for razors. Again, there is lack of customer awareness. In this situation, Gillette is been emphasized on creating and innovating differentiation that is need-based for various variants. However, the customer has been perceiving a razor and this is anything to eradicate hairs that are unwanted. It has generated necessity for customer education that Gillette has been unable for addressing initially. Next more parts are there. Few of the advanced products of them had consisted of some spare parts. Here, they have been using more advanced level of technology for assembling them. More the amount of spare parts has been there, greater has been the assembly cost.


This indicates to the avenues within the environment surrounding the market of Gillette. On that, they are able to enhance their returns. Few of the scopes comprises of the following. There is rise in significance of beauty. Huge inflow of data has made their customers to be conscious rousingly regarding their appearance. Here, they have been caring about issues and the things that has been causing them along searching for potential solutions. It can be regarded as the clear scope for the business in rely on differentiation that is need based. Firstly, for Gillette there is growth potential. Development has been there in various middle class people around the world. This class has set of necessities and these are growing. It indicates that more opportunities are there for new products satisfying their rise in needs. Further, there is propensity of spending. Under emerging economies, a surge of income has been there due to rise in amount of households that are of dual-income. This middle-income group consists of more things to be spared and have propensity of spending has also rise in various impulsive spending.


The threats are the elements within environment. This is detrimental to development business. Firstly, there is non-sustainable spending. It is seen that consumer companies has been attempting to create models that are nonsustainable to spend. Various consumers has been spending patterns are seen to be changing. This new business has been seen to be difficult for generating business models. Further, competition is there. This company is market leader in the region of United States. This is till recent times and has been encountering various issues from market competition. For Gillette has been comprising of Dollar Shave club and Unilever and many more.

PESTLE Analysis

Political Factors:-

The political factors has been affecting highly on the business’s functioning. Since, the company has been functioning in various markets and different economies simultaneously. It has been following to specific law sets from government of the area. Also, the trade policies have been affecting cost and sales. Various policies of trade that has been pertaining to domestic laws and intellectual property requires to be denoted form the end of Gillette for avoiding hassles that are unnecessary in their organization’s functioning. This innovation from the company in market is secured through patents. Nonetheless, the laws of export and import of nations or sectors where the company’s functioning necessities are considered.

Economic Factors:-

Gillette’ economic factors of the area has been found through viable level of sustainability of them in market. Their market has been covering the emerging markets place and evaluating the present financial situations of the area is vital. Further, the market penetration at suitable time is vital. These financial factors such as present market situation and capacity to buy of target audience is useful to find out the proper positioning of Gillette’s products in market. The company because of the huge market outreach necessities has been considering factors and formulating business strategy to maximize penetration at market.

Social Factors:-

Here, the products that are provided from the end of the company are mainly grooming products. This ranges from razors and blades to shave appliances for women and men. Here, products are at many times with different services enabling the level of grooming along with idea of confidence among consumers. Different social reasons has been addressed due to Gillette with marketing strategies and contributing for society in effective manner. Further, the products has been spreading message and developing confidence of consumers through aiding grooming processes.

Technological Factors:-

The company manufactures razor and blades from the beginning. Apart from that, technological development has been creating competitors for brand as technology laser hair removal. Introduction of technology in market has resulted few chunk of the company’s current base of customer base as per competitor. Nonetheless, this hair removal laser technology has been expensive and never simply accessible for global customers.

Legal Factors:-

In the previous times, the companies has been abided to every legal obligations that require to follow the conduct their business. Apart from that, Gillette has been abiding to different laws of health and process to conduct business. Business, the laws has been dynamic in nature. They have been pertaining to various areas of economic needs. They are also be scrutinized. Moreover, they have been following for avoiding functioning that hassle for Gillette’s business. In this way, policies of antitrust for used metal in razor blades requires to be considered. Again, they are to be enabling the simply level of facilitation and functioning of business in the trade markets given. If you are looking for such relevant legal case study factor, then take help from's expert.

Environmental Factors:-

It is found that in the wake of the same Gillette has been considering various steps such as shifting from various metal razors. This is towards different razors that are been recyclable plastic. This is for contributing towards society to be responsibility. Suitable waste disposition must be considered from the end Gillette. There are environmental factors has been branding Gillette under positive light.

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