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Wells Fargo: Company Background

Wells Fargo offers a wide range of financial products and claims to have even more than 80 companies in its investor presentations, as well as the courage to walk for a multitude of topics. In addition, the company claims to have become one of the most "connected" in the financial services business. Wells Fargo corporate executives operate in retail stores and primarily serve banking personnel, rather than having a separate stock brokerage with several offices and accounts. In 1852, Henry Wells and James Fargo created Wells Fargo, an American bank. With business in over 42 countries and over 260,000 employees, it is the second largest bank in the United States by market value. Our expert essay writers are always ready to serve you with A class Wells Fargo Case Study help and solution at an affordable price.

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SWOT Analysis of Wells Fargo 


The organization caters to three primary segments: personal, commercial, and small businesses, each of which has its own set of services. Finance, mortgages and credit, reinsurance, investments and pension, wealth management, and rewards and incentives are among the services offered to its retail customers who fall into the individual sector. Wells Fargo's business strategy is based on five basic values, which serve as the foundation everything the banking and finance organization undertakes. These principles include a strong customer focus, the recognition that people are the most important source of competitive advantage, the greatest ethical and transparent standards, equality and diversity, and management. Customers at Wells Fargo come from many walks of life. Customers in the lower income bracket use credit and debit cards, banking information, and mortgages, while those in the upper income bracket use wealth, trading, and retirement services. Wells Fargo provides retail banking services such as credit cards, bank accounts, contactless payments, customer support, and loans, as well as commercial financial products such as equipment financing, crop insurance, energy syndicated loan repayments, and real estate investment financing.


Wells Fargo has been accused of treating higher-income customers differently than lower-income ones, despite its promises to be customer-centric. The lower income group is frequently harmed as a result of this. It is still dealing with the fallout from the phoney accounts and fraudulent transaction incident. Following the controversy, many long-time customers switched to rival banks, causing the bank to lose face, mostly due to a lack of trust. Wells Fargo had grown significantly in the previous decade, and this expansion had been costly. – In addition, the bank incurred significant costs in its activities across a variety of financial disciplines. Aside from that, there were a slew of legal fees and other costs associated with the controversy and its handling.


Wells Fargo is mainly focused on cities, with the majority of its operations, particularly in banking, taking place in the United States. The corporation should consider markets outside of the United States, such as China or India, which are experiencing rapid economic growth while also implementing significant financial reforms. Even if the bank is a market leader in SME lending, it can improve and reclaim its position in commercial and industrial (C&I) financing. It was the largest C&I lender at the time, but it gone out of business and dominance to competitors. The banking industry is very volatile due to a variety of complicated and intertwined concerns. The chance of bankruptcy is substantially higher in this industry than in others. By diversification into solid and developing industries, Wells Fargo can safeguard its interests.


Wells Fargo is up against a lot of competition, with Citibank, Novo Scotia Bank, and Bank of America as its major competitors. The financial services business has seen huge ups and downs as the world faces a serious financial crisis. In the medium term, this will have an impact on the banking sector. When the public's faith has been destroyed, it is extremely difficult to rebuild it. With so many controversies surrounding Wells Fargo, the bank risks losing the majority of its consumers as well as millions in deposits if even unverified claims are made. Regulatory organizations tend to scrutinize a company's business more closely once it is found guilty of wrongdoing. Despite its modest involvement in the dissemination of the administration's PPP, Wells Fargo is already under investigation for misconduct.

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PESTLE Analysis of Wells Fargo


A stable and pleasant business climate with predictable market growth trends is provided by high peace and stability. When there is political turmoil, meanwhile, investors are put off and stakeholders' faith in economic and organizational performance is harmed. Wells Fargo is presently available in a number of nations, each of which has its own set of political issues. Growing tensions and instability in the global political environment may have an impact on the gold sector's development and limit Wells Fargo's growth potential. It is critical for Wells Fargo to keep track of current demographic movements in the nation, as alterations in government may affect the administration's objectives for the advancement of certain industries. Wells Fargo's ability to work with the neighborhood and achieve long-term company goals may be enhanced by close collaboration with such organizations. Wells Fargo's operating environment is becoming increasingly unstable as it operates in countries with high levels of corruption and poor law enforcement.


Wells Fargo can benefit from growing economies in a variety of ways. It's also crucial to comprehend the stage of the industry lifecycle. A high GDP also indicates that consumers have the financial means to spend more on the things on offer. High unemployment indicates that there is a surplus of labor available at cheaper wages. Wells Fargo's manufacturing costs could be reduced by operating in such a market. Wells Fargo can benefit from increased workforce productivity. Functioning in restrictive labor markets, on the other hand, may result in labor pay and other problems being addressed by powerful labor unions. Wells Fargo's capacity to raise capital at reasonable prices will be determined by the health and soundness of financial institutions.


For multinational corporate enterprises like Wells Fargo, changes in population demographics such as population ageing, migration movements, and social and economic variables are critical. When entering countries with a lower or higher high uncertainty avoidance, Wells Fargo must alter its business management processes. Wells Fargo needs to research historic gender norms in order to harmonise its advertising and marketing methods. Wells Fargo should create local teams and alliances to better understand social views and norms in order to adjust marketing campaigns to the specific cultural setting. Wells Fargo will need to use niche marketing tactics to offer consumer goods at higher prices to a marketplace where the high-end consumer is relatively tiny. Wells Fargo should devote time to learning about the incentives for purchasing and the social factors that shape consumer behavior. In order to assess local consumers' evaluations of international items, Wells Fargo should try to grasp the degree of consumer ethnic nationalism and evaluate the countries of origin influence.


To keep ahead of its competition, Wells Fargo needs to carefully analyses ongoing technology developments. Analyzing 5G and identifying its potential to generate beneficial business objectives through better user experience, additional efficiency, and extended access should be kept in mind. To comprehend how new technologies affect the firm's value chain, it must examine rival investments on a micro and global level. It puts pressure on Wells Fargo to develop new goods fast, diversify its product portfolio, integrate adaptability into the value chain, and cultivate positive relationships with customers with partners and suppliers. To maximize profitability, Wells Fargo should participate in disruptive technology and re-invest the earnings in future disruptive innovations. Wells Fargo can boost its business success by utilising the possibilities provided by social media advertising. Technological trends could be used to kick off innovative marketing campaigns aimed at building social network sites.


Wells Fargo recognizes the importance of implementing efficient waste management techniques in organizational units located in or near urban regions. Subsidies are available in several countries to encourage investment in renewable energy technologies. Wells Fargo may take advantage of it by investing in renewable techniques to enhance long-term viability. Adverse weather conditions can raise operating costs, forcing Wells Fargo to make the supply chain more adaptable. The focus of regulatory agencies on maintaining compliance with environmental standards is changing new product development goals. Wells Fargo is required. to place a higher priority on marketing their products' eco-friendliness than on traditional value propositions.


Wells Fargo has an ethical and moral commitment to provide a safe working environment for its employees. Because of consumer worries about privacy and security, data protection has become a major issue. Wells Fargo is a bank based in the United States. To protect customer data, data protection regulations must be studied. Intellectual property laws are in place to safeguard businesses' patents and valuable ideas. Inability to secure intellectual property rights may result in a loss of competitive advantage, weakening Wells Fargo's position. vs other market participants.


Thus from the above discussion, it can be said that the company should be concentrating upon its opportunities and threats and work accordingly so that it can be beneficial for the company as well as the customers.

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