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This is the case study of American multinational company Intel Corporation. There will be the SWOT and PESTLE analysis for Intel company. The study will concentrate on developing the case of the Intel company and the recommendations will be provided for the better performance of the company as well. SWOT and PESTLE are the analytical tools that are used to gauge the external and internal environment of the company and market it operates in.

SWOT and Pestle Analysis of Intel

Intel Corporation is the multinational company of America that has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. The business model of the company is divided in to Data and PC centric busineses. The Intel Corporation has secured its place as the second largest chip and micro processor manufacturing company in 2020. The company supplies microprocessors to many renowned brands like Lenovo, Apple, Dell and others. The unique selling proposition or the USP of the company is being the second largest semiconductor chips manufacturer. It is the leaders in manufacturing the important and effective products for the personal computers. The company has been able to maintain their reputation for a long time. The SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the company is given below-

SWOT Analysis Vs Pestle Analysis



· The company has the monopoly in microprocessor industry

· The brand has strong presence in the market

· Company focuses in excellence and efficiency of their operation

· Broad product portfolio of the company makes it market leader

· Intel has strong brand loyalty

· The company enjoys the benefits of the first mover.



· The company is unable to enter the smartphone market effectively

· The revenue of the company is depended on a single segment


· The IoT or the Internet of Things can be a great opportunity to grab for the company

· The artificial intelligence technology can improve the performance

· The data storage potential can improve the company scopes.


· The competition in the market is increasing

· New substitute products for the microprocessors are gaining market shares

· Volatile nature of the microprocessor markets

The microprocessors and chip markets are heavily captured by Intel Corporation. The company has the monopoly in the micro processing market. The broad product portfolio of the company influences its reputation. The customer loyalty towards the brand is ever increasing in recent times. These are some reasons that the company is gradually increasing their success factors in the market. The weaknesses of the company are that it is unable to enter the smartphone market. The opportunities of the market can be explored if the threats are managed effectively. The relentless endeavours to have the excellence in operation is evolving the business cope for Intel in each year. The company should try to enter the smartphone market with more effective strategies.


PESTLE is the analysis tool that is used for the external environmental analysis. This tool helps the companies to get their marketing environment sorted. This is the reason that most of the companies depend of these analysis tools for getting solution to their firm problems.

Political Factors

· The government has the regulations regarding the monopoly and competition

· The Big Data popularity and the new found interest in these aspects.


Economic Factors

· The business depends on economic stability of the developed international markets

· Rapid growth and stability of developing chip manufacturing markets

· Rise in the disposable income

· The stability in the markets contributes in high revenue building for the company


Social Factors

· The social changes influence the business of the company

· The business flourishes because of the economic stability that the society is gaining in recent times.

· The developing along with the developed countries are focusing to have improved micro processing units.

· The favourite trend of the customers is the eco-friendly product development

· The increasing interactions via internet is causing high business to the company processors

Technological Factors

· The changes in technology is making it necessary to stay updated in technology

· The customers are adopting the smartphones more than the laptops

· Structured and unstructured data has been introduced in past years

· Internet of Things is the trend that is driving the companies in the sectors

· Increased need of the fast processing and high storage

Legal factors

· The patent regulations and the trademark issues are to be managed properly

· The rule of competition is influencing the business process of Intel Corporation.

Environmental factors

· The increase of E-waste is a challenge for the companies working in this sector

· The environmental concerns are to be addressed by the companies working in different sectors

· The government regulations regarding the environmental and climate change formats are becoming tough

The results of the analysis direct to the need and problems of the company in recent times. The company recommendations are provided below-

Need To Know These Recommendations

  • The company needs to concentrate more in entering the smartphone markets. The company prospects will increase if the smartphones processors could be developed by the brand. This is the new emerging market that needs to be taken care of. Intel Corporation could increase their brand equity through this sector.
  • The company needs to develop their competitive market strategies more effectively. The competitions are increasing and there is high chance that the market monopoly of the company might get hampered. The competitive strategies of the companies would be to get the customers attention by improved technological implementation.
  • The waste management process of the company needs to be up to date so that they can contribute in their Corporate Social Responsibilities. This will influence the customers and the company production at the same time.


The case study of Intel Corporation shows that the company has earned long term reputation in the microprocess and chip manufacturing sector. The company needs to work in their diversification. They need to enter the smartphone markets. At the same time, highly competitive strategies are to be developed by the company. 

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