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HSBC Case Study Services


The intention of this report is to analyse the environment of business for the HSBC Holdings PLC. This is one of the market leaders of today’s banking sector. HSBC head office can be found in London’s Canary Wharf on the HSBC tower. HSBC full form is Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. The company was established Thomas Sutherland, in 1865. The study presents information about the market environment. Recommendations will also be included in the end.

HSBC Case Study Analysis

The banking company HSBC is mainly operating in, Hong Kong, Europe Asia-pacific region, America and Australia. HSBC has got over 7.500 offices in 87 countries. It is a widespread corporation and has around 220.000 shareholders in 124 countries and territories. The bank provides a broad range of different financial services like- Personal Financial Services, Commercial Banking, Corporate Investment Banking and Markets Private Banking. HSBC has invested in the markets like Asia-Pacific region. It is continuously investing specifically in those regions. The major top UK competitors of HSBC are - Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland. Those are the corporation’s operation of which HSBC carefully investigates and tracks at all times. HSBC Holdings PLC has shown steady growth in share price over the last five years. This is a clear indicator that a company is worth investing in. HSBC Group also demonstrates constant growth and is a very reliable corporation. These enable us to recommend investing in HSBC and case study because of its growth opportunities and bright profitable prospects.




· The bank attracts international finance operations. This contributes in its reputation and brand image

· The profit records of the company are impressive in past five years

· The company is listed in London stock market

· The bank has a strong market presence in China and other countries.



· The company needs to work with its brand name more effectively

· The bank performance is deemed to be poor in past few years

· The customer base of the bank has reduced



·  The growth of the banking organisation is immense in the emerging economies

· As the international bank, the HBSC managers need to concentrate on the international markets more than anything at this point of time. The bank would be profitable if they invest more in their international ventures in near future

· The HSBC is considered to be the biggest bank in Middle East

· The Mortgage interest of the company is low in compare to the others banks in its competition.


· The bank might have to moving back to the China because of its complicated international relationships

· New Regulations in the countries are affecting the banking sector performances.

· The company has earned fewer Revenues from recent integration of financial markets in global context.



Political Factors

· The bank has to go through the regulations are rules set by the different government.

· The influence of the governments regarding setting the banking policies are immense.

Economic Factors

· The banking sector is hugely influenced by the economic factors in the market

· The Competitor activity of market is decided by the economic factors in a country.

· Competition for the available resources are depended on the economic factors.

· People savings are part of the economic condition of a country. Therefore, the banking sectors are influenced by it.

· Unemployment numbers of country is influenced by the economic conditions of a country.

Social Factors

· Education level in the society and skillset of the people impacts the availability of the workforce.

· The health and safety aspects of the bank policies are set on the basis of the cost structure for human resource management

· The consumption of the society in influenced by the norms and hierarchy structures

· The demographic trends in a country or society impacts the type of customers for a company

Technological Factors

· The technological factors are related to the better execution of the banking operations

· The technology can be used to enhance the customer relationship aspects

· Use of IT, automation and workforce management software are ample in the banking sectors

Legal factors

· Legal factors concern with the customer safety and confidentiality provisions, different countries have different set of regulations in this aspect. The companies working in the banking sector has to develop their set rules in compliance with the governmental regulations.

· Taxes and investments laws

Environmental factors

· The HSBC bank takes care of their waste management policies

· The consumer activism regarding environmental concerns needed to be analysed by the bank authority

· The cost advantages that can be imparted from environmental regulations

· Ficus should be on spending on the renewable energy sources

Need To Know These Recommendations

  • Firstly, the company needs to develop their ventures in the countries more. The company has a weak brand presence in most of the developed country. In order to increase its revenue, the company needs to increase their operations and develop itself as a global brand strongly.
  • The bank revenue is generated from China mostly. As the international bank, the HBSC managers need to concentrate on the international markets more than anything at this point of time. The bank would be profitable if they invest more in their international ventures in near future.
  • The company should invest in the renewable energy sources. This would increase their efficiency and reputation in the market.


The banking sectors are changing as the trend of e-commerce is increasing. This is the reason that the competitions are high. The HSBC bank needs to expand their operations more in the developing countries. The revenues will increase if the company gets the chance to concentrate on other country businesses. The bank should also try to invest more in the renewable energy resources. Else if you are looking for academic writing services, then you should visit

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