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Macdonald's Case Study


The McDonald's was established in the year 1940 as a part of coffee in the America by Richard and Maurice Donald. The company is considered to be the biggest network of eatery as complete bi revenue to other companies. There are almost 69 million clients that are associated with the company and the number is increasing every day. The company currently operates in total of 100 countries around the world with the presence of 37855 outlet. On the company is mainly known for the presence of its optimum quality burger as well as cheese burger there are also presence of many chickens’ item as well as breakfast thing in the product portfolio of the company variance the plan of action that is followed by McDonald is to create groundbreaking strategy which will help it in creating it is effective innovation in the target market around the whole world. The company aims in providing Quality Services along with cleanliness and value which is one of the major aspect due to which there are presence of many loyal consumers associated with it. Efficient deals are provided by the company which helps it in targeting customers from all the different income state of the society. The company is not only associated with the integration of cost leadership differentiation it is also capable of implementing product innovation as well as upgrade the existing property to meet the Expectations of the consumers in the target market. Looking at the present perspective of the market it can clearly be stated that the multidomestic strategies that are utilized by the company helps it in becoming one of the major food restaurants Around the World. 


Strengths: Main strength of the company is being one of the most valuable brand that is present in the market. The food that is provided by the company is of premium quality and their test is also according to the Expectations of the customers. There are also present of technological initiatives which has help the company provide a premium experience to the customer experience to the customers. If you are looking for such relevant case study factor. then take help from's expert.

Weakness: The major weakness of the company is the utilization of its business model based on franchising. The busiest food chain of the company is of an interrupted which helps in creating a destruction of the initiative supply chain management of the company there is also an absence of employee satisfaction which is also a major weakness of the company. In the year 2019 the CEO of the company got fired after it was identified that Accountant’s relationship was maintained by the CEO with one of the associated employees of the company.

Opportunity: The main opportunity that is available for McDonald is to provide a proper portfolio or product which can easily be accepted by people coming from different backgrounds. In order to attract the attention of value conscious customers it is a very viable option for the company to reduce the prices of the products in the future. Another important opportunity that is associated with the country is the innovation of the products that are associated with it. Global expansion is also one of the major contexts that needs to be taken into account by McDonald in the future.

Threats: The major threat of the company is the risky investment that is conducted by it on various technological initiatives. The company might lose a lot of its revenue with these a risky investment in the future. There is presence of optimum competition in the market which is one of the major threats for the company and the improvement of the overall revenue that is associated with it. There is also present Of Cultural threat as the company operates in a wide range of countries with different cultural backgrounds. There is presence of new business model as well as new trend that is being followed by the competitors which is fast food and the business model that is followed by McDonald is considered to be old school which needs to be changed in the future in order to cope up with the challenges that are currently being faced by the company and also identify the future opportunities that are associated with it.

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Political: There is an increase in trade agreement worldwide which affect the overall business of the company. Government guidelines needs to be followed by the company in order to follow the diet as well as health of the consumers that are associated with. The health policies are evolving over the time which is a major political problem for the company in the future.

Economical: There are present of the slow as well as stable growth of economy in different developed countries which is a major opportunity for the company. The Chinese economy has slowed down which is a major threat for the company in the future to increase its profitability. The Rapid growth that is associated with developing countries is also a major opportunity for the company.

Social: The rise in the disposable income is also a major opportunity for the company under the social trade. The busy Lifestyle that is associated in urban environment is useful for the company to provide fast food products. Cultural diversity is increased by global scenario which is both a threat as well as opportunity for the company.

Technological: The company can utilize its research and development activities to introduce innovative products in the market. The company can also increase the business automation which is going to be very much helpful in overcoming all the current challenges that are being faced by it and also increase efficiency in the workplace which is going to improve the overall profitability in the future. There is also an optimum increase in sales with the help of mobile devices. You should check plagiarism of your case study assignment. 

Legal: Legal aspects such as ensuring the health and safety of the consumers must be followed by the company.

Environmental: Rising interest independent of environmental program is a major opportunity for the company.


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